2021-01-06 GoratrixUpdate changelog for 0.25.1 pull/1673 1673/head
2021-01-05 advilChangelog updates
2021-01-05 advilFix quiver redraw issues on delay interrupt
2021-01-05 advilFix target check for LRD
2021-01-05 advilFix autofight messaging for spells with no target in...
2021-01-05 advilRemove some debug code
2021-01-05 nikheizenFix nzn_winding_woodlands_15x15_boxy_spiral
2021-01-04 advilDisallow throwing stones while wielding a sling
2021-01-04 advilRestore switch-on-autopickup behavior from pre-0.26
2021-01-04 advilAdd a note about sub-ordering for fire_order
2021-01-04 advilTweak targeting help
2021-01-04 advilAdd a fallback targeter heading for firing
2021-01-04 advilSimplify quiver verbs for misc evokables
2021-01-04 advilClean up + simplify "Powers" tab Invocations info
2021-01-04 advilSet default startup name from -name at command line
2021-01-03 advilDon't double !f warning for `F`
2021-01-03 advilFix launcher autoswitch issues (ardl)
2021-01-03 gammafunkMake player drain fully proportional and buff it
2021-01-03 advilImprove tremorstone + summons warning checks (12409)
2021-01-03 advilFix a butterfly+charge+quiver interaction (12410)
2021-01-02 advilRevert "Improve tremorstone + summons warning checks...
2021-01-02 advilImprove tremorstone + summons warning checks (12409)
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't perform a range check for Noxious Bog
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVTone down Ignite Poison's effect on bog
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVClarify a prompt message
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVDescribe dazzle chance in the Dazzling Flash targeter
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd a static targeter for ignite poison
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVRe-refactor targeter_multiposition
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVAllow static-targeter preview of Confusing Touch
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd detailed static targeters for LOS enchantments
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVAdjust Metabolic Englaciation
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVFix a targeting information leak in Absolute Zero ...
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVRefactor targeter_multiposition
2021-01-02 Edgar A. Bering IVRename a function for clarity
2021-01-02 Neil MooreAdd a quote (that will rarely be seen)
2021-01-01 Nicholas FeinbergDon't spawn 8 will-o-the-wisps in Lair (Goratrix)
2021-01-01 advilFix `F`+pproj logic (10804)
2021-01-01 advilAdd lua support for targeted CMD_THROW_ITEM_NO_QUIVER
2021-01-01 advilSimplify throw_it (PleasingFungus)
2021-01-01 Nicholas FeinbergRemove unused variable (Mesh)
2021-01-01 Nicholas FeinbergMore throwing code cleanup
2021-01-01 Nicholas FeinbergBan shift-dir pproj (12422)
2021-01-01 Nicholas FeinbergRename a mysterious 15-year-old variable
2021-01-01 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an unused parameter
2020-12-31 Nicholas FeinbergDon't make Hurl Sludge also cast Blinkbolt (vt)
2020-12-31 gammafunkHave Vehumet support Eringya's Toxic Bog (Lici)
2020-12-31 Alan MalloyRecord origin of clouds that petrify the player (Tungsten)
2020-12-31 whealsRemove an unused spellbook 0.27-a0
2020-12-31 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove insubstantial wisps 0.26-b1
2020-12-30 Edgar A. Bering IVFix some zap glyphs
2020-12-30 GoratrixClarify annotations in Ctrl+O and in the manual
2020-12-30 whealsFix the build
2020-12-30 Nicholas FeinbergRemove Robustness (;
2020-12-30 Edgar A. Bering IVRename two unrand rings (CanOfWorms, hellmonk, Pleasing...
2020-12-30 Nicholas FeinbergFix gargoyle statue form LRD damage
2020-12-30 Nicholas FeinbergWarn before entering a bezotted branch
2020-12-30 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor stair warnings
2020-12-30 GoratrixSmall update in options guide
2020-12-29 Nicholas FeinbergRename art-data MAGIC->WILL
2020-12-29 gammafunkFix a changelog entry (ebering)
2020-12-29 gammafunkUpdate the changelog
2020-12-29 gammafunkRestore the Glaive of the Guard's enchantment (curatoro...
2020-12-29 gammafunkTweak boulder beetle rolling AI
2020-12-29 whealsClarify AF_CONFUSE's confusing flavour
2020-12-29 whealsRemove a confusingly redundant function.
2020-12-29 whealsAdd some periods.
2020-12-28 advilMark an ossuary entrance as transparent
2020-12-28 advilTransparency fixes for a kennysheep vault (12426)
2020-12-28 paulAdd a flashy Wu Jian overflow altar vault
2020-12-28 advilRe-conditionalize quiver redraw (wheals)
2020-12-28 advilFix macro menu handling of unprintable keycodes
2020-12-28 amcnickyNew mini vaults
2020-12-28 amcnickyNew simple and small arrival vaults
2020-12-28 amcnickyTwo new altar vaults
2020-12-28 whealsDefer redrawing the wield display if travel_delay ...
2020-12-28 AliscansForbid DEBUG_TRAVEL without DEBUG_DIAGNOSTICS
2020-12-28 AliscansDon't set greedy_place for items in hostile areas
2020-12-28 AliscansExpand the behavior of travel_open_doors
2020-12-28 whealsFix a stray text cursor showing up on local tiles
2020-12-28 whealsUnify the two cursors on local tiles X somewhat.
2020-12-28 Nicholas FeinbergShow LRD damage
2020-12-28 Nicholas FeinbergHackily fix Zot status description (vt)
2020-12-28 nikheizenSlightly increase density of winding_woodlands
2020-12-28 nikheizenFix a couple subvault errors
2020-12-27 gammafunkReimagine Eringya's Noxious Bog (hellmonk,ebering)
2020-12-27 whealsMake X on local tiles slightly more useful
2020-12-27 whealsRestore the cursor on offline windows tiles targeting...
2020-12-26 Nicholas FeinbergDon't blink after death (nee)
2020-12-26 gammafunkFix a typo (Renan)
2020-12-26 Neil MooreFix no longer fix grammar (realallion)
2020-12-24 advilAdd a bit more control to fire_order
2020-12-24 Nicholas FeinbergMake Irradiate check AC and bump damage
2020-12-24 advilAdd an action inventory selector for Q*
2020-12-24 advilMore eating remove
2020-12-24 nikheizenDon't guarantee nzn_prometheus_bound
2020-12-23 whealsUnify movement checks for barbs/ice spells
2020-12-23 whealsGive centaur enemies their bardings back (#12420)
2020-12-23 whealsFix Zin wrath
2020-12-23 whealsShow correct cast messages when a spell is redirected...
2020-12-23 whealsGrammatrise a Frozen Ramparts message