2017-12-21 Neil MooreAdd missing html and head open tags to the log view... master
2017-12-21 Neil MooreChange jquery URL to https (aidanh)
2017-03-21 Neil MooreDon't log joins/parts/quits (Brannock)
2015-09-04 Neil MooreRename .log files to .lg
2015-06-08 Neil MooreShow PR links instead of branch name on announcements.
2015-06-01 Neil MooreRevert "Disable handling of %?? and %?"
2015-05-02 Neil MooreUpdate repo urls in %help %clone etc.
2015-05-02 Neil MooreDisable handling of %?? and %?
2015-04-06 Neil MooreSplit off %repo/%clone from %help/%source.
2015-04-06 Neil MooreUpdate crawl repo URI.
2015-04-06 Neil MooreUse github URLs.
2014-07-14 Neil MooreCommit: handle zero insertions/etc as well.
2014-07-14 Neil MooreCommit: handle only one insertion/deletion/file changed.
2014-06-14 Neil MooreColour mantis links pink, remove <> (ChangeAj)
2014-06-06 Neil MooreRevert "Abbreviate cherry-picks by default again"
2014-04-04 Neil MooreAbbreviate cherry-picks by default again
2014-02-14 Neil MooreActually fix "and 1 more commits".
2013-12-27 Neil MooreDon't add a stray "r" before untagged commit hashes
2013-07-31 Neil MooreInclude committer when it differs from author.
2013-07-09 Neil MooreAdd a %help/%source command with links to source.
2013-06-25 Neil MooreNew %branch command.
2013-06-25 Neil MooreAnnounce only playable branches in ##crawl.
2013-06-25 Neil MooreAdd say_main method to say something in the main channe...
2013-06-05 Neil MooreLog viewer: display join/part noise in faint grey.
2013-05-30 Neil MooreUse gitweb for commit links.
2013-05-30 Neil MooreTick more frequently, but don't do stuff on every tick.
2013-05-30 Neil MooreColour commit queries differently from announcments.
2013-05-29 Neil MooreDon't start monster query responses with !%@. etc.
2013-03-19 Neil MooreImprove debugging messages.
2013-03-12 Neil MooreImprove formatting of Mantis links (SamB).
2013-01-30 Neil MooreAvoid a useless (and ungrammatical) "... and 1 more...
2012-12-12 Neil MooreAdd some debugging messages.
2012-12-12 Neil MooreAllow disabling polling in the Mantis plugin.
2012-12-10 Neil MooreUpgrade some CDO URIs to https.
2012-12-09 Neil MooreDisable wiki plugin by default.
2012-11-08 Neil MooreLink to mirror rather than gitorious.
2012-11-08 Neil MooreAnnounce commits in reverse order (oldest first).
2012-10-26 Neil MooreCorrectly report new branches.
2012-10-12 Neil MooreActually stop at the announce limit...
2012-10-11 Neil MooreLimit commit announcements.
2012-10-11 Neil MooreColour commit announcements.
2012-10-09 Neil MooreRevert "Disable commit announcements."
2012-10-05 Neil MooreDisable commit announcements.
2012-10-03 Neil MooreDo announce commits to master.
2012-10-03 Neil MooreDo not announce branch commits merged from master.
2012-10-03 Neil MooreRe-enable commit announcements.
2012-09-16 Neil MooreSupport "%0.10?monster" to query a particular version.
2012-09-10 Neil MooreSearch logs in reverse chronological order.
2012-08-20 Neil MooreRe-include the branch in version announcements.
2012-08-19 Neil MooreUse more detailed format for commit announcements.
2012-08-19 Neil MooreWhitespace fix.
2012-08-02 Neil MooreAdd a new %puppet command.
2012-07-25 Neil MooreInclude "git describe" version string in %git output.
2012-07-14 Neil MooreHandle UTF-8 commit messages properly.
2012-07-12 Neil MooreRemove easter eggs.
2012-07-12 Neil MooreMention botness in ircname.
2012-07-09 Neil MooreMore easter eggs.
2012-07-09 Neil MooreWhitespace fixes.
2012-07-09 Neil MooreAn easter egg for Chei players in ##crawl.
2012-07-08 Neil MooreActually log user quits.
2012-07-08 Neil MooreDon't log (most) other events from ##crawl.
2012-07-08 Neil MooreReside in ##crawl, too (but don't log it just yet).
2012-06-27 Neil MooreBe more careful about matching day headers.
2012-06-27 Neil MooreWhitespace fixes.
2012-06-27 Neil MooreFormat per-day headers in search results.
2012-06-27 Neil MooreAdd log viewing apparatus to git.
2012-06-13 Neil MooreInclude gitorious URL in the output of %git.
2012-05-05 Neil MooreCorrect grammar.
2012-05-05 Neil MooreWhitespace fixes.
2012-05-05 Neil MooreRe-enable commit announcements.
2012-04-30 Neil MooreParse monster output as UTF-8.
2012-04-06 Neil MooreCapture and output monster's stderr as well.
2012-04-06 Neil MooreSpecify max message length.
2012-03-14 Neil MooreSupport %? (monster-stable) in addition to %? (monster...
2012-03-14 Neil MooreDisplay errors from monster-trunk.
2012-01-07 Neil MooreDo not log replies to private messages, either.
2012-01-07 Neil MooreActually ignore private messages.
2012-01-07 Neil MooreDo not log private messages.
2012-01-04 Neil MooreSave cookies between login and requests.
2012-01-04 Neil MooreLog in to the wiki before issuing the recent changes...
2012-01-03 Neil MooreReturn undef after calling plugin methods.
2012-01-03 Neil MoorePlugin for %?? command, like gretell's @??.
2012-01-03 Neil MooreSend responses to the correct channel/user, not everyone.
2012-01-03 Neil MooreAdd a %git command.
2012-01-03 Neil MooreAdd a %bug command.
2012-01-02 Neil MooreMake bin/run executable.
2012-01-02 Neil MooreReport only new branches, not commits.
2012-01-02 Neil MooreUse gitorious repo rather than sourceforge.
2012-01-02 Neil MooreRename bot to Cheibriados.
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrslast capture here shouldn't be greedy
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrscherry-picks might have the message in the subject
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrstick already fetches at the beginning
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrsa few more fixes
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrsremove a debugging warn
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrsminor fixes to the commit plugin
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrsadd a plugin for commit reporting
2010-02-15 Jesse Luehrsuse an absolute path for the data directory
2010-02-13 Jesse Luehrsoops
2010-02-13 Jesse Luehrsbetter error handling
2010-01-25 Jesse Luehrsbleh, nick_change uses a different arg format