2021-01-02 krator44add overview map describe pull/1668 1668/head
2021-01-02 krator44add random name generator
2020-12-31 krator44fix bug when overview gets confused by staircase mimics
2020-12-31 krator44fix rare crash bug when a confused monster aims
2020-12-30 krator44fix c++ string conversion
2020-12-30 krator44improve compatibility with lua5.2
2020-12-30 krator44update util/gen-mi-enum for perl5
2020-12-30 krator44fix gcc7 throw warnings
2020-12-30 krator44fix include functional
2020-12-30 krator44use pkgconfig for linking to ncurses
2020-12-30 krator44respect flags and compiler
2020-04-26 advilResolve an incomplete merge... stone_soup-0.16
2020-04-26 advilPointer checks for lua userdata objects
2020-04-26 advilHandle another potential multiple delete case
2020-04-26 advilGuard against repeated calls to lua_object_gc (ruderubik)
2020-03-22 Aidan HolmUpdate changelog 0.16.3
2020-02-16 Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
2020-02-13 Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
2015-09-10 Neil MooreAnother minor formatting fix.
2015-09-10 Shmuale MarkMinor formatting fixes.
2015-09-10 miekModified the do_cast method to check that the targetted...
2015-09-10 smitnichFix Deep Dwarf exploit using Flayed Ghosts
2015-09-10 gammafunkClean up WebTiles message code and document
2015-09-10 gammafunkRemoved unused code for designating old player messages...
2015-09-10 gammafunkFix player message scrolling in WebTiles
2015-09-10 gammafunkLeave at least 15 visible messages when removing old...
2015-09-10 Kevin DonnellyRemove old messages in WebTiles
2015-09-05 gammafunkDon't always store boolean variables in c_persist as...
2015-08-14 Neil MooreFix existing saves with XL > maxXL (#9895)
2015-08-14 Neil MooreLet Sacrifice Experience drop the player below XL 27...
2015-08-11 gammafunkUpdate the changelog for the 0.16.2 bugfix release 0.16.2
2015-08-10 Chris CampbellFix Singularity not breaking sanctuary (#9805)
2015-08-10 Alan MalloyDon't say that flying things 'stumble backwards'
2015-08-10 gammafunkRemove an unused lua function argument
2015-08-10 gammafunkRemove the obsolete WizLab planning section
2015-08-10 Alan MalloyUse 'into' instead of 'in to'
2015-08-10 Shmuale MarkTiles: Hells upstairs don't get the "unexplored" asteri...
2015-08-10 Shmuale MarkLocal tiles: Fix a missing item name (#9773).
2015-08-10 Neil MooreDon't ghostify wellsprings from late June 2013.
2015-08-10 Neil MooreErr conservatively when rounding hex %success (#9877)
2015-08-10 Kurt KartaltepeFix R-Click not exiting certain menus
2015-08-10 Chris CampbellFix profane servitors not actually worshipping Yred...
2015-08-10 Chris CampbellDon't print a duplicate message when adjusting the...
2015-08-10 Chris CampbellDisplay base attributes on @ (tasonir)
2015-08-10 Chris CampbellRedraw stats when abandoning Chei
2015-08-10 Chris CampbellMention Chei stat boosts on the religion screen (#9842)
2015-07-01 Neil MooreDon't crash on remembered thrown weapon choice (#9591)
2015-07-01 gammafunkSet keyboard modifiers correctly for the mouse in Tiles...
2015-07-01 Neil MooreDon't restart sprint games with restart_after_saves.
2015-07-01 Neil MooreAllow monsters to cut firewood in more situations ...
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellFix FeEE not getting stones (#9792)
2015-07-01 Neil MooreStop flying on losing big wings (#9721)
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellImprove monster speech, remove fake spells
2015-07-01 Shmuale MarkAlso mention curse removal for ?oEW (MarvinPA).
2015-07-01 Shmuale MarkMention the remove curse effect of ?oEA (RoGGa).
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellCapitalise the Abyss
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellDon't revoke sanctuary when a confused ally attacks you
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellFix ranged combat not breaking sanctuary
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellFix confused attacks not revoking sanctuary
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellFix Tornado and Static Discharge not breaking sanctuary
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellHighlight headings of Ash skill boost description ...
2015-07-01 Neil MooreGive a little hint when wearing flight ego (#9762)
2015-07-01 Alan MalloyFix description of MR--- mutation
2015-07-01 Neil MooreWebtiles: Update Tornado version requirements (Chance672)
2015-07-01 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate kobold description (9757)
2015-07-01 Chris CampbellDon't recolour monsters in LOS with always_show_exclusi...
2015-07-01 Neil MooreDon't push a freed string in Lua item.sub_type()
2015-06-11 Neil MooreDon't shaft into teleport closets.
2015-06-06 Neil MooreAvoid losing monster item drops under Ashenzari (#8430)
2015-05-22 gammafunkTweak the shield offset of the orc warlord tile
2015-05-22 gammafunkConstify
2015-05-22 gammafunkProperly count items in shops for Objstat
2015-05-16 gammafunkFix up Objstat header in the first output column
2015-05-16 gammafunkTweak the level names printed in Objstat
2015-05-16 gammafunkRemove specialized food handling for Objstat
2015-05-16 gammafunkRework Objstat output to make one file per table
2015-05-16 gammafunkMove Objstat equipment brand data into seperate vectors
2015-05-16 gammafunkAdd the define DEBUG_STATISTICS to build mapstat and...
2015-05-16 gammafunkMove objstat code to its own source file
2015-04-23 Neil MooreFix two missing parens (#9675)
2015-04-21 Shmuale MarkFix a rare shop crash (#9608).
2015-04-14 Neil MooreFix an error on unsigned char systems (#9630, wheals)
2015-04-14 Neil MooreDon't crash on berserk/no-artifice melded evoke.
2015-04-11 Jesse Luehrsupdate submodule locations
2015-04-10 Neil MooreMark poison perma-useless even for the temporarily...
2015-04-07 Alan MalloyFix targeting of Dithmenos spell-shadowing (#9614)
2015-03-29 Neil MooreRestore high-damage attack verbs (G-Flex)
2015-03-29 Neil MooreSatisfy typographical pedants (wheals)
2015-03-29 Neil MooreFix compiler warnings with freetype 2.5.4+
2015-03-29 ellipticDon't crash when calling clua it.slot for an object...
2015-03-29 Chris CampbellUpdate Qazlal's wrath description
2015-03-28 ellipticStop lying to poor innocent bots and tell them that...
2015-03-27 ellipticFix monsters with phase shift having 8 more EV than...
2015-03-26 Neil MooreDon't crash on PgUp in an empty formatted_scroller...
2015-03-26 Nicholas FeinbergDon't allow cancelling accidental attacks (SevenDeadlySins)
2015-03-24 gammafunkFix the Tiles application failing to run on OS X (geeko...
2015-03-23 Nicholas FeinbergFix Ash hand curse description (hy-on-github)
2015-03-23 gammafunkUpdate the debian directory 0.16.1
2015-03-23 gammafunkUpdate the changelog for the 0.16.1 release
2015-03-23 gammafunkReapply a fix for a crash with cleaving + infusion...