Fix save compatibility props initialization
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2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVFix save compatibility props initialization
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains IV: Shatter the Chains
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains III: Curse piety
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains II: Adjust Ash passives
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains I: Remove old Ash actives
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRemove remove curse
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake curse status always known
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergUncurse everything when leaving Ash
2021-01-30 Nicholas FeinbergRename wands of enslavement to charming
2021-01-14 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't offer conjured things god blessings
2020-12-22 advilRefactor quiver redraw state
2020-12-13 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove the anti-cannibalism conduct (12368)
2020-12-13 Edgar A. Bering IVUse feat_eliminates_items appropriately (12258, 12402)
2020-12-12 advilTry to fix the renounce to `X` mapping (10637)
2020-12-06 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate more missed MR -> WL conversions
2020-12-06 Nicholas FeinbergRename magic resistance to willpower
2020-11-28 advilGuard against crashes in god_hates_killing
2020-11-20 advilRemove invocation removal
2020-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergRemove skill training restrictions (hellmonk)
2020-10-24 Aidan HolmAdd tag-version.h includes
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mgrd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove grd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mitm() helper macro
2020-09-27 Nikolai LavskyCancel Heroism and Finesse on angering or abandoning...
2020-09-23 Nicholas FeinbergRemove guaranteed early Nemelex deck
2020-09-23 Nicholas FeinbergRemove free gozag potion petition
2020-08-18 Nicholas FeinbergRemove Ru penance (FIQ)
2020-07-28 advilImprove validation of spflag::monster
2020-07-23 KateFurther clarify Chei passive
2020-07-22 KateAdjust wording of Chei passives (#12321)
2020-07-20 Nicholas FeinbergDon't make allies hostile when joining a god
2020-07-19 Aidan HolmDon't force screen update in redraw_screen
2020-07-19 Aidan HolmDon't force screen update in viewwindow
2020-07-05 Edgar A. Bering IVSimplify eating related code and interface
2020-04-23 gammafunkFix Trog weapon gifting (elliptic)
2020-04-18 GoratrixAdjust Vehumet gift range
2020-04-14 gammafunkUpdate Wu Jian's Whirlwind description (gressup)
2020-04-12 Edgar A. Bering IVRefactor and revise miscasts
2020-04-12 KateRefactor and simplify Heavenly Storm
2020-03-30 KateRemove lamps of fire
2020-03-30 KateRemove sacks of spiders
2020-03-29 KateRemove fans of gales
2020-02-11 Nicholas FeinbergPavise -> tower shield (various)
2020-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRename shield -> kite shield
2020-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRename large shield -> pavise
2020-01-07 gammafunkRefactor some calls to acquirement
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes (Fixed version)
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert commits which broke the tile builds
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Revert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes""
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes"
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes
2019-12-14 advilMake fedhas_protects less likely to crash if player...
2019-12-08 James BuckFix initial god ability slot assignment in local tiles
2019-12-05 Alex JurkiewiczAdjust Trog weapon gifting (ebering)
2019-12-05 sdynetEly's Divine Protection always protects at *****
2019-11-10 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove edge cases from Fedhas protection
2019-11-06 Aidan HolmFix more compiler warnings
2019-11-06 Aidan HolmRemove/mark unused parameters
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 11: simplify conducts
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 10: Grow Oklob ability
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 9: Overgrow ability
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 8: remove Rain
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 7: rework Reproduction
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 5: remove Evolution
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 4: remove Growth
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 3: remove Sunlight
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 2: Wall of Briars ability
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 1: piety gain
2019-07-23 Seve MonahanRename you.can_train to you.can_currently_train
2019-07-08 Alex Jurkiewiczalign braces
2019-06-26 gammafunkClean up a condition
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 5: Remove miscast protection
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 4: Add a Divine Exegesis ability
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 3: Remove Divine Energy
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 2: Grant some abilities earlier
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 1: Piety on kills
2019-06-04 Chris CampbellRemove a misleading god message (#11220)
2019-06-04 Edgar A. Bering IVBoolean vampire undead state
2019-05-23 advilClean up and improve gozag gold detection
2019-05-21 Alex JurkiewiczRemove vestigial duplicate wrath timer
2019-03-30 Koen De GrooteUpdate
2019-03-05 Alex JurkiewiczTAG_MAJOR_VERSION improvements (#955)
2019-02-25 Umer ShaikhClean up god gifts' interaction with delays (11825)
2019-01-18 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd a god Extra pane for Nemelex
2019-01-17 NormalPerson7Convert `enum spschool_flag_type` to `enum class spschool`
2019-01-12 NormalPerson7Improve text when gaining/losing god abilities and...
2018-12-29 RyanGrant Qazlal cloud immunity to divine allies
2018-12-21 Edgar A. Bering IVDisplay deck counts upon receiving a Nemelex gift
2018-12-19 Edgar A. Bering IVSplit "Draw One" into individual draw abilities
2018-12-19 Edgar A. Bering IVNew Nemelex Stack five
2018-12-19 Edgar A. Bering IVNew Nemelex Draw One ability
2018-12-19 Edgar A. Bering IVAbstract decks to a player property
2018-12-19 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove decks as items
2018-12-19 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove deck rarity types
2018-12-16 jmartFix Sif Muna dud gift bug (11791)
2018-10-20 advilVarious code cleanups for ghost_demon brands
2018-09-25 advilMerge branch 'webtiles-password-reset' of https://githu...
2018-09-15 gammafunkProperly disable Scrying when abandoning Ashenzari...
2018-08-08 advilRemove some "now"s
2018-07-26 gammafunkSwap Fedhas' 1* and 2* abilities (hellmonk)