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last changeWed, 29 Apr 2015 13:34:33 +0000
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for merge of poison/rotting chunks. bleeding-edge-crawl
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for removal of corpse weight.
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for removal of MR_RES_ASPHYX.
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for fly/lev merge.
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for removal of gmon_eat.
2015-04-14 Neil MooreUpdate for spininess changes.
2015-03-27 Neil MooreUpdate make_name call.
2015-03-27 Neil MooreAlways use rolled/averaged AC and EV.
2015-02-18 Neil MooreDon't take 'mons name:old-version' as a -version request.
2015-02-18 Neil MooreOption -name to get a random name.
2015-02-17 Neil MooreRemove an outdated global definition.
2014-12-29 Neil MooreHandle AF_{KITE,SWOOP,TRAMPLE}.
2014-12-29 Steve MelenchukDon't spam with (a)lich spellsets.
2014-12-29 Steve MelenchukCalculate chain lightning damage and show it in output.
2014-12-29 Jesse Luehrsfix serpent of hell extra attacks
2014-12-29 Jesse Luehrsneed to compile with c++11 now
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