Remove unnecessary comment
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2015-04-19 Corin Buchanan-HowlandRemove unnecessary comment
2015-04-18 Chris CampbellRemove an unused Gozag attribute
2015-04-18 Alex JurkiewiczRemove cost scaling from Potion Petition.
2015-04-15 Shmuale MarkRemove actor weight.
2015-04-15 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'skillmenu'
2015-04-14 Nicholas FeinbergFix a pair of accidental semicolons
2015-04-13 Neil MooreRefactor slouch damage formula (wheals)
2015-04-13 Neil MooreReduce slouch damage against jerky monsters.
2015-04-13 Neil MooreBase slouch damage on monster movement speed (kvaak)
2015-04-13 Neil MooreFactor out slouch damage formula.
2015-04-11 Chris CampbellMake all rotting take effect immediately instead of...
2015-04-10 Neil MooreFix a comment typo.
2015-04-07 Alan MalloyFix targeting of Dithmenos spell-shadowing (#9614)
2015-04-04 Corin Buchanan-HowlandReconceptualize firecallers a bit
2015-04-02 Corin Buchanan-HowlandAdd firecallers
2015-03-31 Jesse Luehrsremove the concept of non-confusable monsters
2015-03-30 Shmuale MarkAdd French spacing fixes.
2015-03-30 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'species_data'
2015-03-30 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'master' into species_data
2015-03-26 Nicholas FeinbergRework make_name params
2015-03-11 Shmuale MarkRemove player genuses.
2015-03-08 ellipticStill spend a turn when attempting to burn a spellbook...
2015-03-06 Chris CampbellLet Call Merchant work in any branch once unexplored...
2015-03-02 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'zotdef_removal'
2015-03-01 Neil MooreDon't use typedef with anonymous structs (minmay)
2015-02-20 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'gozag_wrath'
2015-02-15 Chris CampbellMake the first usage of Gozag's potion petition free
2015-02-15 Chris CampbellLet Gozag bribe most monsters during wrath
2015-02-10 Corin Buchanan-HowlandDon't skip sac offer if one of the sacrifices is SAC_SKILL
2015-02-10 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFor the third, or maybe fourth time, let Ru actually...
2015-02-08 Corin Buchanan-HowlandImprove Ru sacrifice offer handling when few options...
2015-02-07 Corin Buchanan-HowlandIncrease Ru oversac limit
2015-02-02 Shmuale MarkFix timed_effects includes.
2015-02-02 Shmuale MarkDisplay possible evolutions on the targetting display.
2015-02-02 Shmuale MarkRemove an unused member variable.
2015-01-30 Neil MooreActually take XP away when sacrificing experience.
2015-01-30 Neil MooreDon't offer Sac Exp when it would kill you.
2015-01-29 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash when levelling up
2015-01-29 Corin Buchanan-Howlandadd two new Ru sacrifices
2015-01-28 Corin Buchanan-HowlandGive Ru the power to make you actually stop training...
2015-01-26 Neil MooreSimplify with any_of (wheals)
2015-01-26 Neil MooreAllow robust demonspawn to sac arcana, purity, etc.
2015-01-26 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFix a few extra Ru sacrifice interactions with races...
2015-01-22 Nicholas FeinbergReduce Call Merchant prices somewhat
2015-01-22 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "Reduce Gozag food shop prices to 2/3rds base"
2015-01-16 Nicholas FeinbergReally fix mu call merchant
2015-01-16 Nicholas FeinbergDon't trap mu using Call Merchant (Ahrin)
2015-01-14 Nicholas FeinbergReduce Gozag food shop prices to 2/3rds base
2015-01-13 Neil MooreBe more safe with enum bitfield types.
2015-01-10 Nicholas FeinbergRewrite ru_sac_text
2015-01-10 ellipticDisplay Ru sacrifice details in the ability screen...
2015-01-06 Nicholas FeinbergRewrite player blink code
2015-01-06 Neil MooreBrace and unbrace.
2015-01-06 Neil MooreConstify.
2015-01-06 Nicholas FeinbergInitialize a variable
2015-01-06 Corin Buchanan-HowlandMerge branch 'master' of
2015-01-06 Corin Buchanan-HowlandRedo essence/purity/health sacrifice piety
2015-01-06 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFix amulet of faith under Ru
2015-01-05 Neil MooreDon't crash when Dith mimics shift-throw vs invis oppon...
2014-12-31 Chris CampbellFix pronouns for Ru Apocalypse
2014-12-28 Neil MooreDon't place clouds when relocating monsters after Chei...
2014-12-28 Neil MooreFix most -Wparentheses warnings.
2014-12-28 Corin Buchanan-HowlandImprove Ru retaliation messages.
2014-12-28 Corin Buchanan-HowlandSwitch Ru's muting effects to antimagic
2014-12-24 Neil MooreAdd a system include (geekosaur, #9363)
2014-12-23 Shmuale MarkRename
2014-12-23 Shmuale MarkDisperse non-time-related functions from
2014-12-21 Corin Buchanan-Howlandincrease odds of Apocalypse status effects from 3:5...
2014-12-21 Corin Buchanan-HowlandIncrease Ru Draw Out Power drain by 20%
2014-12-21 Neil MooreAdd and use a function for item type checks.
2014-12-14 Shmuale MarkDon't mimic Enslavement at a friendly monster (#9290).
2014-12-13 Neil MooreFix unintended recite message change.
2014-12-08 Neil MooreRename and generalise binomial_generator.
2014-12-04 Neil MooreRefactor away the trits array.
2014-12-04 Neil MooreRename stack_iterator::link() to index()
2014-12-04 Neil MooreBe more careful that we don't underflow zin arrays.
2014-12-03 Shmuale MarkArguably move recite text to data.
2014-12-01 Nicholas FeinbergFix a range assert (9284)
2014-12-01 Edgar A. Bering IVRefactor to be a map
2014-12-01 Nicholas FeinbergMore Ru cleanup
2014-12-01 Shmuale MarkClean up a bit.
2014-11-30 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'panlord-colour'
2014-11-30 Nicholas FeinbergMore Ru refactoring
2014-11-30 Nicholas FeinbergMove sacrifice special cases into data
2014-11-30 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify Ru sacrifice choice code further
2014-11-30 Nicholas FeinbergPartially refactor _get_possible_sacrifices()
2014-11-30 reaverbReplace NULL with nullptr
2014-11-30 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor _arcane_mutation_to_skill()
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergGut _arcane_mutation_to_school_name()
2014-11-27 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into explore
2014-11-27 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into randliches
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukLet actor::hurt accept a kill_method_type, source,...
2014-11-25 Neil MooreFix braces.
2014-11-25 Neil MooreFix several cases of wonky indentation.
2014-11-23 Shmuale MarkCorrectly allow reciting to monsters with "maybe" HD.
2014-11-23 Neil MooreUse more emplacement and initializer lists.
2014-11-23 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into randliches
2014-11-23 Neil MooreUse make_pair when possible, emplace_back occasionally.
2014-11-22 Nicholas FeinbergBrace.
2014-11-22 gammafunkHave Gozag never create shops of a useless type for...