2 hours ago advilHandle randomization correctly in absolute zero targeter master
2 hours ago advilLua api for targeted fire of spells, items, abilities
2 hours ago advilSimplify and document the actions/quiver API somewhat
2 hours ago advilName some special numbers in autofight (PleasingFungus)
2 hours ago advilRefactor and consolidate melee attacks
2 hours ago advilChange/improve some default quiver filling cases
2 hours ago advilDocumentation, tutorial updates
2 hours ago advilRefactor and improve some autofight checks
2 hours ago advilChange the behavior of the CLUA_BINDINGS #define
2 hours ago advilDon't show item letters for actions in quiver
2 hours ago adviladd CMD_AUTOFIRE to `p`
2 hours ago advilFix a tag upgrade issue
2 hours ago advilLet staff of olgreb use the static targeter when needed
2 hours ago advilFirst-pass implementation for quivering abilities
2 hours ago advilUpdate some options text for quivering-related changes
2 hours ago advilAllow quivering evokable unrands
2 hours ago advilImplement target preselection for artefacts
2 hours ago advilImplement quivering/firing misc evocables
2 hours ago advilSome tweaks around quiver mp usage
2 hours ago advilFix a bunch of shadow warnings
2 hours ago advilFix some lingering grd instances, other issues
2 hours ago advilTweak autofight_throw behavior and clarify comments
2 hours ago advilImprove target selection for explosions/clouds
2 hours ago advilImprove messaging for confused ammo firing
2 hours ago advilRefactor a few casting checks
2 hours ago advilFix temp on several uselessness checks
2 hours ago advilAdd a simplified uselessness check for passwall
2 hours ago advilImprove uselessness checks for corpse rot
2 hours ago advilClean up some necromancy preconditions
2 hours ago advilRemove some debug code
2 hours ago advilSimplify launching?
2 hours ago advilFix various issues with firing disabled spells
2 hours ago advilDon't wipe out top_prompt in UIDirectionChooserView
2 hours ago advilTweak static targeting for a bunch of self-targeted...
2 hours ago advilAdd a (static) targeter for frozen ramparts
2 hours ago advilImproved confused throwing from quiver
2 hours ago advilAdd static targeters for most untargeted spells
2 hours ago advilImprove handling of disabled actions when cycling fire
2 hours ago advilRe-implement tossing
2 hours ago advilRevamp fire interface to fully handle fire actions
2 hours ago advilQuiet beam messages by default
2 hours ago advilRemove "quiver unavailable"
2 hours ago advilAdjust newquiver save compat behavior
2 hours ago advilAdd a custom quiver display for sandblast
2 hours ago advilFirst-pass menu for generalized quivering
2 hours ago advilClean up evoke checks a bit
2 hours ago advilImprovements to fire order and display
2 hours ago advilImprove autotargeting for various quivered spells
2 hours ago advilSkip digging for quiver
2 hours ago advilTrigger untargeted actions directly on autofire
2 hours ago advilSimplify default shift-tab behavior
2 hours ago advilAllow quivering wands
2 hours ago advilUpdate docs for quiver miscast severity option
2 hours ago advilDon't quiver dangerous spells by default
2 hours ago advilImplement quivering spells
2 hours ago advilLet beam spells target test statues without Z
2 hours ago advilDon't let browser eat shift-tab in webtiles
2 hours ago advilRefactor and generalize quivering
2 hours ago advilRename a quiver enum
2 hours ago advilRudimentary API for programmatic targeting
14 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergImprove net traps
14 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergRework player spell accuracy display
14 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergRename greater mummies to royal mummies (gressup)
14 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't show the zot clock in Abyss
22 hours ago advilFix for hep games that get soft-locked in abyss
39 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergAdd a killer klown kast message (zipskins)
39 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergDescribe marshlight in monster (vt)
39 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't claim fireballs can miss (lici)
39 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove an unused function
3 days ago Nicholas FeinbergShow spell to-hit % in the targeter
3 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMake lighting affects beams more like attacks
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergHalve distortion banish weight (hellmonk)
4 days ago advilRemove invocation removal
5 days ago Nicholas FeinbergReplace tloc -Tele with -Move
6 days ago Nicholas FeinbergIncrease marshlight cast frequency
6 days ago Nicholas FeinbergSlow goliath frogs down a bit
6 days ago gammafunkFix spriggan druids not casting Awaken Forest (Lici)
6 days ago advilReword the demigod description (monkeytor)
6 days ago gammafunkFix some problems in a vault
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergTurn monster explosions into fineffs
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergConstify torment_player agent
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergConstify petrify agent
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergConstify banish agent
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergConstify paralyse agent
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove unused params
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergConstify drain_exp agent
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergAdd rolling charge ability icon
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMake boulder beetles jumpier (yesno)
9 days ago Nicholas FeinbergPartially fix skill menu (dinky)
9 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove skill training restrictions (hellmonk)
9 days ago Kyle RawlinsTweaks to
10 days ago advilReorder a Makefile rule for backwards compatibility
10 days ago advilClean up plants in post-placement fills (Lightli)
10 days ago advillint
10 days ago advilImprovements to placement.lua
10 days ago advilMark des_cache_test as unrand
10 days ago advilFix a typo in chequers_temple_overflow_minitemple
10 days ago advilInitialize a variable
10 days ago advilAdd more doc comments to placement.lua
11 days ago advilLarge batch of connectivity / placement fixes