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Même si Dieu existait il faudrait le supprimer.


Note: Most of this information is out of date.

I am 29 years old, and a resident of Lexington, Kentucky. I am approximately 170cm tall, and weigh about 65kg (for values of 60; this varies much more than does my height). My hair is naturally brown. If you're interested in dropping by to shoot me and take my money, I live at 321 E. Maxwell, in Lexington, Kentucky.

I am a fourth year graduate student at University of Kentucky, studying computer science. I hold a BS in computer science and a BS in mathematics, both from UK. I am no longer taking classes, but I am a teaching assistant. At the moment I am teaching the evening section of CS 215, as well as one of the day sections.

I program in Java, C, C++, Perl, Bourne shell, SQL, and Emacs Lisp. I also know a bit of Scheme, Common Lisp, SML, and 80x86 assembly. I began programming in BASIC on an Apple //c clone (a Franklin Ace 500) at age 7, but I only started using real languages (viz., C) at age 12 or so.

I am, to put it lightly, a bibliophile. I find myself buying books to excess---to the detriment of my education, credit rating, and nutrition. I have four bookcases, each with five 75-cm shelves. They're full. There are also books in the floor, on my desk, and lots of other places. Most of the books are fiction (20th-century, especially) and philosophy (from Descartes to Wittgenstein and beyond), though I also have a lot of multilingual dictionaries, law books, and computer books. I sometimes even get around to reading some of them; when I'm finished, they go to my read-books list. The list grows much more slowly than the mass that is threatening to swallow my bookcases, my room, and the entire world. Can't . . . escape . . . books . . . gravitational . . . attraction . . . event . . . horizon . . .

Speaking of which, you can also find a very incomplete, but interactive, list of books I own. Note how many items from this list do not appear on the other.

I listen to a somewhat wide range of music, though most of it is rock or rock-influenced. Among the artists I most frequently listen to are:

For those interested, my Geek Code follows. My JAPH does not follow, but you can read it anyway. Both of these and more are in my .plan: finger

Version: 3.12
GAT d s:- a29 C++() UL+++SH P+++(--) L+++ E---(++) W++(-) N o K++ w !O M !V PS+++ PE(--)(++) Y+ PGP t(--)* 5 X-(--) R+* !tv b+>++++ DI+ D--- G++ e*++$(++)>++++$ h--- r++ y?

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