2020-03-22 Aidan HolmUpdate changelog 0.19.6
2020-02-16 Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
2020-02-13 Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
2019-03-18 advilDon't crash when there are game types from the future
2017-02-28 gammafunkUpdate the changelogs for 0.19.5 0.19.5
2017-02-28 Chris CampbellDon't allow time step to have a 0 turn duration
2017-02-28 Kyle RawlinsEnsure viewwindow is called in the input loop for insta...
2017-02-28 Neil MooreDon't crash when xv-ing polymorphed multi-book casters.
2017-02-28 Glenn Matthewsis_useless_item: check racial_permanent_flight too
2017-02-28 Isaac SloatFix dream sheep messaging out-of-LOS (CanOfWorms)
2017-02-28 Neil MooreAllow macros to work in tiles map mode (suppilulemur...
2017-02-28 Neil MooreDon't let brains gaze (#10916)
2017-02-28 Neil MooreFix fsim defense mode with passive damage (advil, ...
2017-02-28 Nicholas FeinbergImprove death messages from invisible paralysers
2017-02-28 Neil MooreDon't trap the player in lemuel_flame_loot_2.
2017-02-28 VitalyFix a few typos in docs and source
2017-02-28 Nicholas FeinbergIgnore adjacent enemies for Beckoning (Yermak)
2017-02-28 Chris CampbellFix a swiftness message
2017-02-25 Kyle RawlinsBackport fix for loading saves with corrupted branch_in...
2017-02-25 advilCorrectly clear place info on game reset
2017-02-22 Neil MooreLevel up from the last !exp in a floor stack (advil...
2017-02-14 Neil MooreFix Android cprintf security bug (#10941).
2017-02-05 Alan MalloyFix the way the mac console app calls 'open'
2017-02-05 Aaron GoldenChange Mac OS X build arguments
2017-02-05 Aaron GoldenRemove logic related to trying to find oldest available...
2017-02-05 Aaron GoldenSimplify Mac OS X build instructions in INSTALL.txt
2017-02-05 Aaron GoldenAdd a symlink to init.txt for Mac OS X users
2017-02-05 Neil MooreFix a compiler warning.
2017-02-05 advilFix for pain bond and aux attacks (10472)
2017-02-05 Neil MooreInclude <functional> where needed (#10926)
2017-01-30 gammafunkDeclare a function as static 0.19.4
2017-01-30 gammafunkUpdate the changelogs for 0.19.4
2017-01-30 Chris CampbellUpdate an options_guide entry
2017-01-30 Gordon Quadcolemak keyboard binding fixed
2017-01-30 nlavskyUpdate the description of the staff of summoning
2017-01-26 Chris CampbellFix descriptions of some unrands
2017-01-26 Nicholas FeinbergGive vampire mages ghost hands
2017-01-26 gammafunkFix mouse handling for trackpads on OS X (Wizard_Lore)
2017-01-23 gammafunkFix temple entrances vault placement (Spectrina, Pleasi...
2017-01-21 gammafunkUpdate changelogs for the 0.19.3 bugfix release 0.19.3
2017-01-21 Neil MooreWork around an AMD driver crash on the title screen...
2017-01-21 gammafunkUpdate changelogs for the 0.19.2 bugfix release 0.19.2
2017-01-21 gammafunkFix a longstanding Tiles mouse cursor lag bug (#10278)
2017-01-21 Chris CampbellAdjust Searing Ray's prompt
2017-01-21 Nicholas FeinbergImprove Ray status line (dpeg)
2017-01-21 Nicholas FeinbergAdd a Searing Ray reminder message (dpeg)
2017-01-21 Colin MorrisFix incorrect messages on branch transition
2017-01-21 Nicholas FeinbergFix monster self-haste AI
2017-01-21 Nicholas FeinbergFix special-case brand appearances (10878)
2017-01-21 Chris CampbellFix monsters casting pain at immune targets (#10875)
2017-01-21 Nicholas FeinbergInvalidate agrid after silence ends (10636)
2017-01-21 Chris CampbellDon't drain intelligence when Xom casts SHT
2017-01-21 Isaac SloatAllow helmet acquirement
2017-01-20 CanOfWormsFix a connectivity problem with the_grid
2017-01-20 Chris CampbellMake infestation scarab-creation into a fineff (#10848)
2017-01-20 Nicholas FeinbergClarify a misleading penance message (|amethyst)
2017-01-20 Nicholas FeinbergDon't allow resting while on fire (UsaSatsui)
2017-01-20 Isaac SloatRemove Nemelex evocations reference (10847)
2017-01-20 Corin Buchanan... Don't give an MP regen bonus before amulet of MPRegen...
2017-01-20 Chris CampbellDon't allow cancelling movement for free when confused...
2017-01-20 Chris CampbellMake Zin penance end sanctuary
2017-01-20 Nicholas FeinbergFix webtiles Divine Shield highlight (johnny0)
2017-01-20 Alan MalloyAshenzari messages? In my Zin verses? (damerell)
2017-01-20 Chris CampbellFix messaging for enchanting scales (#10827)
2017-01-20 Alex JurkiewiczDon't count Abyss gold for Gozag's service fee
2017-01-20 Nicholas FeinbergImprove grand finale's fail check
2017-01-20 Nicholas FeinbergDon't allow power leap to jump in place
2017-01-20 Nicholas FeinbergImprove fire vortex description
2016-12-27 Chris CampbellRemove Cure Poison from some vault-defined books (...
2016-11-23 gammafunkUpdate the debian changelog for 0.19.0 and 0.19.1 0.19.1
2016-11-23 gammafunkColorize the entire survey message
2016-11-23 Nicholas FeinbergLet people know about the survey
2016-11-23 gammafunkUpdate the changelog for the 0.19.1 bugfix release
2016-11-23 Neil MooreAllow Dith shadow to attack diagonally and to reach.
2016-11-23 gammafunkUpdate and simplify Windows MSYS2 instructions
2016-11-20 Nicholas FeinbergFix OS X 10.8 compilation (10791)
2016-11-19 ellipticMake converting at a faded altar take a turn (qw).
2016-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergReduce Xom cleave duration 10x
2016-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergFix Degeneration card messages
2016-11-15 Chris CampbellFix messaging for dragon scale troves (#10783)
2016-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergFix an @e1 crash (Murtidash, |amethyst)
2016-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergFedhas Fungal Bloom ability tile
2016-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergRevert tentacle threat changes
2016-11-10 Chris CampbellFix compilation
2016-11-10 Chris CampbellFix inverted logic
2016-11-10 Chris CampbellDon't count tentacles towards horror levels
2016-11-09 Chris CampbellDisplay tentacles with the same threat level as their...
2016-11-09 Chris CampbellDon't mention prayer in Fedhas conduct description...
2016-11-08 Chris CampbellDon't make demon tridents one-handed for small races...
2016-11-08 David PloogFix minmay_sewer_w.
2016-11-06 Chris CampbellAdjust some ability descriptions
2016-11-06 Nicholas FeinbergDon't scream at non-monsters (minmay)
2016-11-06 Nicholas FeinbergFix volcano_lake
2016-11-06 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an incorrect changelog entry
2016-11-06 Neil MooreCut lass.
2016-11-06 Eino KeskitaloSince Nemelex has become the only source of cards,...
2016-11-06 Eino KeskitaloFix 'slightlycontaminated'
2016-11-02 Neil MooreDon't animate walls in webtiles as though they were...
2016-11-01 Neil MooreUse correct zap info for meph targetter (10754).
2016-10-31 Nicholas FeinbergRestrict blessings to currently-friendly followers 0.19.0