My current computer is a GNU/Linux PC named "dirac" (after the British physicist). Hardwarewise, dirac is an Athlon XP 2000+ with 1024MB of RAM and two 78GB hard drives. dirac is connected to the Internet through Insight Broadband.

I built dirac in Summer 2002. For a number of reasons, I decided to finally do a new install instead of using the six-year-old(!) Redhat 4.1 install that powered maxwell and tarski. So now I am running debian unstable.

Anyway, dirac currently runs:

On the hardware side, dirac contains [the following list is out of date]:

I have a few screenshots of my desktop. In reverse chronological order:

screenshot, 2006-02-06, dirac left monitorscreenshot, 2006-02-06, dirac right monitor screenshot, 2004-05-22, dirac both monitors screenshot, 2004-02-22, dirac one monitor screenshot, 2001-05-04, tarski one monitor

You can also take a look at some of my config files if you're into that sort of thing.

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Neil Moore
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