Add copyright notices (GPL v2 or later).
[roguelike.git] /
2008-05-28 Neil MooreAdd copyright notices (GPL v2 or later).
2008-05-28 Neil MooreSave Stair targets.
2008-05-28 Neil MooreConnect rooms in rogue-style levels.
2008-05-28 Neil MooreGenerate rogue-style levels with rooms.
2008-05-28 Neil MooreWieldables.
2008-05-27 Neil MooreCleanup related to modularization.
2008-05-27 Neil MooreModularize.
2008-05-27 Neil MooreMove Cacher class to cacher.FirstArg.
2008-05-26 Neil MooreMove colors from AppUI to separate Color class.
2008-05-26 Neil MooreVisibility refactorings.
2008-05-26 Neil MooreUse item.names not item[0] in ItemClass parser.
2008-05-26 Neil MooreInheritance of Items
2008-05-26 Neil MooreMake ItemClass a metaclass.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreItem classes and loading from files.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreUse Cacher for Level, too.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreUse a metaclass to cache Materials.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreParser for item descriptions.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreRefine Material error checking.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreMaterial error checking.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreAssign attributes in Tile constructors.
2008-05-24 Neil MooreLoad material descriptions from a file.
2008-05-21 Neil MooreFix crash on closing/opening non-Doors.
2008-05-21 Neil MooreVisibility fix
2008-05-21 Neil MooreForce all player invalidations
2008-05-21 Neil MooreForced invalidation
2008-05-21 Neil MooreMerge branch 'master' into visibility
2008-05-21 Neil MooreAdd todo comments about visibility.
2008-05-21 Neil MooreReal visibility.
2008-05-21 Neil MooreMake visibility faster.
2008-05-21 Neil MooreBasic visibility support.
2008-05-20 Neil MooreImplement level/location proxies, fix level cache
2008-05-20 Neil MooreRecentering fixes.
2008-05-19 Neil MooreAttribute fixups.
2008-05-19 Neil MooreConnecting levels.
2008-05-19 Neil MooreDistinguish target() and traverse().
2008-05-18 Neil MooreMultiple levels, multiple avatars.
2008-05-18 Neil MooreSplit out level file loading into a new method.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreSave/restore extra information.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreSimplify inventory window code.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreNew AppUI.location() method to get player's location.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreMove event loop to AppUI class
2008-05-17 Neil MooreRequire a player to construct an AppUI.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreDefine bright colors in AppUI
2008-05-17 Neil MooreMove recentering code to AppUI
2008-05-17 Neil MooreMake Inventory list-like.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreSimplify inventory command.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreSimplify commands map.
2008-05-17 Neil MooreFix open and close.
2008-05-16 Neil MooreRemove unused constants AppUI.Red and friends. v0.0.2
2008-05-16 Neil MooreMore AppUI consolidation.
2008-05-16 Neil MooreMove stuff into AppUI.
2008-05-16 Neil MooreAdd a new AppUI class (singleton).
2008-05-16 Neil MooreMake 'throw' a normal command.
2008-05-16 Neil MooreImprove stairs and multilevel support.
2008-05-15 Neil MooreDoors, stairs, etc.
2008-05-14 Neil MooreFixes.
2008-05-14 Neil MooreActually commit the source.
2008-05-14 Neil MooreInitial import.