2020-11-10 Aidan HolmMore IWYU iwyu
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake an obvious removal
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake !attraction ignore friends
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergAccept that Swamp and Shoals can coexist (#1606)
2020-11-09 Nicholas FeinbergMake witches less prehensile (RandomCharacter)
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmIWYU part 3
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmEven more IWYU
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmMore IWYU and header dependency cycle breaking
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmRemove dead code (#12379)
2020-11-09 whealsZap Duvessa if Dowan gets zapped and vice-versa (Lightli)
2020-11-09 gammafunkRevamp a Shoals ghost vault
2020-11-09 gammafunkAdjust Trog-themed gifts in a ghost vault
2020-11-09 Nicholas FeinbergCheckwhite
2020-11-09 Nikolai LavskyShow monster spell damage on xv in WebTiles
2020-11-08 advilFix some missed .s
2020-11-08 advilMore transparency fixes
2020-11-08 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Hydra Form duration (Lici)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergAllow rebranding weapons to spectral (hellmonk)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergReorder the Necronomicon (Lightli)
2020-11-07 advilIsolate poly set rng
2020-11-07 advillint
2020-11-07 advilIsolate monster rng
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergFix a dumb and pointless joke (advil)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergFix polymorphing band members (advil)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergAdd poly save compat for removed mons (advil)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergRemove boomers
2020-11-07 Nikolai LavskyFix display of hex chances on the xv screen
2020-11-07 advilReorder, fix checks in _valid_type_morph
2020-11-07 advilMore transparency fixes
2020-11-07 advilSkip portals for incomplete levels in veto debug mode
2020-11-07 advilLet post-place fill heuristics remove doors
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate the changelog
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a dubious assert
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergRemove devouring swarms (again)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergDespoiler /poly (gammafunk)
2020-11-06 Nicholas Feinbergutil/monster brand fixes
2020-11-05 advilFix args for map_by_tag (12370)
2020-11-05 advilFill disconnected zones more aggressively
2020-11-05 advilA few more transparent tags
2020-11-05 advilImprove layout_gridlike's handling of water/lava (Skrybe)
2020-11-05 advilDon't by default mask vault exits as opaque
2020-11-05 advilFill small boring disconnected areas in the builder
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergTweak new swamp monsters
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust XP evocable prices
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust XP evoker charges
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergFix compilation
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergRemove the Cool S
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergShow monster spell damage on xv
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor some beam/spell code
2020-11-05 Nicholas FeinbergReplace potions of stabbing with attraction stuck_on_you
2020-11-04 Nicholas FeinbergMake !brilliance halve mp costs
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergAdd Curl status
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease broad axe delay
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergRemove devouring swarms
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergAdd unused Kitsune art (amcnicky)
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergForce Swamp generation for testing
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust swamp level generation
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergRework Swamp vault spawns
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergRework Swamp spawns
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust Swamp monster XP multipliers
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergBuff bog bodies
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergNew monster: bunyip
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergNew monster: bloated husk
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergNew monster: will-o-the-wisp
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergNew monster: fenstrider witch
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergNew monster: devouring swarm
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergNew monster: eleionoma
2020-11-03 Nicholas FeinbergNew monster: goliath frog
2020-11-01 advilAdd vault info to local tiles wizmode dungeon tooltips
2020-11-01 advilDisable dungeon scan in veto debug mode
2020-11-01 advilFix some veto-triggering issues
2020-11-01 advilAdd a rudimentary veto debugging mode
2020-11-01 advilFix a bad hex multiplication in a bitfield
2020-11-01 advilFix another slowdown in wrapping large strings
2020-11-01 advilLower a polynomial for linewrapping in local tiles
2020-11-01 advilImprove Text wrap recalculation checks
2020-10-30 advilFix catch2 mock player setup
2020-10-30 advilGenerate temple before dungeon
2020-10-29 advilAttempt to fix contrib zlib on mac gha builds
2020-10-29 advilImprove handling of builder failures with pregen
2020-10-27 Nicholas FeinbergBring back the Black Knight's barding black_is_back
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmAdd GitHub Actions CI check for header-build-tests
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmAdd build test for headers with fixed includes
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmSplit debug defines out of AppHdr.h
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmFix includes for some commonly used header files
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmAdd includes, using statements for std::vector
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmFix includes for all foo-type.h headers
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmSplit kill_method_type enum into its own header file
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmMake some mon-ench methods private
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmAdd BUILD_ALL=1 build tests to GHA CI
2020-10-25 Nicholas FeinbergAppreciate the great tradition of curling canadian-curling pull/1594 1594/head
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmFix ccache not working on GitHub Actions CI
2020-10-25 gammafunkAdd a missing wall (n1000)
2020-10-25 whealsDon't crash when a monster kills itself with Primal...
2020-10-24 Aidan HolmAdd missing std:: in enum.h
2020-10-24 Aidan HolmAdd missing '#pragma once' lines to headers
2020-10-24 Aidan HolmMove a bunch of preprocessor macros out of AppHdr.h
2020-10-24 Aidan HolmAdd tag-version.h includes
2020-10-23 Nicholas FeinbergFix always_show_zot (vt)
2020-10-22 Nicholas FeinbergDon't let rolling boulder beetles push (ardl)