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When I'm not at school hacking away on Tarski (or, more likely, hanging out in the lobby), I'm at home on Maxwell. Maxwell is a Pentium 133 with 64MB of RAM and a 2.5GB hard drive. E runs GNU/Linux; e is connected to the Internet via a PPP link over a 33.6kbps modem. For my Internet access, I use East Kentucky Internet. maxwell runs the following software:

On the hardware side, maxwell contains the following:

There are stickers on the front which say "This system powered by Kington TurboChip" (it's not), "18000V" (right above the power switch; it came from the inside of a monitor, I believe), "MAXWELL" (on one of the unused drive bays), "Void warranty if removed" (right next to the "MAXWELL" sticker), "master" (below the reset button), and "copy" (below the currently-disconnected turbo button). There's also an official Commodore chickenhead (taken from a C64) to the left of the (currently-disconnected) keylock (where the MHz LED display would be). Finally, there's an Apple sticker (with the multicoloured apple) on the top (on the frame inside the case, not the case itself; you can only see it if you leave the case off).

See my config page for some of tarski's configuration files. They are based on maxwell's, to an extent.

Neil Moore
Owner, maxwell