2020-10-22 Nicholas FeinbergDon't let rolling boulder beetles push (ardl)
2020-10-22 Nicholas FeinbergRandomize roll duration more precisely
2020-10-22 Nicholas FeinbergDecay rolling over time
2020-10-22 Nicholas FeinbergMake boulder beetles slower than speed 100
2020-10-22 Aidan HolmSplit env.tile_* fields into a separate global
2020-10-22 Aidan HolmAdd some test cases for
2020-10-21 Nicholas FeinbergNote aux armour in stash search
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove igrd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mgrd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove grd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mitm() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove menv() helper macro
2020-10-19 amcnickyGive Edmund a weaponless tile, fixing #1453
2020-10-19 gammafunkAdjust doors in a runed door vault
2020-10-19 gammafunkSome transporter vault adjustments
2020-10-19 gammafunkAdd transporter vaults to Vaults
2020-10-19 Peter HurstAdd a tag to set vaults as passable
2020-10-19 Nicholas FeinbergRephrase lifesaving desc
2020-10-19 Umer ShaikhCheck right god for life-saving in god description
2020-10-18 Aidan HolmFix out-of-bounds access (wheals)
2020-10-18 Aidan HolmRemove references to globals across files
2020-10-18 Nicholas FeinbergMake bats less anthrosolipsistic batty
2020-10-15 Nicholas FeinbergMake pacified monsters visible (hellmonk)
2020-10-15 Nicholas FeinbergMark ratskin as evil (12373)
2020-10-12 gammafunkA boulder beetle transporter vault
2020-10-12 gammafunkA themed vault with boulder beetles
2020-10-09 Nicholas FeinbergShrink hell sentinels back down
2020-10-09 Nicholas FeinbergMake demons truly spineless
2020-10-08 whealsDon't splash yellow draconian spit onto the spitter.
2020-10-04 Nicholas FeinbergStreamline the Zot Clock
2020-10-04 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an antique and redundant status list
2020-10-04 gammafunkFix the TAG MAJOR upgrade script
2020-10-04 gammafunkRemove unused Pakellas vaults
2020-10-04 gammafunkRemove some boring beasts
2020-10-04 gammafunkRe-implement boulder beetles
2020-10-04 gammafunkInsect glyph reorganization
2020-10-04 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate the manual
2020-09-30 Nicholas FeinbergExtremely vane tiles (canofworms)
2020-09-27 Nikolai LavskyCancel Heroism and Finesse on angering or abandoning...
2020-09-27 Petri SalminenUpdate
2020-09-25 Nicholas FeinbergRemove qw support for dragon hides
2020-09-24 advilUpdate an advanced_optioneering example
2020-09-24 advilSet an error on invalid fn argument to c_macro
2020-09-23 Nicholas FeinbergAdjust gold acquirement
2020-09-23 Nicholas FeinbergRemove guaranteed early Nemelex deck
2020-09-23 Nicholas FeinbergRemove free gozag potion petition
2020-09-23 Nicholas FeinbergRemove hat (hellmonk)
2020-09-20 Nicholas FeinbergMerge Hell zot clocks
2020-09-20 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify some hellishly buggy travel code
2020-09-20 Nicholas FeinbergRaise Zot Clock bank cap 15k -> 27k
2020-09-14 whealsFix a crash on describing an unid'd wand.
2020-09-13 Nicholas FeinbergRemove Traps and Doors
2020-09-13 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor monster self-destruct code
2020-09-13 Nicholas FeinbergRemove unused M_HYBRID flag
2020-09-13 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor monster death effects
2020-09-13 whealsUpdate the Place: on the sidebar when leaving X.
2020-09-13 whealsAlways abort charge targeter with no valid targets...
2020-09-13 wjchenHandle dynamic DPI in webtiles glyphs mode
2020-09-11 Umer ShaikhGive x-v a selection menu when there are many describab...
2020-09-11 SkrybeDistort layout_cave_pods when in Snake
2020-09-11 SkrybeUpdate layout_loops.des
2020-09-11 SkrybeEdit layout_chaotic_city
2020-09-11 mgdelmonteFix item.subtype() in CLua
2020-09-11 Nikolai LavskyActually let randarts generate with the spectral brand
2020-09-11 NaruniDescribe wand noise levels
2020-09-11 ImplojinFix Hailstorm ally warning prompt (12362)
2020-09-11 Edgar A. Bering IVMerge pull request #1558 from nlavsky/add-rampage-to...
2020-09-11 Marcelo Henrique... Fix the divider position when tile_force_overlay is set
2020-09-11 Alex JurkiewiczExpand macOS install instructions further (erf)
2020-09-11 Alex JurkiewiczImprove docs for running DCSS after compilation
2020-09-11 Umer ShaikhRemove bad position clamp for peeking through stairs
2020-09-11 Umer ShaikhStop acquirement of +4 stat rings
2020-09-11 Roderick SchertlerAdd missing "info" command to --edit-save help
2020-09-11 ImplojinFix a rampaging bug (12353, Flugkiller)
2020-09-11 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate an antique comment
2020-09-10 advilDon't crash when putting on non-jewellery
2020-09-08 Nikolai LavskyDisplay Rampage on the % screen pull/1558 1558/head
2020-09-07 Nicholas FeinbergSquash extra SAC_LOVE messages (wheals)
2020-09-03 KateRebrace
2020-09-02 Nicholas FeinbergRe-remove the black knight's barding
2020-09-02 Nicholas FeinbergWithered plant fixes
2020-09-02 Nicholas FeinbergDon't show withering on non-plants
2020-09-02 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify Vampiric Draining
2020-08-31 Neil MooreUn-downgrade sdl2 submodule (doh)
2020-08-30 Neil MooreAvoid ODR violations in mon-ai-action.h
2020-08-30 Neil MooreAllow wizardry to stack again (Yermak)
2020-08-30 Neil MooreAllow offensive drowning of giants (Yermak)
2020-08-29 KateRemove some unnecessary breaks
2020-08-29 KateDon't crash when trying to enslave soul on empty space...
2020-08-29 KateFix spacing in some mutation descriptions
2020-08-28 ukdong99Unmute Donald for WJC followers (#1540)
2020-08-27 ImplojinPrevent slimy shafting (/u/zeunysos)
2020-08-24 Edgar A. Bering IVClarify Serpent's Lash description to exclude fancy...
2020-08-24 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't allow Searing Ray to track invis monsters (12350...
2020-08-24 Edgar A. Bering IVLint
2020-08-24 hellmonkNew scales facet, sharp scales.
2020-08-24 hellmonkNew "scales" facet, Big Brain.
2020-08-24 hellmonkDouble the stealth bonus of thin skeletal structure
2020-08-23 whealsImprovements to the charge targeter.
2020-08-23 whealsDon't pop up a menu for self-targetting.