2015-04-25 Corin Buchanan... Add two new Ru sacrifices: resistance and eye
2015-04-25 Neil MooreDocument that shadow invis swiftness appears in two...
2015-04-25 Neil MooreMention a MONS_SHADOW hidden mechanic in xv (kvaak)
2015-04-25 Chris CampbellMake Cheibriados wrath continue to slow the player...
2015-04-25 Chris CampbellMake shadow form undispellable, end shadow form when...
2015-04-25 Chris CampbellSuppress Ignite Blood under Dithmenos
2015-04-25 Chris CampbellUpdate and improve some god descriptions
2015-04-25 Chris CampbellDon't redraw the screen when starting/ending gold distr...
2015-04-25 Chris CampbellGive Maxwell's etheric cage a "RegenMP" inscription
2015-04-24 Nicholas FeinbergFix fire dragon description (9678)
2015-04-24 Darshan ShaligramAdd draconian flavours to -playable-json.
2015-04-23 Neil MooreFix a missing paren (#9675)
2015-04-23 Darshan ShaligramDocument -playable-json replacing -list-combos.
2015-04-23 Neil MooreUpdate MSVC project for JSON changes.
2015-04-23 Darshan ShaligramJSON for playable species+apts, jobs, combos
2015-04-23 Darshan ShaligramRevert "JSON for playable species+apts, jobs, combos"
2015-04-23 Darshan ShaligramJSON for playable species+apts, jobs, combos
2015-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergMostly add etheric cage tiles (CanOfWorms)
2015-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergFlatten some animate dead code
2015-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergDisallow animating deep-water corpses (bcadren)
2015-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergTweak zombification comments
2015-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergFix Maxwell's changelog
2015-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergNew Eternal Torment sprites (CanOfWorms)
2015-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.17-a0-762-gdd96e34
2015-04-22 Shmuale MarkMake grand avatars faster (travis).
2015-04-22 Chris CampbellRemove a duplicate obsolete file
2015-04-22 Shmuale MarkRemove the constant term in Gozag's fee.
2015-04-22 Shmuale MarkRefactor and comment monster_habitable_grid.
2015-04-22 Shmuale MarkMerge levitation and flight.
2015-04-22 Shmuale MarkMake Ash skill boost and fencer's gloves (and Heroism...
2015-04-22 Shmuale MarkFix the speed brand (amalloy).
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate Ignite Poison description
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an outdated comment
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergSquash ignite poison spam
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust Ignite Poison cloud duration
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Ignite Poison's direct damage
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergTweak debug messages for poison damage
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust Ignite Poison's level & schools
2015-04-22 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify Ignite Poison
2015-04-22 Alan MalloyAlso check item egos before choosing to stack them
2015-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergDon't collide with existing saves (|amethyst)
2015-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergGenerate random names for players (Arrhythmia)
2015-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergFix naga save compat (wheals)
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkTake speed brand into account in weapon_min_delay ...
2015-04-20 Alan MalloyWarn the player when tabbing with a bad weapon.
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkDon't attack neutrals with plain direction keys (#9184).
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkDisallow swapping with stoned/asleep allies (#5733...
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkHave monsters zap empty wands, once.
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkAllow non-related monsters to swap places.
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkFix compilation.
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkReorder field definitions of mgen_data to match the...
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkEnhance and clean up the parameters for newgame_make_item.
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkNerf DrFi (DrKe).
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkShow merfolk song success chance (#9659).
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkRemove an unused parameter.
2015-04-20 Shmuale MarkFix a vault typo (#9658).
2015-04-20 Neil MooreSimplify menu colour for mutagenic chunks.
2015-04-20 Neil MooreFix whitespace.
2015-04-20 Neil MooreColour useless/mutagenic/forbidden chunk glyphs (geekosaur)
2015-04-20 Neil MooreMake all chunks lightred.
2015-04-20 Nicholas FeinbergEntropy weaver corpse tile (9660)
2015-04-20 Neil MooreRemove an unused macro (gammafunk)
2015-04-20 Nicholas FeinbergRemove obsolete chunk default colours
2015-04-20 Nicholas FeinbergRemove the hunger/regen cap on movement
2015-04-19 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify monster malmut (ENCH_WRETCHED)
2015-04-19 Corin Buchanan... Remove unnecessary comment
2015-04-19 Corin Buchanan... Actually disable Invocations training when you have...
2015-04-19 Chris CampbellFix derived undead not dropping gold under Gozag
2015-04-19 Neil MooreAdd some translators to CREDITS and mailmap.
2015-04-19 Neil MooreImprove a few Spanish god translations (quik)
2015-04-19 Edgar CarballoTranslate gods text to spanish.
2015-04-19 gammafunkAdd the define DEBUG_STATISTICS to build mapstat and...
2015-04-19 gammafunkMove objstat code to its own source file
2015-04-19 Neil MooreAdd some folks to CREDITS and one to mailmap.
2015-04-19 Tom ConradAdded code for a formicid corpse tile
2015-04-19 Neil MooreDon't allow drinking curemut with only temporary mutati...
2015-04-19 Chris CampbellDon't let Gozag distraction affect conjured monsters...
2015-04-19 Chris CampbellDon't goldify any no-XP monsters
2015-04-19 Neil MooreDon't allow drinking known !curemut with no mutations...
2015-04-19 Nicholas FeinbergDon't goldify firewood (Lightli, 4chan)
2015-04-19 Nicholas FeinbergDe-sprettify transform()
2015-04-19 Neil MooreMerge pull request #9 from noxdominus/patch-1
2015-04-19 noxdominusUpdate backgrounds.txt pull/9 9/head
2015-04-19 noxdominusUpdate unident.txt
2015-04-19 Neil MooreDon't crash when animating undead fails.
2015-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergDon't waste time while cancelling blurread (9650)
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellUpdate Potion Petition description
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellAdjust Gozag's faith-removal message
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellRemove an unused Gozag attribute
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellMake corpseless monsters actually drop gold at the...
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellSlightly increase the base price of Potion Petition
2015-04-18 Alex JurkiewiczDrop gold for corpseless monsters under Gozag.
2015-04-18 Alex JurkiewiczRemove cost scaling from Potion Petition.
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellReduce the crown of torment's HP penalty to 20%
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellImprove crown of torment's inscription and desc
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellGive Leech its own on-equip message
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellAdjust fencer's gloves inscription and desc
2015-04-18 Corin Buchanan... Give Animate Dead/Skeleton minions a timeout
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellRemove Vp's (non-functional) chance to heal 1hp on...
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellLet vampires drink from anything with blood