description##crawl-dev bot based on Ashenzari by doy
last changeThu, 21 Dec 2017 17:24:35 +0000
2017-12-21 Neil MooreAdd missing html and head open tags to the log view... master
2017-12-21 Neil MooreChange jquery URL to https (aidanh)
2017-03-21 Neil MooreDon't log joins/parts/quits (Brannock)
2015-09-04 Neil MooreRename .log files to .lg
2015-06-08 Neil MooreShow PR links instead of branch name on announcements.
2015-06-01 Neil MooreRevert "Disable handling of %?? and %?"
2015-05-02 Neil MooreUpdate repo urls in %help %clone etc.
2015-05-02 Neil MooreDisable handling of %?? and %?
2015-04-06 Neil MooreSplit off %repo/%clone from %help/%source.
2015-04-06 Neil MooreUpdate crawl repo URI.
2015-04-06 Neil MooreUse github URLs.
2014-07-14 Neil MooreCommit: handle zero insertions/etc as well.
2014-07-14 Neil MooreCommit: handle only one insertion/deletion/file changed.
2014-06-14 Neil MooreColour mantis links pink, remove <> (ChangeAj)
2014-06-06 Neil MooreRevert "Abbreviate cherry-picks by default again"
2014-04-04 Neil MooreAbbreviate cherry-picks by default again
3 years ago master