2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiRevert "Track who destroys an item; incur Nemelex penan...
2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiDon't give extra penance for non-gift books that happen...
2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiRevert "Handle destroyed spellbooks the same as destroy...
2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiRevert "Unify handling of spellbook destruction for...
2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiMake hellfire explosions look slightly different from...
2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiIndentation/brace fixes.
2013-06-15 Neil MooreIdentify one more Sprint III item.
2013-06-15 Rahul ChandraPre-ID items in sprint III that are known to spoiled...
2013-06-15 Pete HurstFix a testing weight
2013-06-15 Jason Vandis.des clean-up, tweaks; new Dis end
2013-06-15 Neil MooreRemove obsolete BFLAGS: documentation.
2013-06-15 Neil MooreUndocument Nemelex deck destruction penalty.
2013-06-14 Chris CampbellDon't spam Abyss messages when placing god wrath monsters
2013-06-14 Chris CampbellRemove misleading spell colours
2013-06-14 Pekka LampilaRemove a pointless footer from WebTiles
2013-06-14 Neil MooreIdiomize (anthem)
2013-06-14 Pete HurstWhitespace fix
2013-06-14 Pete HurstMake layout_city rooms more interesting (infiniplex)
2013-06-14 Pete HurstMove a wide open layout further down in D
2013-06-14 Neil MooreDon't segfault on "MONS = ;".
2013-06-14 Adam BorowskiFail when asked to find a monster by an empty string.
2013-06-14 Adam BorowskiUnrecommend DjTm, recommend DjDK.
2013-06-14 Adam BorowskiA whitespace fix.
2013-06-14 Adam BorowskiRemove include guards from *-data.h
2013-06-13 Pete HurstRestrict layout_cross from Pan
2013-06-13 infiniplexAdded thick walls to some layout_city rooms
2013-06-13 infiniplexAdded LUA you.depth_fraction function
2013-06-13 infiniplexReimplemented LUA dgn_make_box_doors: more options
2013-06-13 Neil MooreConsolidate and simplify job and species validity checks.
2013-06-13 Neil MooreDon't disable LO on release (gammafunk)
2013-06-13 Chris CampbellReinstate Gargoyle stat gain on levelup
2013-06-13 Reid BartonRemove an unnecessary const_cast
2013-06-13 Reid BartonInclude skills being trained in the dump even if they...
2013-06-13 Chris CampbellLet Jory spawn as a normal unique
2013-06-13 Pete HurstUpdate some outdated references to tiles_options.txt
2013-06-13 Neil MooreUnrestrict staves for gargoyles.
2013-06-13 Samuel BronsonStop on alarm traps/sentinel's mark (rchandra)
2013-06-12 Neil MooreFix formatting and add comment.
2013-06-12 Steve MelenchukDon't trip up on connectivity checking for Pan encompas...
2013-06-12 Steve MelenchukAdjustments to a vault.
2013-06-12 Steve MelenchukLet stone wall tiles vary by console colour.
2013-06-12 Steve MelenchukMove the upper bound of a vault to D:17 from D:14.
2013-06-12 Steve MelenchukPrefer WALL_ABYSS for Abyss walls (and Corrupt walls).
2013-06-12 Steve MelenchukMatch Abyss tile colours to console's (and provide...
2013-06-11 Neil MooreRemove one more vestige of temp_pacif.
2013-06-11 Neil MooreAdd a section on #if TAG_MAJOR_VERSION to the save...
2013-06-11 Pekka LampilaRemove unused ENCH_TEMP_PACIF code
2013-06-11 Pekka LampilaMake enslaved priests neutral on Beogh conversion
2013-06-11 Pekka LampilaBeogh convert: Priest must be awake, not-confused
2013-06-10 Neil MooreSync manual from the wiki.
2013-06-10 Neil MooreAssert if we randomly choose a removed job.
2013-06-10 Neil MooreMore completely remove priests.
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiMake elven walls even more eye-gouging, but less stony.
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiForget about Maud being slightly weaker.
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiEradicate laboratory rats.
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiEradicate two silliest bat species.
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiEliminate darkgrey wands and randart jewelry.
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiUse something static for unhandled item type colours.
2013-06-10 Neil MooreCorrect alphabetisation.
2013-06-10 Neil MooreMove retired developers from thankers to thankees.
2013-06-10 Neil MooreSimplify.
2013-06-10 Steve MelenchukRecolours for WALL_HALL (Elven Halls wall) tiles.
2013-06-10 Steve MelenchukAllow ETC_ tile colouring to work on base wall/floor...
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaAllow LOs to cast certain transformations in lava
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaDon't crash on player distort weapon banishment
2013-06-10 Neil MooreDon't crash on ETC-coloured features.
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaFix lobby being outdated after watching someone
2013-06-10 Steve MelenchukUnbreak non-tiles compilation.
2013-06-10 Steve MelenchukAllow ETC_* feature colours to affect some displayed...
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaRemove a few lines of unused code
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaDon't require password for config.autologin
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaAdd MSG_OK when canceling for various prompts
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaTweak to some inventory prompts with auto_list
2013-06-10 Adam BorowskiFix useless/bad classification of rings of sustenance...
2013-06-10 Neil MooreBe more consistent about Beogh conversion criteria...
2013-06-10 Steve MelenchukDon't let (berserker) monsters uselessly spam Trog...
2013-06-09 Neil MooreNew mcros ASSERT_IN_BOUNDS{,_OR_ORIGIN}().
2013-06-09 blackcustardFix a crash related to LRD, noise, and permarock.
2013-06-09 blackcustardFix an Ozocubu's refrigeration crash.
2013-06-09 Steve MelenchukRemove plants from Forest random monster list.
2013-06-09 Steve MelenchukA couple of minor vault/layout hiccup fixes.
2013-06-09 Chris CampbellRevert "De-mimicify Orc:$ shops."
2013-06-09 Neil MooreNormalise whitespace in the level-making docs.
2013-06-09 Neil MooreFix an inaccuracy in the level-making docs.
2013-06-09 Adam BorowskiNo non-useless darkgrey books, please.
2013-06-09 Adam BorowskiUse the shortest match in get_monster_by_name().
2013-06-09 Adam BorowskiReverse the argument of get_monster_by_name().
2013-06-09 Adam BorowskiBrace fixes.
2013-06-09 Adam BorowskiWhitespace fixes.
2013-06-09 Pekka LampilaChange MP minibar colour for local tiles too
2013-06-09 Steve MelenchukForce exact matching for unique name in Lua you.uniques...
2013-06-09 Pekka LampilaHandle manual URL hash changes better in WebTiles
2013-06-09 Neil MooreFix various anachronisms in the develop/levels docs...
2013-06-09 Pekka LampilaAdd autologin WebTiles server option for testing
2013-06-09 Brendan HickeyDon't give Gargoyles abilities
2013-06-09 Neil MoorePrevent a potential unavoidable D:1 death (N78291)
2013-06-09 Pekka LampilaAllow Vps to butcher with confirm_butcher=never
2013-06-09 Pekka LampilaRemove some leftover debug code
2013-06-09 Adam BorowskiAbyss bot: disable hunger and malmutate by default.
2013-06-09 Pekka LampilaRemove the read option from manual descriptions