2020-03-22 Aidan HolmUpdate changelog 0.23.3
2020-02-16 Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
2020-02-13 Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
2019-10-29 advilFix a gcc warning
2019-10-29 advilFix mummy death curses from ally kills (12104)
2019-08-11 advilRemove old 3rd party sdl build from travis
2019-08-11 advilTravis: Update mingw package names for xenial
2019-08-11 advilAnother travis dep...
2019-08-11 advilMore travis dependency updates, this time for BUILD_ALL
2019-08-11 advilTry xenial (travis)
2019-08-11 advilMore travis tweaking for local tiles
2019-08-11 advilFix some non-working code in `your_talents`
2019-06-25 advilTweak the beast_lair_carwin fix
2019-06-25 advilMore des cache stability fixes
2019-06-25 advilFix a des cache random tag issue
2019-06-06 advilFix the build
2019-06-06 advilSeed explorer: more flexible depth args (ebering)
2019-06-06 Chris CampbellCheckwhite
2019-06-06 advilClean up some outdated comments
2019-06-06 advilAdd a bit more about how to run the seed explorer in...
2019-06-04 advilAdd shop items to seed explorer
2019-06-04 advilMore seed explorer command line options
2019-06-04 advilActually commit the new seed explorer script...
2019-06-04 advilAdd a script interface to the seed explorer
2019-06-04 advilRefactor the vault catalog test to use seed explorer...
2019-06-04 advilRefactor the seed explorer to do only one dungeon pass
2019-06-04 advilRefactor the seed explorer code into a module in dat...
2019-06-02 advilAdd dungeon features to the seed explorer
2019-06-02 Alan MalloyRemove unused variables in random_picker::probability_at
2019-06-02 advilSupport random seeds only in seed explorer (alexjurkiewicz)
2019-06-02 advilSeed explorer improvements
2019-06-02 advilSome cosmetic fixes for the seed explorer
2019-06-02 advilAdd a basic lua seed explorer
2019-06-02 mgdelmonteAdd more monster info to Lua
2019-06-02 advilProperly reset tags on vaults rooms
2019-06-02 advilFix some missed random call sequencing
2019-06-02 advilHave fake_pty respond better to SIGINT and SIGTERM
2019-06-02 advilFix another abyss gozag gold detection case
2019-06-02 advilClean up and improve gozag gold detection
2019-06-02 advilDon't crash on gozag + gold in grunt_nemelex_the_gamble
2019-06-02 advilFix sprint inheriting seed from persistent options
2019-06-02 advilFix signed casts causing build-specific behavior in...
2019-06-02 advilPrevent messages from impacting non-UI generators
2019-06-02 advilDon't use div_rand_round for noise values
2019-04-13 advilInitialize `you.trapped` to false
2019-03-31 advilUpdate debian changelog for 0.23.2 release 0.23.2
2019-03-31 advilChangelog tweaks for 0.23.2
2019-03-30 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate CREDITS.txt
2019-03-30 advilUpdate sdl2 contrib with mac resize fix (11895)
2019-03-30 Koen De GrooteUpdate
2019-03-30 advilLinebreak level annotations in chardumps (11904)
2019-03-30 Nikolai LavskyDon't try to generate any removed branches in mapstat
2019-03-30 advilPlace transporters consistently in abyss
2019-03-28 gammafunkDon't try to generate Labyrinths in mapstat (vt)
2019-03-28 NormalPerson7Don't place shafts in ebering_ghost_disaster_area ...
2019-03-28 gammafunkRemove a digging Trove
2019-03-28 advilChangelog updates for a 0.23.2 release
2019-03-19 advilBetter newgame messaging when a game already exists
2019-03-19 advilAdd version number to seed selection menu
2019-03-19 advilFix meatsprint (11834)
2019-03-19 advilDon't save seed pref for sprint, tutorial
2019-03-19 advilDisable seed .pref saving for DGL builds (11928 / kitch...
2019-03-19 advilSave seed number in startup prefs on game end
2019-03-19 advilRun dactions on entering any level, fixing gozag+pregen...
2019-03-19 Nikolai LavskyPrevent allied Shambling Mangroves from constricting...
2019-03-19 Umer ShaikhCorrect a comment
2019-03-19 Umer ShaikhCorrect a comment
2019-03-19 Joshua GelbardFix splash noises when dropping item into water
2019-03-19 NormalPerson7Fix cut-off ability cost description (11893)
2019-03-19 Josh GelbardStart new wanderers with weapon in slot 'a' (#1006)
2019-03-19 Josh BradenUse & instead of equal for holiness check (11909) ...
2019-03-19 advilImprovements to the seed selection ui
2019-03-19 advilMake search_astar more stable across platforms
2019-03-19 gammafunkNew transporter and Golubria tiles (CanOfWorms)
2019-03-19 advilAdd a debugging rng call
2019-03-19 advilConvert some floating point math to better fixed point...
2019-03-19 advilFix build try 2
2019-03-19 advilmaybe fix the build
2019-03-19 advilUn-revert a Makefile fix
2019-03-19 Alan MalloyDon't return NaN from prompt_for_float
2019-03-19 advilRevert "Build for SSE2 on all systems, including 32bit...
2019-03-19 advilRevert "Add a build option to not use SSE"
2019-03-19 advilFix cross-platform lua number->int conversion the hard way
2019-03-19 advilAdd a warning for setting `game_seed` online
2019-03-19 advilDon't change game chapter on a level excursion from...
2019-03-19 advilDon't crash when there are game types from the future
2019-03-19 advilDon't let explore options impact connectivity checks
2019-03-19 Alan MalloyDon't feel safe while emergency-flying (/u/StairDancer)
2019-03-19 advilSave game seed properly
2019-03-19 advilAdd a paste option to the seed ui for local tiles
2019-03-19 advilAllow debug.reset_rng to take a string for 128 bit...
2019-03-19 advilAdd an extra digit to the seed choice input box (Siegurt)
2019-03-19 NormalPerson7Let barachim use grand finale at range 8 (11917)
2019-03-19 advilQuiet some gcc warnings
2019-02-28 gammafunkFinal 0.23.1 changelog tweak 0.23.1
2019-02-28 gammafunkAdd Debian changelog entries for past releases
2019-02-28 gammafunkAdd the changelog for 0.22.1
2019-02-28 NormalPerson7Fix dancing weapon description on hover (11887)
2019-02-28 gammafunkUpdate changelogs for 0.23.1
2019-02-27 gammafunkCorrect a comment