14 hours ago AliscansLet a Kikubaaqudgha-worshipping wizard create endless... master
14 hours ago AliscansSimplify _give_kiku_gift().
14 hours ago AliscansSimplify _give_sif_gift().
14 hours ago AliscansSplit _gift_sif_kiku_gift() into a function for each...
14 hours ago AliscansFix what happens when you try to read a spellbook.
16 hours ago Nikolai LavskyHighlight Curl's AC boost on webtiles HUD (12567)
16 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergFixup sac validity logic
16 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergCheckwhite
16 hours ago hellmonkslightly increase ru sacrifice timer
16 hours ago hellmonkAccount for spellcasting skill when sacrificing wizardry.
16 hours ago hellmonkAllow multiple levels of sacrifice experience.
16 hours ago hellmonkAdjust sacrifice skill.
16 hours ago hellmonkAdjust some sacrifice piety values.
16 hours ago hellmonkAdd a piety bonus for sacrificing words and drink together.
16 hours ago hellmonkDon't give piety for evo skill when sacrificing mp.
16 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergDevilishly good new tiles (Sastreii)
17 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergDeduplicate excommunication XP
17 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergMake Sac XP pricier
18 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergFix GDR comment typo (nlavsky, goratrix)
39 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergDRR AC GDR (hellmonk)
41 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergNew wizlab tiles (Sastreii)
41 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergWIP
42 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergSimplify GDR pull/1902 1902/head
2 days ago KateFix meph chance display
2 days ago gammafunkAdjustments to two volcano maps
3 days ago hellmonkFix an incorrect glyph in hellmonk_smoking_crater
3 days ago hellmonkDeep elf pyromancer volcano.
3 days ago hellmonkNew volcano map: zot springs
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergNew monster tiles (Sastreii)
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergTweak Dj apts (pubby)
5 days ago advilfeat: add a way to reset the !a warning without swappin...
5 days ago KateUpdate manual entry for grey draconians
6 days ago gammafunkFix dart descriptions (Goratrix)
6 days ago KateUpdate needle descriptions
6 days ago KateLet classed monster grey draconians swim
6 days ago KateRemove unbreathing (mostly)
6 days ago KateDon't allow Wu Jian attacks or ripostes with nonweapons
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergNew Sastreii tiles
9 days ago gammafunkUnrename a vault
9 days ago gammafunkUpdate a digging-themed vault (Lightli)
10 days ago KateFix Ignite Blood mutation description
12 days ago advilfix: remove a duplicate BREATHE_POISON (12579)
12 days ago dillyMinor fix for gnrine
12 days ago advilUpdate sdl2-image for android builds
12 days ago advilUpdate sdl2-mixer for android builds
12 days ago advilBump lua contrib for android builds
12 days ago KateAdd some missing cloud descriptions
12 days ago KateFix spelling
12 days ago KateTweak portal timer wording
12 days ago KateMake poison and miasma clouds affect unbreathing creatu...
12 days ago KateAdjust potion of mutation probabilities
12 days ago KateRemove wispform's blinkitis and extra speed
13 days ago gammafunkSome tweaks to an ice cave map
13 days ago hellmonkSlime themed ice cave.
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergZappify dispel undead (ardl)
13 days ago advilfix: blanket no_tele_into for gammafunk_dig_for_victory
13 days ago advilfeat: allow setting tiles window width by ratio
13 days ago advilfix: cap Ashenzari scry radius at los
2021-05-01 KateDon't allow cancelling forced blinks with Ozo's Armour...
2021-05-01 advilfix: do hepl ancestor setup when receiving ancestor
2021-05-01 advilfix: swap a mutation check for felids
2021-05-01 Neil MooreDon't crash when the first of two ancestors dies
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergFix: don't spawn hep ancestor until 1*
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergOnly trigger spectral on melee (kingbuddyboy)
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergShow actual attack delay on @
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergRemove sInv from axes
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergMove Hep frailty & ancestor to 1*
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergWIP hep nerf
2021-04-30 advilfix: reorder messaging for irradiate
2021-04-30 advillint
2021-04-30 advilrefactor: unify hepl and fedhas ally protection
2021-04-29 advilrefactor: abstract some common fedhas code
2021-04-28 advilfix: disable cleaving during fsim
2021-04-28 advilfix: disable decapitation during fsim
2021-04-28 advilfix: save head count across fsim rounds
2021-04-28 advilfix: handle tab at weapon select menu
2021-04-28 gammafunkSome cleanups for a volcano map
2021-04-28 hellmonkNew volcano map with a smoke/steam theme.
2021-04-27 KateRemove some duplicated artefact checks
2021-04-27 KateAdjust some more artefact restrictions
2021-04-27 KateMark a teleport closet as no_tele_into
2021-04-27 advilfix: correctly check antimagic brand conflicts for...
2021-04-27 advilfix: remove "Power" from rand_wpn.txt
2021-04-27 advilfix: always announce xom chaos branding
2021-04-27 advilfix: check form in player::could_wield
2021-04-27 advilfix: annotate staves with {weapon}
2021-04-27 gammafunkRework the Jungle Book Lair ending
2021-04-27 Nicholas FeinbergTruly unique new tiles (Sastreii)
2021-04-26 advilfix: prevent -cast and +int (kate)
2021-04-26 advilfix: prevent RegenMP with -cast
2021-04-26 KateRedraw agrid on gaining the silence aura mut (#12577)
2021-04-26 advilfix: adjust connectivity for gammafunk_its_a_trap
2021-04-26 KateMake Repel Missiles unablatable
2021-04-26 KateRefactor disease to be a standard duration
2021-04-25 KateFix pluralisation of pieces from Xom's chessboard
2021-04-25 advilfix: correctly handle hand names ending in `e` (celly00)
2021-04-25 gammafunkFix a typo (Yermak)
2021-04-25 gammafunkDon't have burned demonic trees release demons
2021-04-25 gammafunkUpdate visuals of an Abyss-themed ghost vault
2021-04-24 Nicholas FeinbergSalamander tweaks (Sastreii)