Fix save compatibility props initialization
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2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVFix save compatibility props initialization
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVActivate Ash skill boost from 0* (mdonais)
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains V: Bind skill knowledge to curses
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains III: Curse piety
2021-02-26 Edgar A. Bering IVReforge the Chains II: Adjust Ash passives
2021-02-10 advilFurther fix ash id (wheals)
2021-02-10 advilQuick ash id fix
2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake curse status always known
2021-01-30 Nicholas FeinbergRename wands of enslavement to charming
2021-01-27 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't leak stash info with Gozag gold detection (12413)
2020-10-24 Aidan HolmAdd tag-version.h includes
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove igrd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mgrd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove grd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mitm() helper macro
2020-10-19 Umer ShaikhCheck right god for life-saving in god description
2020-08-13 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove some unused parameters
2020-07-30 Nicholas FeinbergInvoke the malevolent chronology of Zot pull/1493 zot_branch_bank 1493/head
2020-07-28 advilPrevent eternal Heaven, again (u/Anno474)
2020-07-20 Nicholas FeinbergDon't claim Cheibriados slows metabolisms
2020-07-10 advilUpdate Jiyva text for no rations
2020-07-10 advilAdd a gozag ASSERT for level excursions
2020-05-26 Elliot DronebargerFixed a typo in
2020-05-02 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't pain bond friendly and neutral monsters (#1204)
2020-04-12 KateRemove the pinning effect from WJC whirlwind attacks
2020-04-12 KateRefactor and simplify Heavenly Storm
2020-04-12 KateMake WJC wall jumps only activatable via the ability
2020-03-20 klorpaBritish Spelling corrections
2019-12-20 Seve MonahanRemove more redundant #includes
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes (Fixed version)
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert commits which broke the tile builds
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Revert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes""
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes"
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes
2019-11-06 Aidan HolmRemove/mark unused parameters
2019-10-02 Nikolai LavskyFix display of detected gold on the minimap (11950)
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 5: Remove miscast protection
2019-05-23 advilClean up and improve gozag gold detection
2019-03-05 Alex JurkiewiczTAG_MAJOR_VERSION improvements (#955)
2019-02-06 advilExplicitly track visited levels
2018-12-29 RyanGrant Qazlal cloud immunity to divine allies
2018-12-21 Edgar A. Bering IVExempt Ashenzari followers from explore traps
2018-11-23 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't extend Ru's aura through glass (0011769)
2018-10-14 Edgar A. Bering IVIdentify monster equipment on sight
2018-09-25 advilMerge branch 'webtiles-password-reset' of https://githu...
2018-08-26 advilcheckwhite
2018-08-21 advilAvoid dith "unlinked items" for clumsy bashes (RoGGa...
2018-06-04 Chris CampbellMerge pull request #722 from dplusplus/fix_help
2018-02-08 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFully disable acrobat while using Wu Jian attacks.
2018-01-03 Chris CampbellImprove some WJC messaging/descriptions
2018-01-03 Chris CampbellCoding convention fixes
2018-01-02 advilDo post-move things for ability walljump (MarvinPA)
2017-12-29 advilAdd a targeter/ability for WJC wall jump
2017-12-16 advilLet !mutation for Zin at ****** (160) just delete mutations
2017-12-14 advilCount WJC passive abilities in morgue files
2017-12-13 PabloMansanetNormalize Number of Attacks under Serpent's Lash
2017-12-07 advilTweak walljump messaging
2017-12-07 PabloMansanetAdd prompt for wall jump
2017-11-24 advilReword whirlwind descriptions to cue reduced damage...
2017-11-24 PabloMansanetFix Whirlwind pin
2017-11-22 advilRemove pakellas device charge id (everyone gets this...
2017-11-19 gammafunkWand Charge Merging III: Wands are destroyed when out...
2017-11-17 PabloMansanetRefactor and fix Whirlwind Pin
2017-11-17 PabloMansanetFix order of ability unlocks
2017-11-17 PabloMansanetAdd WJC Whirlwind pin effect
2017-11-17 PabloMansanetRework WJC Wall Jump
2017-09-29 advilHandle ash boosts better in item desc (|amethyst),...
2017-09-28 advilAdd messaging about skill level targets to weapon infor...
2017-04-26 advilCalculate the number of WJC movement attacks correctly...
2017-04-11 advilFix the build
2017-04-11 advilFix a false assumption
2017-04-11 advilImprove wall jump message when a monster is in the way
2017-04-11 advilDon't let plants cause wall jump messaging (Yermak)
2017-04-10 Chris CampbellRename Heaven on Earth to Heavenly Storm
2017-04-10 advilTweak WJC wall jump messaging
2017-04-09 advilRework the mutation api and add lua bindings
2017-03-19 Chris CampbellReword some references to mana in god passive descripti...
2017-03-18 Chris CampbellDon't place clouds through walls during Heaven on Earth
2017-03-18 Chris CampbellFurther simplify some Wu Jian handling
2017-03-18 Chris CampbellAdjust WJC distraction
2017-03-18 Chris CampbellFix spacing and simplify
2017-03-18 Chris CampbellRemove the slowing effect from Whirlwind attacks
2017-03-18 Chris CampbellOnly allow WJC walljumping when a target would be attacked
2017-03-15 Alan MalloyCreate new header map-cell.h
2017-03-09 Isaac SloatFix WJC overview screen (10955)
2017-03-08 FloodkillerFix more hardcoded 27s. (#489)
2017-03-03 Nicholas FeinbergPrevent eternal Heaven
2017-03-02 Nicholas FeinbergDisable berserk penalty for martial attacks
2017-02-26 Nicholas FeinbergChange the maximum LOS to 8
2017-02-26 Chris CampbellFix martial attacks working on projectiles (makeAllTheG...
2017-02-25 Alan MalloyMerge pull request #473 from rawlins/desolation-import-fix
2017-02-24 PabloMansanetFix DEAD_MONSTER message prompt on wall jump
2017-02-22 Isaac SloatMore thoroughly rename the Council (|amethyst)
2017-02-22 Isaac SloatRename Ieoh -> Wu
2017-02-21 Isaac SloatSpellcheck (Lightli)
2017-02-21 Alex JurkiewiczBreak up enum.h
2017-02-19 PabloMansanetNew god: the Ieoh Jian Council
2017-02-17 Isaac SloatMerge pull request #456 from alexjurkiewicz/ossuary...
2017-02-16 Chris CampbellSimplify expiry of TSO Divine Shield
2017-02-03 Isaac SloatMerge pull request #433 from glennmatthews/flag_useless...