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Here are a number of scripts for Gccg, the Generic Collectible Card Game. Some of the scripts are specific to Magic: The Gathering, while others work with any Gccg game. Many of the scripts are my own creation, while some come from others (with or without modifications by me).

To install these scripts, copy them into the gccg/scripts/ directory (to make them available to all games) or the gccg/scripts/Mtg directory (to make them available to Magic: the Gathering only). You will then need to either restart Gccg, or use the command /eval execute("name of script") to load the script without restarting.

To keep from overloading the server, those commands that access the game server in a loop (/buycards, /givecards, /sellextras, and /undersell) pause for one second after every group of five cards. This may make the scripts somewhat slower than earlier versions, but it avoids slowing down the server for everybody.

The scripts are written in wigy's little language, gccg-script. Documentation for gccg-script (it's pretty weird!) may be found in section 5 of the gccg reference manual

Scripts by Neil Moore:

Scripts by Michael Slone:

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