Partially refactor _get_possible_sacrifices()
[crawl.git] / crawl-ref / source /
2014-11-30 Nicholas FeinbergPartially refactor _get_possible_sacrifices()
2014-11-30 reaverbReplace NULL with nullptr
2014-11-30 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor _arcane_mutation_to_skill()
2014-11-29 Nicholas FeinbergGut _arcane_mutation_to_school_name()
2014-11-27 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into explore
2014-11-27 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into randliches
2014-11-26 Steve MelenchukLet actor::hurt accept a kill_method_type, source,...
2014-11-25 Neil MooreFix braces.
2014-11-25 Neil MooreFix several cases of wonky indentation.
2014-11-23 Shmuale MarkCorrectly allow reciting to monsters with "maybe" HD.
2014-11-23 Neil MooreUse more emplacement and initializer lists.
2014-11-23 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into randliches
2014-11-23 Neil MooreUse make_pair when possible, emplace_back occasionally.
2014-11-22 Nicholas FeinbergBrace.
2014-11-22 gammafunkHave Gozag never create shops of a useless type for...
2014-11-20 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'sdl2'
2014-11-20 gammafunkFix the disaster area weights and range cutoff, refactor
2014-11-20 Corin Buchanan-HowlandImprove Ru piety-blurring.
2014-11-19 Neil MooreMore C++11
2014-11-19 Steve MelenchukUnify enchantment resist messages; use in more places.
2014-11-19 Shmuale MarkDon't recite when only too-high HD monsters are around...
2014-11-18 Neil MooreNo longer require a terminator for random_choose.
2014-11-18 Steve MelenchukMake Disaster Area work better at low invocations ...
2014-11-17 Corin Buchanan-HowlandPrevent undeclared variable warnings.
2014-11-17 Corin Buchanan-HowlandIncrease Apocalypse slow effect length.
2014-11-17 Corin Buchanan-HowlandApply statuses from Apocalypse after damage to limit...
2014-11-17 Nicholas FeinbergMangle NEVER_HIDE corpses
2014-11-17 Nicholas FeinbergRe-add corpse variety
2014-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "Temporarily revert "Simplify _recieve_corpses""
2014-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergTemporarily revert "Simplify _recieve_corpses"
2014-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify _recieve_corpses
2014-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergRename Gozag special food shops
2014-11-14 reaverbRename 'beam.is_beam' to 'beam.pierce'
2014-11-14 Shmuale MarkRemove an unused parameter from discover_mimic.
2014-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergFix another Gozag shop segfault (9193)
2014-11-13 Neil MoorePractice the new orthodoxy and brace do-whiles.
2014-11-13 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash in potion petition (9168)
2014-11-13 Corin Buchanan-HowlandAdd Ru to non-meat sprints.
2014-11-13 Corin Buchanan-HowlandClean up Ru sacrifice milestone text.
2014-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergRemove bad potions from potion petition
2014-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergRemove porridge/blood from potion petition
2014-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergGuarantee a food shop in Gozag's Call Merchant
2014-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergAdd support for future changes to GOZAG_MAX_SHOPS
2014-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergMark gozag shops as such in their spec
2014-11-12 Neil MooreUse range-based for.
2014-11-12 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFix a Sacrifice Hand typo (nicholas982)
2014-11-11 Jesse Luehrsuse auto more often
2014-11-11 Jesse Luehrsavoid use of uninitialized value in _get_gozag_shop_can...
2014-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergTurn shop_spec into a reference
2014-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an errant pair of braces
2014-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergFinish gutting gozag_call_merchant()
2014-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergPull _gozag_choose_shop() into its own function
2014-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergSeparate out _gozag_setup_shop()
2014-11-09 Corin Buchanan-HowlandUpdate Ru ability messages to fit with current theme.
2014-11-09 Corin Buchanan-HowlandAdd a message when your sacrifice maxes out Ru piety.
2014-11-07 Shmuale MarkCppclean: some misc. cleanup.
2014-11-06 Shmuale MarkMindexicide: ouch(), scorefile_entry.
2014-11-05 Corin Buchanan-HowlandPunctuate Ru milestone and sacrifice messages. (nonetho...
2014-11-03 Shmuale MarkMove the sacrifice_def definition to sacrifice-data...
2014-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergMore item.rnd fixes
2014-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergRemove item colour state
2014-11-03 Corin Buchanan-HowlandIncrease the value of sacrifices which remove existing...
2014-11-02 Corin Buchanan-HowlandDon't offer Summoning in Sac Arcana if you Sac'd Love...
2014-10-31 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFix another warning
2014-10-30 Jesse Luehrsremove some unnecessary header inclusions
2014-10-30 Jesse Luehrsclean up header inclusions
2014-10-29 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFix a harmless warning that a variable could be unset.
2014-10-28 Neil MooreFormatting fixes.
2014-10-28 Neil MooreMake a few more Ru functions static.
2014-10-28 Neil MooreMake struct sacrifice_def private, avoid copying.
2014-10-27 Corin Buchanan-HowlandMerge branch 'refactor_sacrifices'
2014-10-27 Corin Buchanan-HowlandRefactor Ru sacrifice code
2014-10-26 Shmuale MarkMake beams store a mid_t rather than a mindex for sourc...
2014-10-26 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'tombfodder'
2014-10-26 Nicholas FeinbergPartially re-add sense invisible, as "blinding immunity"
2014-10-25 Corin Buchanan-HowlandRemove deterioration as a possible Ru purity sacrifice
2014-10-21 Nicholas FeinbergCrudely adjust kiku's corpse drop for norot
2014-10-20 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'mon-spell-slots'
2014-10-19 Corin Buchanan-HowlandDisplay the explosion radius in the Power Leap targeter.
2014-10-19 Corin Buchanan-HowlandColor Sacrifice Arcana mutations correctly.
2014-10-16 Corin Buchanan-HowlandExtend Ru Sacrifice Love to a few more cases
2014-10-14 Shmuale MarkRestore old anti-magic behavior.
2014-10-14 Shmuale MarkRe-abstract out antimagic susceptibility.
2014-10-14 Shmuale MarkRemove the (basically) unused monster spell flags.
2014-10-14 Shmuale MarkRemove M_FAKE_SPELLS (Grunt).
2014-10-14 Steve MelenchukTurn conjuration-type monster special abilities into...
2014-10-13 Shmuale MarkUse item_attack_skill instead of {melee,range}_skill.
2014-10-12 Neil MooreDon't save pointers to temporary string data.
2014-10-12 Neil MooreSplit grammar code into a new file.
2014-10-11 Corin Buchanan-HowlandChange 'jump' to 'leap' in a few Power Leap messages.
2014-10-11 Corin Buchanan-HowlandDown-underify a couple Ru messages.
2014-10-10 Nicholas FeinbergTidy unused fields
2014-10-10 gammafunkRemove jump-attack
2014-10-10 Nicholas FeinbergFix more zin debug spamminess
2014-10-09 Corin Buchanan-HowlandReequip removed ring after sac hand if you still have...
2014-10-08 Shmuale MarkPass slot flags farther, make sure 'priest' and 'wizard...
2014-10-08 Nicholas FeinbergTurn iron devils into rust devils
2014-10-07 Nicholas FeinbergCAN-SPAM (zin recite debug messages)
2014-10-05 Shmuale MarkRemove M{F,}_SPELLCASTER.
2014-10-04 Corin Buchanan-HowlandRemove some testing mprf statements.