2020-06-12 gammafunkChangelog updates for 0.25 release 0.25.0
2020-06-11 advilFix an interaction of fallback randarts and acquirement...
2020-06-11 advilFix pregeneration for upgrades where branch size changes
2020-06-11 gammafunkDon't warn about blocked LOF for Starburst
2020-06-11 gammafunkFix some target prompts under Fedhas
2020-06-08 shummieChange = to == in checking crawl_state.type
2020-06-08 advilFix viewmap catch2 even more
2020-06-08 advilFix catch2 tests for map panning / clamping
2020-06-08 advilShow seed for seeded play with welcome message
2020-06-08 advilTweak how seed games are displayed in ?v and chardump
2020-06-07 advilsemicolon
2020-06-07 advilRestore map view clamping behavior (elliptic)
2020-06-07 gammafunkUse correct DES syntax for wand charges
2020-06-06 advilChangelog tweaks
2020-06-03 Nikolai LavskyDon't pick up duplicate tins of tremorstones
2020-06-03 advilRemove a stray bolt of fire
2020-06-03 advilConsolidate code for applying game_scale
2020-06-03 advilLet tile_filter_scaling=false work on mipmapped textures
2020-06-03 advilFix font glitches at very high device density
2020-06-03 advilAdd a global scaling option for local tiles
2020-06-03 advilRestore note about pasting to local tiles seed selection
2020-06-03 advilDon't print "levelgen mode: deterministic"
2020-05-29 Nicholas FeinbergFix some no_tele_into shops (minmay)
2020-05-29 aaronegoldenFix up some typos in the docs folder. (#1434)
2020-05-29 advilTweak dispreferred newgame colors on local tiles
2020-05-29 advilFix an unused param warning
2020-05-29 advilFix a signed/unsigned warning
2020-05-29 Aidan HolmRemove ability to memorize spells from their description
2020-05-28 gammafunkUpdate the changelog
2020-05-28 gammafunkA tile for tin of tremorstones (CanOfWorms)
2020-05-27 gammafunkDon't have allies avoid player line of fire
2020-05-25 advilFix a randart name class (12270 / Flugkiller)
2020-05-25 gammafunkRemove Lightli...
2020-05-25 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate CREDITS.txt
2020-05-24 Edgar A. Bering IVStimulate Xom on worship from a faded altar
2020-05-24 Nikolai LavskyDisplay Zz and ? status icons for allies
2020-05-24 RojjaCebollaAdd adjectives to the randart name generator
2020-05-24 RojjaCebollaAdd verbs to some randart names
2020-05-24 Edgar A. Bering IVNew randart apperance adjectives (cebolla)
2020-05-24 Edgar A. Bering IVMore randart nouns (cebolla)
2020-05-24 Edgar A. Bering IVTypo fix (Goratrix)
2020-05-24 Edgar A. Bering IVRevise transmutation miscasts
2020-05-24 advilDefault `restart_after_save` to true
2020-05-24 advilFix tiles
2020-05-24 advilFix some unused function warnings for non-tiles builds
2020-05-24 advilFix the tiles build
2020-05-24 advilDon't crash on too small terminal resize (6498)
2020-05-24 advilKeep ui sizes in sync with terminal resizes (12260)
2020-05-23 advilAdd 0.24.1 to master changelog
2020-05-23 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't use a valid direction to indicate a cancelled...
2020-05-23 advilCrash more quickly if (offline) console is resized...
2020-05-23 Nicholas FeinbergRemove +11 GDA (vt) 0.25-b1
2020-05-22 CanOfWormsAdjust troves fees
2020-05-22 gammafunkcheckwhite
2020-05-22 CanOfWormsInsert a cap in spell failure calculations
2020-05-20 Alex JurkiewiczRequire upper-case Y to forget Vehumet gifts
2020-05-19 KateUpdate misc acquirement handling
2020-05-19 KateRemove acquirement items from some abyss vaults
2020-05-19 KateFix a broken alphashops entry (#12262)
2020-05-18 advilEven more save info fixes / tweaks
2020-05-18 advilObvious bugfix
2020-05-18 advilCorrectly handle pre_options for json calls
2020-05-18 advilFixes for live-debug mode
2020-05-18 advilAdd a debug mode for live-testing server updates
2020-05-18 advilFix a typo
2020-05-18 advilFix some issues with lobby template timing
2020-05-18 advilLet --port disable SSL for now
2020-05-18 advilAdd some command line options, refactor
2020-05-18 Aidan HolmRemove unused member
2020-05-17 Nathan MillsFix a couple typos in options_guide.txt (#1412)
2020-05-16 advilPlaceholder tiles for cigotuvi's embrace
2020-05-16 advilHood of the assassin tiles (RojjaCebolla)
2020-05-16 advilFix a bug with shared save slots in the lobby
2020-05-16 advilVisual tweaks to lobby save browser
2020-05-16 KateRevert "Prevent formicids from falling far (for flavour)"
2020-05-16 David DamerellFormicids cannot cast Swiftness
2020-05-16 RojjaCebollaPrevent formicids from falling far (for flavour)
2020-05-16 advilcheckwhite (again??)
2020-05-15 advilAnother linting fix
2020-05-15 advilcheckwhite
2020-05-15 advilDon't disallow % formatting
2020-05-15 advilFix flake8 errors
2020-05-15 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate the changelog
2020-05-15 advilRemove isort as a CI check
2020-05-15 Edgar A. Bering IVReveal invisible monsters that fire visible beams at...
2020-05-15 Edgar A. Bering IVUse the magic mapping glyph for unvisited stairs and...
2020-05-15 Edgar A. Bering IVAllow customizing the travel trail
2020-05-15 advilFix some pep 8 stuff
2020-05-15 advilAdd a comment about JSON decoding errors
2020-05-15 advilHandle a bad dgl-config + webtiles interaction
2020-05-15 advilFix flake8 error
2020-05-15 advilAdd experimental save info to webtiles lobby
2020-05-15 advilCLO to give game types in json
2020-05-15 advilAdd a CLO that prints save info as json
2020-05-15 advilDisable yaml games by default
2020-05-15 advilPython 2.7 compatibility
2020-05-15 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd a recommended options section for blind players...
2020-05-15 advilAdd back in all non-default templates for compatibility
2020-05-15 Alex JurkiewiczAlways show milestone column
2020-05-15 Alex JurkiewiczAllow overriding some HTML templates