2020-03-22 Aidan HolmUpdate changelog 0.22.3
2020-02-16 Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
2020-02-13 Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
2019-03-28 advilUpdate debian changelog
2019-03-27 advilUpdate changelog date for 0.22.2 tagging 0.22.2
2019-03-07 advilRevert "Remove a redundant message about dancing weapons"
2019-03-06 advilChangelog for 0.22.2
2019-03-06 advilAdd a header
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Let barachim use grand finale at range 8 (11917)
2019-03-06 Alan MalloyHandle temporarily-changed terrain when asserting level...
2019-03-06 advilFix a shopping list crash
2019-03-06 advilInitialize int member variables of formatted_scroller...
2019-03-06 advilUpdate copyright date
2019-03-06 Edgar A. Bering IVSimplify a reaching check, actually fix 11704 (gammafunk)
2019-03-06 Edgar A. Bering IVCheck for monster polearms and wands in i_feel_safe...
2019-03-06 Edgar A. Bering IVDisable mores during targeting (11717)
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Include petrification information in death messages...
2019-03-06 advilTwo sanity-check fixes
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Fix AC calculation in item description with deformed...
2019-03-06 Edgar A. Bering IVFix ball lightning stair behavior (11812)
2019-03-06 Edgar A. Bering IVUse env.map_knowledge to check moveto prompts (11806)
2019-03-06 advilShow sprint manual section in sprint newgame menu
2019-03-06 advilFix a help bug that isn't triggered
2019-03-06 advilShow item help in newgame weapon menu
2019-03-06 advilHandle pre-scrolled help screens correctly
2019-03-06 advilFix a bug in util.formatted_string_to_html
2019-03-06 advilPrevent recursion for `viewwindow`
2019-03-06 advilDon't chop messages at 80 chars for chardumps/crashes
2019-03-06 advilUse window hidden API properly
2019-03-06 advilDon't create a new TextDecoder for each message
2019-03-06 advilDon't run delays for webtiles windows that are hidden...
2019-03-06 advilDon't use `let`
2019-03-06 advilFix out-of-order messages (maybe 11780)
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Improve spell description of memorised uncastable spell...
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Fix surge of power message order when evoking enhanced...
2019-03-06 gammafunkFix a weapon ego designation in a vault
2019-03-06 jmartFix Sif Muna dud gift bug (11791)
2019-03-06 Edgar BeringRemove a secret dig square (Rawrakai)
2019-03-06 Edgar BeringDisable met targets after quaffing a potion of experien...
2019-03-06 CanOfWormsFix a connectivity issue in the_grid
2019-03-06 Alan MalloyMake cheibrodos_fertilizer no_tele_into
2019-03-06 Nikolai LavskyFix messaging when Maurice steals a weapon (Salmon...
2019-03-06 Edgar A. Bering IVPrevent invalid_monster messages when converting
2019-03-06 gammafunkAdd more checks for invalid constrictions
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Don't halve the MR of magic immune creatures from AF_VU...
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Let the sturdy frame mutation reduce stealth/dodging...
2019-03-06 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't extend Ru's aura through glass (0011769)
2019-03-06 NormalPerson7Fix a hints mode memorise menu message from extending...
2019-03-06 gammafunkFix exclusions for stationary monsters behind solid...
2019-03-06 stenellaDon't autoexclude past glass sometimes (11658)
2019-03-06 gammafunkRemove a redundant message about dancing weapons
2019-03-06 stenellaFix typo/color layering bug in tutorial
2019-03-06 advilValidate file pointer when loading help parts
2019-03-06 advilPotential fix for Mojave black screen issues
2019-03-06 advilDon't crash when there are game types from the future
2019-02-04 gammafunkDon't block the entrance to Tomb:2 with a statue (Stead...
2019-01-15 Aidan HolmLimit extra Ru ability info to followers (amalloy)
2019-01-06 advilFix some issues with build-rltiles and webtiles
2019-01-06 advilFix cross-compiling + libpng
2019-01-06 advilUse contribs if appropriate when building rltiles/...
2018-11-11 advilRevert complex bones install stuff, add dist_bones...
2018-09-19 gammafunkFix a message for wand pickup (minmay)
2018-09-17 gammafunkUpdate the debian changelog for 0.22.1 0.22.1
2018-09-17 gammafunkUpdate the changelog for 0.22.1
2018-09-16 CanOfWormsUpdate some scroll descriptions
2018-09-16 CanOfWormsMore description updates
2018-09-16 Aidan HolmFix inventory menu obscuring some message prompts ...
2018-09-15 gammafunkProperly disable Scrying when abandoning Ashenzari...
2018-09-15 Aidan HolmHide shopping list key if shopping list is empty
2018-09-15 Aidan HolmShow correct MP after aborting spell (#11598, Siegurt)
2018-09-11 advilRemove glob from tar call in Makefile
2018-09-11 advilFix some warnings (gammafunk)
2018-09-11 advilAdd bones downloading to package/install targets
2018-09-11 advilAdd a build target for installing bones distributions
2018-09-11 advilAdd a basic deduplication command for bones files
2018-09-11 advilTweak permastore sizes
2018-09-11 advilFurther tweaks to --bones commands
2018-09-11 advilClarify semantics of player_in_hell
2018-09-11 advilCommand line tools for manipulating bones files
2018-09-11 advilIncrease MAX_GHOSTS
2018-09-11 advilDon't use the full minor tag versioning for bones files
2018-09-11 advilSupport for distributing bones permastore files in...
2018-09-11 advilImprove the new save version api a bit and use it more
2018-09-11 advilRemove a debugging change
2018-09-11 advilImprove handling of upgrading bones files for online...
2018-09-09 advilAttempt to fix newgame colors on remote console (11671)
2018-09-09 advilAdd cross-compiling to travis
2018-09-08 advilFix incorrect .. in some text popups on hidpi displays
2018-09-08 advilFix ?/ at the main menu
2018-09-08 Alan MalloyFix announcements for collecting runes in Sprints ...
2018-09-08 advilTone down some blue/purple fog machines (hayenne)
2018-09-08 AndSDevHighlighting exploring horizon behind the doors
2018-09-08 advilTweak newgame highlighting further for console/webtiles
2018-09-08 advilFix a grammar issue with flying corrosive monster bits
2018-09-08 advilcheckwhite
2018-09-08 advilNotify player before forgetting a non-library spell...
2018-09-02 Aidan HolmConvert some malloc/free code to std::array
2018-09-02 Aidan HolmFix incorrect minimap resizing (RoGGa, #11642)
2018-09-02 Aidan HolmAllow minimap to shrink when tile_map_pixels set (RoGGa...
2018-09-02 Aidan HolmWrap chardump notes, overview, and messages (NormalPers...