Fix a db lookup regression (PleasingFungus)
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2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVFix a db lookup regression (PleasingFungus)
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVMark ?id useless for ash followers (mdonais)
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains V: Bind skill knowledge to curses
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains III: Curse piety
2021-02-25 Nicholas FeinbergFix more cursed item descs (Nomi)
2021-02-13 Nicholas FeinbergRemove boots of running
2021-02-12 Nicholas FeinbergFix cursed item descriptions (12492)
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergTeleport rings of teleportation away
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRecolour weapon/armour egos
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRemove remove curse
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake curse status always known
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRemove amulets of inaccuracy
2021-02-04 Nicholas FeinbergRemove rings of attention
2021-02-01 Nicholas FeinbergGoldify manuals
2021-01-30 Nicholas FeinbergRename wands of enslavement to charming
2021-01-28 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't mark unkown books useless for gnolls
2021-01-27 Edgar A. Bering IVMake manuals useless for gnolls
2021-01-24 Nicholas FeinbergRetheme /disintegrate -> /mindburst
2021-01-18 Nicholas FeinbergDon't auto-drop ?tele in Gauntlet (Yermak)
2020-12-20 gammafunkSome cleanup related to food removal
2020-12-14 gammafunkFix ghouls not being able to use potions (PR 1642)
2020-12-07 advilImprove marking of quivered items in a few menus
2020-12-06 Nicholas FeinbergWL -> Will (dinky, advil)
2020-12-06 Nicholas FeinbergRename magic resistance to willpower
2020-11-25 advilRefactor and generalize quivering
2020-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergRemove skill training restrictions (hellmonk)
2020-11-10 Kieron DunbarChange the spelling of some words to Australian English.
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergReplace potions of stabbing with attraction stuck_on_you
2020-10-24 Aidan HolmAdd tag-version.h includes
2020-08-21 advilHandle removed staff names correctly (twelwe)
2020-08-19 KateRemove staves of wizardry
2020-08-19 KateRemove staves of summoning
2020-08-19 KateGive staves of conjuration and earth new melee effects
2020-08-11 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove staves of energy
2020-08-04 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove Wand of Clouds charge-evokers-condenser-vane
2020-08-04 Edgar A. Bering IVNew Misc Item: Condenser Vane
2020-08-01 Nicholas FeinbergTurn +Rats into *Rats
2020-07-25 Edgar A. Bering IVRename lunging to rampaging
2020-07-24 ImplojinMark SPARM_LUNGING as dangerous.
2020-07-24 ImplojinNew ego: Boots of lunging.
2020-07-17 KateDon't give Formicids useless starting items
2020-07-15 Edgar A. Bering IVCharming item 🔔: Spectral ego
2020-07-15 Edgar A. Bering IVGeneralize weapon brand adjective usage
2020-07-15 Edgar A. Bering IVCharming item 🔔: Scarf of Shadows
2020-07-15 Edgar A. Bering IVCharm dispersal 🔕: Remove the Charms school, skill...
2020-07-15 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove Sticks to Snakes
2020-07-14 Nicholas FeinbergRework Centaurs into Palentongas
2020-07-13 KateRemove the book of Beasts
2020-07-10 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove chunks and all OBJ_FOOD
2020-07-10 Edgar A. Bering IVConvert Ghouls to heal-on-kill
2020-07-10 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove butchering and eating
2020-07-10 advilRemove rations
2020-07-05 Edgar A. Bering IVSimplify eating related code and interface
2020-06-28 Nicholas FeinbergMark !stab useless under TSO (Yermak)
2020-06-14 advilMinor tweaks to levelgen item debug msgs
2020-05-14 Edgar A. Bering IVMark !brill useless for Troglodytes
2020-05-13 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd a TAG_MAJOR guard lost in rereflect
2020-05-13 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "Remove amulets of reflection"
2020-05-12 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove amulets of Rage
2020-05-12 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove amulets of reflection
2020-05-12 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove amulets of the gourmand
2020-05-12 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove amulets of harm
2020-05-12 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd Harm to scarves
2020-05-12 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd preservation (rCorr) and stealth to cloaks
2020-05-12 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove scarves of cloud immunity
2020-05-10 Edgar A. Bering IVExtract XP Evoker properties to data
2020-05-08 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove wands of scattershot autotarget-tremorstone
2020-05-02 Nikolai LavskyClean up some preferred food-related code
2020-04-23 Aidan HolmFix crash on opening known-items menu
2020-04-23 Aidan HolmRemove an unused parameter
2020-04-23 Aidan HolmRemove more old potion code
2020-04-23 Aidan HolmRemove is_blood_potion()
2020-04-23 Aidan HolmRemove code for old potion types
2020-04-23 Aidan HolmAdd all_item_subtypes()
2020-04-21 Alex JurkiewiczFix compilation with TAG_MAJOR_VERSION 35
2020-04-18 EmilyRename the book of Enchantments to Hexes
2020-03-30 KateRemove staves of power
2020-03-30 KateRemove crystal balls of energy
2020-03-30 KateRemove lamps of fire
2020-03-30 KateRemove sacks of spiders
2020-03-29 KateRemove fans of gales
2020-03-28 Aidan HolmExtract known items menu to extract-known-items
2020-03-21 KateMark scarves of rMsl useless with innate rMsl (#11157)
2020-02-25 KateDon't list zigfigs on the autopickup menu
2020-02-22 KateRe-brace
2020-02-21 Nicholas FeinbergMake tremorstones multi-use
2020-02-17 Nicholas FeinbergPotion of agility -> stabbing potstab
2020-02-12 Nicholas FeinbergNew single-use item: Tremorstone pull/1282 shattersphere 1282/head
2020-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRename shield -> kite shield
2020-01-17 EmilyRemove the per-weapon-type vorpal brand adjectives pull/1260 1260/head
2019-12-20 Seve MonahanRemove more redundant #includes
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes (Fixed version)
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert commits which broke the tile builds
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Revert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes""
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes"
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes
2019-11-30 gammafunkFix outdated food logic when worshiping Fedhas
2019-11-06 Aidan HolmFix enum + non-enum mixing in ?: expressions
2019-11-06 Aidan HolmRemove/mark unused parameters
2019-11-01 Aidan HolmFix some screens wider than minimum width (12008)