2020-03-22 Aidan HolmUpdate changelog 0.18.2
2020-02-16 Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
2020-02-13 Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
2016-09-13 Nicholas FeinbergFix xv (oops)
2016-09-13 Nicholas FeinbergFix an xv bug (10670, 9739)
2016-06-23 gammafunkSupport compilation under recent MSYS2
2016-06-12 Neil MooreAvoid a hang when removing tornado clouds. nfm-0.18.2-candidate
2016-06-06 Corin Buchanan... Make amulet of mana regen scale with time spent (|amethyst)
2016-06-06 Neil MooreDon't allow treeform shadow step either.
2016-06-06 Corin Buchanan... Don't allow power leap while in treeform (|amethyst)
2016-06-06 Nicholas FeinbergFix trog disabling spell training on join
2016-06-06 regret-indexDon't place a test suite vault in regular games
2016-06-01 Neil MooreFix NOWIZARD builds (sagitter)
2016-06-01 Neil MooreAvoid a crash in objstat.
2016-06-01 Neil MooreHandle non-ASCII keypresses in SDL tiles (JStrange)
2016-06-01 Neil MooreAllow bindkey of non-ASCII keys.
2016-06-01 Neil MooreRetcon a quote (Weretaco)
2016-06-01 Neil MooreColour !berserk etc grey for Mu^Chei (aredel)
2016-06-01 Chris CampbellExtend god-hated equipment warnings to all equipment...
2016-06-01 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash on xv enslaved SoH (10454)
2016-06-01 ellipticRelax the lua throttle somewhat.
2016-06-01 ellipticDon't let Malign Offering heal the target (|amethyst).
2016-06-01 Neil MooreOnly give barehanded prompts when carrying wieldable...
2016-06-01 Neil MooreReturn false for unwieldable brands in ::can_wield...
2016-06-01 Alan MalloyUse proper pronoun when casting sap magic on a monster
2016-06-01 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an MR leak (MarvinPA)
2016-06-01 Neil MooreDon't reenable autopickup when an invisible ally dies...
2016-06-01 Neil MooreDon't put monsters in invalid menv slots.
2016-06-01 Neil MooreAllow XE to cycle through more out-of-sight exclusions.
2016-06-01 Neil MooreMake X<>_ (etc) use pathfinding again.
2016-06-01 Neil MooreAnnotate armour stashes for American spelling (xbon)
2016-06-01 Chris CampbellGive Wyrmbane a message when reaching max enchantment
2016-06-01 Neil MooreCall natural abilities "natural", not "special".
2016-06-01 Neil MooreUpdate a generated filename in .gitignore.
2016-06-01 Chris CampbellFix a giant eyeball message (elliptic)
2016-06-01 Neil MooreDisambiguate a message (minmay)
2016-06-01 Nicholas FeinbergFix "a cold blue light!." (MarvinPA)
2016-06-01 Nicholas FeinbergGive piety for reflection kills (10362)
2016-06-01 Nicholas FeinbergFix an 8-year-old typo (fixit_friend)
2016-06-01 Neil MooreDon't allow shafting into the johnstein_pakellas_dig...
2016-06-01 Neil MooreMake skills purple even if draining is lost in the...
2016-06-01 Nicholas FeinbergFix delayed_decay for chunks
2016-06-01 Neil MooreDon't spawn traps that let lava lindwurms escape (minmay)
2016-06-01 Alan Malloychatoic -> chaotic (Doesnt)
2016-06-01 Chris CampbellFix Dazzling Spray power cap being incorrectly displayed
2016-05-20 Neil MooreAvoid an uninitialized variable warning.
2016-05-20 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a reference to a removed glyph file
2016-05-14 Shmuale MarkDon't cycle through items out of LOF for apport (#10390).
2016-05-09 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash on <ice> inscriptions (10404)
2016-05-09 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a lingering Stoneskin ref (10403)
2016-05-08 Alan MalloyBackport memory-management fixes from 0.19 trunk
2016-05-07 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate the ? manual listing (10400)
2016-05-05 gammafunkUpdate and correct the debian changelog
2016-05-05 Nicholas FeinbergDon't prompt when enemies would burn trees (10398) 0.18.1
2016-05-05 Nicholas FeinbergFix [scrolls/potions]_used milestones
2016-05-04 Nicholas FeinbergFurther manual updates (MarvinPA) 0.18.0
2016-05-04 gammafunkUpdate the debian changelog for 0.18
2016-05-04 Nicholas FeinbergManual updates for 0.18
2016-05-04 Nicholas FeinbergRemove support for wizmode wand range tweaking
2016-05-04 Nicholas FeinbergMake a tutorial message less missable (gammafunk)
2016-05-04 Nicholas FeinbergFinal changelog update for 0.18
2016-05-04 Nicholas FeinbergRephrase Damnation death message
2016-05-04 Nicholas FeinbergPrompt for god-hated tree destruction (gammafunk)
2016-05-03 Nicholas FeinbergReduce jager inv letter mangling (10325)
2016-05-02 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "no ghosts in inaccessible areas" (10160)
2016-05-02 Nicholas FeinbergFix demonspawn job menu tiles
2016-05-02 Nicholas FeinbergFix idle time tracking (minmay, chequers)
2016-05-02 Nicholas FeinbergPrevent elftwin buffs vs unseen players (Lasty)
2016-05-01 Nicholas FeinbergNew Frostbite tiles (CanOfWorms)
2016-05-01 gammafunkRecord more chunk and nutrition details in the monster...
2016-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergImprove ?/i logic
2016-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergGlyph compatibility updates
2016-04-30 gammafunkMonster glyphs for version 0.17
2016-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergFinish turning lindwurms red (10381)
2016-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergTzitzimitl tile (CanOfWorms)
2016-04-28 Nicholas FeinbergFix mutant beast 'bat' speed
2016-04-28 Nicholas FeinbergUphold the sacred 80-Character Law
2016-04-28 Chris CampbellTweak box of beast wording
2016-04-28 Nicholas FeinbergElaborate on the Box of Beast's description
2016-04-28 Nicholas FeinbergForbid enslaving random pan lords' souls (10376)
2016-04-28 Nicholas FeinbergSpeciesify the great Pan Lords (10376)
2016-04-28 Nicholas FeinbergLet Hell Lords be their own species (10376)
2016-04-28 Neil MooreMention that gloves cover claws, boots hooves and talon...
2016-04-27 Nicholas FeinbergRe-add the Talos playerdoll tile
2016-04-27 Neil MooreImprove acquired =tele (ProzacElf)
2016-04-26 Nicholas FeinbergReduce wield message ambiguity (10369, Naruni) 0.18-b1
2016-04-26 Nicholas Feinbergcheckwhite & unbrace
2016-04-26 Chris CampbellRemove the Talos armour unrand
2016-04-26 Jesse Luehrsavoid "the Serpent of Hell the spectral Serpent of...
2016-04-26 Jesse Luehrsgive zombified serpents of hell multiple heads too
2016-04-26 Jesse Luehrsuse the base type for serpent of hell breaths
2016-04-25 Shmuale MarkFix typo.
2016-04-24 Nicholas FeinbergHalve pubby_orc_utopia's weight
2016-04-24 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog fixes
2016-04-24 Chris CampbellTypo fix
2016-04-24 Corin Buchanan... Update changelog
2016-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergDon't log deaths of vault-named allies (rchandra)
2016-04-22 Alan MalloyMake cmut ignore temp muts, instead of curing nothing...
2016-04-22 Chris CampbellDe-apostrophise a description
2016-04-22 Shmuale MarkRemove Hive.