2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for merge of poison/rotting chunks. bleeding-edge-crawl
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for removal of corpse weight.
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for removal of MR_RES_ASPHYX.
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for fly/lev merge.
2015-04-29 Neil MooreUpdate for removal of gmon_eat.
2015-04-14 Neil MooreUpdate for spininess changes.
2015-03-27 Neil MooreUpdate make_name call.
2015-03-27 Neil MooreAlways use rolled/averaged AC and EV.
2015-02-18 Neil MooreDon't take 'mons name:old-version' as a -version request.
2015-02-18 Neil MooreOption -name to get a random name.
2015-02-17 Neil MooreRemove an outdated global definition.
2014-12-29 Neil MooreHandle AF_{KITE,SWOOP,TRAMPLE}.
2014-12-29 Steve MelenchukDon't spam with (a)lich spellsets.
2014-12-29 Steve MelenchukCalculate chain lightning damage and show it in output.
2014-12-29 Jesse Luehrsfix serpent of hell extra attacks
2014-12-29 Jesse Luehrsneed to compile with c++11 now
2014-11-04 Neil MooreAdjust for new monster colour lookup.
2014-11-04 Neil MooreFix a warning.
2014-11-03 Neil MooreShow flags on SoH breath
2014-11-03 Neil MooreOnly show important spell flags.
2014-11-03 Neil MooreShow spell slot flags.
2014-10-26 Neil MooreHandle AF_SCARAB
2014-10-26 Neil MooreHandle sense inv -> unblindable.
2014-10-21 Shmuale MarkActually fix spell display.
2014-10-21 Shmuale MarkRemove rot
2014-10-21 Neil MooreShow claw attacks that chop hydra heads.
2014-10-20 Shmuale MarkFix compilation.
2014-10-20 Shmuale MarkAdd display for AF_CORRODE.
2014-10-20 Shmuale MarkUpdate monster for mon-spell-slots.
2014-10-12 Neil MooreRemove some silly code (wheals)
2014-10-07 Neil MooreFix signedness and constness.
2014-10-07 Jesse Luehrsbetter serpent of hell breath display
2014-10-06 Neil MooreTime out after 5 seconds.
2014-10-02 Neil MooreFix compilation for monster AC/EV state removal.
2014-09-30 Shmuale MarkCorrect for changes to the archer flag.
2014-09-30 Neil MooreRemove mimics.
2014-09-30 Shmuale MarkShow headbutts for more things and the damage.
2014-09-23 Neil MooreDon't make all permaberserk monster spells 'berserker...
2014-09-22 Neil MooreRecord spell sets for zombies, too.
2014-09-22 Neil MooreMark one more obsolete attack flavour and use TAG_MAJOR...
2014-09-22 Neil MooreAvoid trigraphs.
2014-09-22 Shmuale MarkDon't show a fake damage for LRD.
2014-09-22 Shmuale MarkShow the calculated IOOD damage for Legendary Destructi...
2014-09-22 Shmuale MarkDon't crash on lost souls.
2014-09-22 Shmuale MarkShut up some compiler warnings.
2014-09-22 Shmuale MarkAdd MONEAT_DOORS.
2014-09-22 Shmuale MarkMake random spell damages look better.
2014-09-18 Neil MooreInitialize feature_def indices.
2014-09-18 Neil MooreBuild without optimization.
2014-09-18 Neil MooreUpdate #includes
2014-08-14 Neil MooreDon't crash on vault-redefined uniques.
2014-08-14 Neil MooreAvoid a stray "the" in spec:foo.
2014-08-14 Neil MooreSupport "spec: megabat" to look up a vault monster...
2014-07-31 Neil MooreFix compilation for stuff.h split.
2014-07-29 Neil MooreHandle AF_DRAIN_STAT (wheals)
2014-07-15 Neil MooreGlaciate damage calculator.
2014-07-15 Neil MooreDon't show fake damage for pproj.
2014-07-14 Neil MooreHandle hit_dice privacy.
2014-07-11 Neil MooreRemove some obsolete compat code.
2014-07-11 Neil MooreRemove contaminated chunks.
2014-07-11 Neil MooreFix is_chaotic -> how_chaotic.
2014-06-19 Neil MooreHandle napalm -> sticky flame enum rename.
2014-06-08 Neil MooreDistinguish M_BLINKER from other special movement abili...
2014-05-27 Neil MooreRemove SIZE_HUGE.
2014-04-29 Neil MooreFix compilation for mon-stuff.h -> mon-death.h
2014-03-29 Neil MooreDisplay firebrand damage.
2014-03-29 Neil MooreUpdate strong poison formula again
2014-03-22 Steve MelenchukUse updated deterministic poison damage numbers.
2014-03-08 Neil MooreShow silver vulnerability.
2014-03-08 Neil MooreFix acid splash damage.
2014-03-06 Steve MelenchukUpdates for deterministic poison.
2014-03-06 Steve MelenchukReset unrands in monster spec between trials.
2014-02-04 Steve MelenchukAdjustments for nonbase draconian AC/EV/MR stacking.
2014-01-30 Neil MooreChange 'of' abbreviations again.
2014-01-28 Steve MelenchukFixups / handling for demonspawn enemies.
2014-01-28 Neil MooreAdd AF_ENGULF and AF_FIREBRAND, remove AF_WATERPORT.
2014-01-19 Neil MooreSimplify name shortening.
2014-01-19 Neil MooreNo "b.slow", "b.pain", "".
2014-01-02 Neil MooreFix compilation.
2014-01-01 Neil MooreRecord eyeball/ghost moth gaze attacks as spells.
2013-11-17 Neil MooreDon't abbreviate "blinkbolt".
2013-11-12 Steve MelenchukReflect damage-modifying monster enchantments in output.
2013-11-01 Neil MooreAdjust for mon-iter.h removal.
2013-10-31 Neil MooreUpdate for fast-regen flag move.
2013-10-17 Neil MooreRevert "Reset the rng in the place of excursions."
2013-10-10 Adam BorowskiReset the rng in the place of excursions.
2013-10-10 Adam BorowskiUpdate license data.
2013-10-09 Neil MooreFix build by removing a rng_save_excursion call.
2013-09-29 Neil MooreFix reported IOOD damage.
2013-09-22 Neil MooreMark the emergency slot.
2013-07-28 Neil MooreIndicate stationary monsters.
2013-07-05 Neil MooreDisplay rF+++ separately from rHellfire
2013-06-25 Neil MooreTreat chimeras and spectral weapons as 'generated'.
2013-06-24 Neil MooreHandle waterport.
2013-06-24 Neil MooreHandle spininess changes.
2013-06-23 Neil MooreDon't try to display pan lord chimera spells.
2013-06-11 Neil MooreHandle Snorg's berserking and wind drakes' breath.
2013-06-09 Neil MooreFix "recall word".
2013-06-06 Neil MooreSupport I_REPTILE.
2013-06-03 Neil MooreRecognise flay and seal doors special abilities.