Perimeter-based visibility.
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2008-06-06 Neil MoorePerimeter-based visibility.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreUnicode support.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreAdd monsters and AIs.
2008-05-31 Neil MooreIntrinsics cleanup.
2008-05-29 Neil MooreSupport for intrinsics.
2008-05-28 Neil MooreSplit and rename .
2008-05-28 Neil MooreAdd copyright notices (GPL v2 or later).
2008-05-28 Neil MooreSave Stair targets.
2008-05-28 Neil MooreRoom cleanups and fixes, and wet rooms.
2008-05-28 Neil MooreConnect rooms in rogue-style levels.
2008-05-28 Neil MooreGenerate rogue-style levels with rooms.
2008-05-27 Neil MooreModularize.