descriptionNFM Roguelike Work-in-Progress
last changeSat, 10 Apr 2010 03:10:53 +0000
2010-04-10 Neil MooreInitial AI implementation. master
2008-06-15 Neil MoorePlace multiple rooms and stairs.
2008-06-12 Neil MooreMore room generation.
2008-06-11 Neil MooreIncomplete steps toward a new room generator.
2008-06-06 Neil MooreMerge branch 'python24'
2008-06-06 Neil MooreFinish python 2.4 conversion.
2008-06-06 Neil MooreFix a bug with door opening.
2008-06-06 Neil MooreStart changing conditional expressions to statements.
2008-06-06 Neil MooreUse profile, not cProfile.
2008-06-06 Neil MoorePerimeter-based visibility.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreBe less over-the-top about testing for addwstr.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreUnicode support.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreMake 'quit' an ordinary command.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreAdd *.pyc and tags to .gitignore.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreRearrange AI code.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreAdd monsters and AIs.
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