2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergFix a sacrifice message
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergGut _arcane_mutation_to_school_name()
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify (Grunt)
2014-11-29 Edgar A. Bering IVMake _potion_effect not use potion types
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergWarn before Irradiating pals (Davzz)
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergAdd Cigotuvi's Badtile
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergImprove randlich spell tweak (fishbowltower)
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergTemporarily remove randlich chain lightning
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergIrradiate quote (9265)
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify (r)eading books (9274)
2014-11-29 Jesse Luehrschangelog
2014-11-29 theTowerScattered minor monster tweaks.
2014-11-29 Neil MooreFix compilation (doh)
2014-11-29 Steve MelenchukDon't count natural abilities as spells for monster...
2014-11-29 Neil MooreImprove(?) the message for entering a malign portal.
2014-11-29 Neil MooreImprove a kaux.
2014-11-29 Neil MooreDon't let trees enter malign portals.
2014-11-29 Steve MelenchukOnly damage an actor in collision if it's not dead...
2014-11-29 Steve MelenchukDon't slam into the ! (78291).
2014-11-29 Steve MelenchukSimplify? De-indent, anyway.
2014-11-29 Steve MelenchukWake up monsters with Singularity pull or collisions...
2014-11-29 theTowerRoughly sort mon-pick-data.h entries
2014-11-29 Steve MelenchukNew Seraph tile.
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukShow weapons and shields properly on more holies.
2014-11-28 reaverbAdjust Makhleb's ^ screen for piety changes
2014-11-28 reaverbIncrease Makhleb piety to compensate for no corpse...
2014-11-28 reaverbRemove Makhleb corpse sacrifices
2014-11-28 ontoclasmVault stone tiles (Bloax)
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukMake shining gold always visually distinct from normal...
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukDon't display asterisks for Gozag.
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukFix Agony, etc. enchantment power modifiers (#9273).
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukMake Gozag-distracting gold itself shine as opposed...
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukOnly apply the CURSE OF GOZAG to items new to the player.
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukAbort Corona cast if only targets are glowing/shadowed...
2014-11-28 reaverbMake Zin hate drinking !benemut even if you don't mutat...
2014-11-28 Shmuale MarkShush some compiler warnings.
2014-11-28 Shmuale MarkBuild with -Wunused-parameter.
2014-11-28 Shmuale MarkFixup "Fixup fixup of fixup_spells.".
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukFixup fixup of fixup_spells.
2014-11-28 Steve MelenchukFixup fixup_spells; make crashforged servitors spellfor...
2014-11-28 Nicholas FeinbergRemove 6-year-old commented code
2014-11-28 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd a piety meter for Xom
2014-11-28 Edgar A. Bering IVfix my name in the credits
2014-11-28 Nicholas FeinbergSpell-item description simplification
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukConsistently use one ray for singularity pulling.
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukGive Singularity to random panlords.
2014-11-27 Nicholas FeinbergBrace.
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukCall down the wrath of NO GOD against DEAD VARIABLE...
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukSave compat for randliches.
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukChange dependence of Singularity radius / strength...
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukShow strength=2 radius in singularity targeter as well.
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukMove singularity acting code before IOOD check.
2014-11-27 Jesse Luehrsfix loading randart ring mails in dump files (#9148)
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukDisallow harming or moving singularities in any way.
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukBuff collision damage.
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukFix Chilling Breath crashes.
2014-11-27 Steve MelenchukSet killer properly for death curses (wheals).
2014-11-27 Jesse Luehrs+ instead of ^M for explore mode explore
2014-11-27 Jesse Luehrsallow felids to die normally in explore mode
2014-11-27 Jesse Luehrssave explore mode state
2014-11-27 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into explore
2014-11-27 Jesse Luehrssimplify
2014-11-27 Jesse Luehrsmake sure that all liches get at least one conj spell
2014-11-27 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into randliches
2014-11-27 Nicholas FeinbergInsert the letter 'c'
2014-11-27 Neil MooreFix quote formatting and citations.
2014-11-27 Neil MooreFurther remove player twisted res.
2014-11-27 Nicholas FeinbergMess with battlesphere quotes (9267)
2014-11-27 Nicholas FeinbergShatter/LRD quotes (ramc, 9267)
2014-11-27 theTowerSprinkle around some shrikes (and other quick vault...
2014-11-26 David PloogA few Xom lines.
2014-11-26 Neil MooreAdd a 1/8 chance for Plane Papyrus in wizlab_golubria.
2014-11-26 John McCartneyBlack pixels on monster damage indicator now slightly...
2014-11-26 John McCartneyRemoved rim from wretched stars in dc-mon.
2014-11-26 John McCartneyFurther iterations to goblinoids; better visibility...
2014-11-26 Neil MooreAllow scrolling stack-five card descriptions (#9262)
2014-11-26 Neil MooreAvoid another pacification crash.
2014-11-26 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust a default runrest_ignore
2014-11-26 Neil MooreFix broken arena monster inventory listing (doh)
2014-11-26 Neil MooreAllow "cursed good_item" and "cursed acquire foo".
2014-11-26 Neil MooreSimplify some LOS code.
2014-11-26 Neil MooreLOS_* documentation table
2014-11-26 Neil MooreFix whitespace.
2014-11-26 Neil MooreMake sure we don't overflow minor tags.
2014-11-26 Neil MooreBe more sign-correct when marshalling version tags.
2014-11-26 Jesse Luehrsadd some newlines to the travis error messages
2014-11-26 Nicholas FeinbergPossibly fix a CHILLING_BREATH crash
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukApply AC to collision damage (PleasingFunguus, theTower).
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukSimplify.
2014-11-26 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash whenever the player takes cloud damage
2014-11-26 Nicholas FeinbergFurther changelog tweaks (GGGRRRUUUNNNTTT)
2014-11-26 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog tweaks
2014-11-26 Nicholas FeinbergAdd an assert
2014-11-26 gammafunkPut phantom mirrors with miscellaneous items on the...
2014-11-26 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.16-a0-2728-gd75f5fb
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukFix Ignite Poison death message (qw, wheals).
2014-11-26 Corin Buchanan... Preserve boots of flying on/off status when unequipped
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukNerf Singularity damage further.
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukGive singularities' direct damage a proper death message.
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukKILLED_BY_COLLISION, for collision death messages.