2014-12-18 Corin Buchanan... Fix a Ru typo (fearitself)
2014-12-17 Neil MooreInitialise bolt::can_see_invis and nightvision.
2014-12-17 Eino KeskitaloSmall documentation corrections.
2014-12-17 Neil MooreImprove expiration message when rMsl effect is still...
2014-12-17 Shmuale MarkRecommend FeEn (agentgt).
2014-12-17 Neil MooreAnother useful ctags option.
2014-12-17 Neil MooreMention another flag in ctags.txt
2014-12-17 Neil MooreDocument an enum order dependency.
2014-12-17 Neil MooreDocument vault tech (nicolae)
2014-12-16 Neil MooreAvoid a warning
2014-12-16 Neil MooreMore pedantry.
2014-12-16 Neil MooreBe more pedantic.
2014-12-16 Chris CampbellReword a Xom message
2014-12-16 Chris CampbellDon't prevent blurry vision under Ashenzari
2014-12-16 Shmuale MarkRelease the pedants!
2014-12-16 Neil MooreImprove a comment.
2014-12-16 Neil MooreDon't block Sublimation at 50 max MP (#9335)
2014-12-16 Shmuale MarkUpdate documentation.
2014-12-16 Shmuale MarkFix shop sorting.
2014-12-16 Shmuale MarkMake all potions appear darkgrey for mummies.
2014-12-16 Shmuale Markitem_slot makes new items swap to get their slots ...
2014-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.16-a0-3177-ge5ac76f
2014-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergMake range strings a little sillier
2014-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergFix tiles compilation
2014-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergDisplay monster spell ranges
2014-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergPull range_string into a separate function
2014-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergPull mons_spell_range into a separate function
2014-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergShow spell stats while memorizing (9333)
2014-12-15 Shmuale MarkRemove two unused arrays.
2014-12-15 Shmuale MarkFix beam knockback (#9334).
2014-12-15 John McCartneyImprovements to hippogriff, Nellie, and a couple skeletons.
2014-12-15 John McCartneyValue/saturation adjustments for several monster tiles.
2014-12-15 John McCartneySmall improvements to yaktaur and yaktaur captain.
2014-12-15 Jesse Luehrsuse you.in_branch(foo) instead of you.branch() == foo
2014-12-15 Jesse Luehrsfix monster selection in a couple vaults
2014-12-15 Nicholas FeinbergAdd more dragons to Coc hell effects (tarot)
2014-12-15 Nicholas FeinbergAllow variation of fiend types for hell effects
2014-12-15 Nicholas FeinbergHand-pick hell effect spawns
2014-12-15 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd Xom mood meter to webtiles.
2014-12-15 Jesse Luehrsadd penance warnings for attacking with banned weapons
2014-12-15 Nicholas FeinbergDon't list why players can't memorize monster spells
2014-12-15 Nicholas FeinbergChange Cigotuvi's armour ratios
2014-12-15 Nicholas FeinbergChange cigotuvi's shed behaviour
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkFix some edge cases with invisibility and reflection.
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkClean up beam.h.
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkRemove an incorrect comment.
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkFix hydra cleaving.
2014-12-14 Neil MooreImprove "Faith equip messages.
2014-12-14 Neil MooreRemove mut_use_type, make mutation_def::uses a bitfield.
2014-12-14 Nicholas FeinbergRe-add Mennas' shield (9329)
2014-12-14 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash on &morc_wizard spells:. xv (|amethyst)
2014-12-14 Brendan HickeyRevert "Remove the "of the Doge" randart name (Sar)"
2014-12-14 Nicholas FeinbergDon't print extraneous info in monster spell descs
2014-12-14 Neil MooreFix wrapping of book descriptions.
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkRefactor cleaving further.
2014-12-14 Neil MooreUpdate monster_glyphs nostalgia for listoptionness.
2014-12-14 Neil MooreImprove docs.
2014-12-14 Neil MooreReplace some (*foo).bar with foo->bar.
2014-12-14 Neil MooreFix formatting.
2014-12-14 Edgar A. Bering IVApply feature colour overrides dynamically.
2014-12-14 Edgar A. Bering IVMake feature, item_glyph, and mon_glyph into list options.
2014-12-14 Edgar A. Bering IVDifferentiate += and ^= for item_glyph
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkDon't mimic Enslavement at a friendly monster (#9290).
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkSimplify (Sandman25).
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkFix !bad items with item_slot (#9322).
2014-12-13 Neil MooreSend those debug_mon* messages to stderr.
2014-12-13 Nicholas FeinbergFix Cigotuvi's animation (alefury)
2014-12-13 Nicholas FeinbergAdd stdout messaging for mon-util tests (|amethyst)
2014-12-13 Neil MooreAdd some documentation on using ctags-exuberant with...
2014-12-13 Neil MooreFix an incomplete
2014-12-13 Neil MooreMake a macro to define an enum bitfield and operators.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreFix unintended recite message change.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreStatically assert that spell schools fit in a short.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreSupport SPTYP_FIRE | SPTYP_CONJURATION syntax again.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreUse a more logical order.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreGeneralise comma_separated_line.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreRemove skill_set_iter.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreSimplify.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreAdd a system #include, and checkwhite.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreDon't crash when generating randbooks
2014-12-13 Neil MooreMake some spell type functions more type-strict.
2014-12-13 Neil MooreAdd type-safe bitfield enums, use them for SPTYP_*.
2014-12-13 Corin Buchanan... Make Ru redirection play better with friends
2014-12-13 gammafunkDocument a clua function
2014-12-12 Neil MooreFix whitespace in scripts.
2014-12-12 Neil MooreCheck for tabs in Perl and shell scripts
2014-12-12 gammafunkAdd options to checkwhite and unbrace to examine only...
2014-12-12 Shmuale MarkDon't waste time casting Sublimation of Blood when...
2014-12-12 Shmuale MarkClarify Shadow Creatures' description, bring back ...
2014-12-12 Neil MooreSimplify debug_monspells a bit.
2014-12-12 Eino KeskitaloRemove (hard-coded) command keys from door descriptions.
2014-12-12 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify debug_monspells() (|amethyst)
2014-12-12 Nicholas FeinbergCap chaotic mirror reflection resistance (9311)
2014-12-11 gammafunkUse the correct random choice function in a vault
2014-12-11 ontoclasmSpell icons for Singularity & Sublimation
2014-12-11 gammafunkAdd the clua function crawl.version() to get version...
2014-12-11 Shmuale Markoops.
2014-12-11 Shmuale MarkFix the faerie dragon armour's identified name (#9319).
2014-12-11 Nicholas FeinbergRe-add monster names to xv (Grunt)
2014-12-11 Neil MooreFix more quotes.