2012-08-16 Adam BorowskiGive the faerie dragon armour a small chance of non...
2012-08-16 Adam BorowskiFix the faerie dragon armour being rejected 99 times...
2012-08-16 Michael GagnoRemove the Enchantress from Sprint VI.
2012-08-16 Michael GagnoA bunch of small tweaks to Sprint VI.
2012-08-16 Michael GagnoSprint VI: Significantly decrease the length of the...
2012-08-15 Adam BorowskiRemove the spell_usage dump entry.
2012-08-15 Michael GagnoSprint VI: Remove eldritch tentacle waves.
2012-08-15 Adam BorowskiDon't generate rings or randarts with *TELE in Sprint.
2012-08-15 Florian DieboldClean up the webtiles socket when crashing.
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukQUAD DAMAGE emits an Orb-style glow while in effect.
2012-08-15 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Fix ghost games, add some more logging.
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukFix occasional crash when using layout_basic with prima...
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukAllow levels with primary vaults to use all applicable...
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukTweak allowed Zot layouts and their weights in Zot.
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukChange Zot colours to extra vaults; tweaks to layouts...
2012-08-15 David Lawrence... Fix wording and punctuation of new descriptions.
2012-08-15 Adam BorowskiDescs for detected altars and portals.
2012-08-15 Adam BorowskiHide Hive from gather_branches.
2012-08-15 Adam BorowskiIgnores for webtiles state and spew.
2012-08-15 Michael GagnoSprint VI: Seal the exit in the extended endgame portion.
2012-08-15 Chris CampbellDon't let monsters use reaching to attack into sanctuary
2012-08-15 Sven BrauchSome simple new entry vaults.
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukNine minivaults, a float vault, and an encompass vault...
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukAllow "ring" and "amulet" to be specified as item class...
2012-08-15 David Lawrence... Add wording and spacing fixes to new ghost speech.
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukTwo encompass vaults.
2012-08-15 Steve MelenchukRespect no_* map tags in subvaults.
2012-08-15 Michael GagnoDon't attempt to spawn killer bee larvae in Sprint VI.
2012-08-15 Michael GagnoFix a small aesthetic mistake.
2012-08-15 Michael GagnoSprint VI: Balance tweaks.
2012-08-14 Michael GagnoSprint VI: More misc fixes.
2012-08-14 Michael GagnoDecrease shop prices in sprint VI.
2012-08-14 Michael GagnoSprint VI: Fix lightning rounds and clarify the orb...
2012-08-14 Michael GagnoSprint VI: Rewrite the way monsters are picked, and...
2012-08-14 Michael GagnoMiscellaneous fixes to Sprint VI.
2012-08-14 Michael GagnoSprint VI.
2012-08-14 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Log ProcessHandler id.
2012-08-14 Neil MooreRemove a duplicated ghost speech line.
2012-08-14 Neil MooreA few more pieces of ghost speech (MyOtheHedgeFox).
2012-08-14 Neil MooreGod-specific player ghost speech (minmay, dpeg, Grunt).
2012-08-14 Neil MooreUse the ghost's god, not the player's, for speech.
2012-08-14 Neil MooreAllow ghosts of good worshippers to remember their...
2012-08-14 Florian DieboldWebtiles: Fix idle times for games started from DGL.
2012-08-14 Adam BorowskiDrop animal skin drops.
2012-08-14 David Lawrence... Make the yak genus monster check for dropping hides...
2012-08-14 Adam BorowskiCap Oka piety gain from vault-placed corpses.
2012-08-14 Adam BorowskiRevert "Don't grant Okawaru piety for vault-placed...
2012-08-14 Adam BorowskiMake troll and yak genus monsters count as those for...
2012-08-14 Chris CampbellDon't prompt ignite poison when immune to fire clouds...
2012-08-14 Chris CampbellWhitespace fixes
2012-08-14 Nicholas ConnellyAdded warning for casting Ignite Poison while in poison...
2012-08-14 Chris CampbellMake Azrael hellfireproof
2012-08-14 Adam Borowskiwad's set of tree tiles.
2012-08-14 Adam BorowskiTwo of Denzi's equipment tiles, apparently misplaced.
2012-08-13 Neil MooreDon't flag games as 'tiles' with watch_socket_dirs.
2012-08-13 Florian DieboldMove the worker ant tile down (ontoclasm).
2012-08-13 Florian DieboldTweak some tile weights (roctavian).
2012-08-13 Florian DieboldWebtiles: For games started from DGL, use the token...
2012-08-13 Michael GagnoMove evilmike_butchery deeper in the dungeon.
2012-08-13 Neil MooreDon't grant Okawaru piety for vault-placed corpses.
2012-08-13 Neil MooreCorrectly handle corpse HD for Okawaru sacrifice.
2012-08-13 Neil MooreWebTiles: correct row/columns ttyrec metadata.
2012-08-13 Steve MelenchukGet ability menu to once again handle doing and describ...
2012-08-12 Florian Diebolddd's axe tiles (#5728).
2012-08-12 Policarpo CaballeroMonsters with M_BLOOD_SCENT can smell blood regardless...
2012-08-12 Adam BorowskiEradicate remaining uses of std::wstring on non-Windows.
2012-08-12 Adam BorowskiDon't pointlessly define utf8_to_16() on non-Windows.
2012-08-12 Adam BorowskiDeath to std::wstringstream!
2012-08-12 Florian DieboldFix an error in Webtiles.
2012-08-12 Steve MelenchukShow invocations in local tiles ability tab even when...
2012-08-12 Steve MelenchukReinstate '?' as a toggle key for the abilities menu.
2012-08-12 Steve MelenchukFix crash on pressing ! in console ability menu.
2012-08-12 Steve MelenchukFix monster casting of Dig.
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukReduce ability hunger-related message spam in debug... 0.12-a0
2012-08-11 Steve Melenchukdd's lava tiles (#5875). 0.11-b1
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukDenzi's sixfirhy, silent spectre, and seraph tiles...
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukUpdate changelog through 0.11-a0-3206-g559a7a8.
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukAbilities tab for local tiles, using the fancy new...
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukShow tiles in Ability menu, using dd's ability tiles...
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukHave detected altars and shop/portals show up again...
2012-08-11 Raphael LangellaRevert "Cells with known traps are never greed inducing."
2012-08-11 Florian DieboldFix compilation.
2012-08-11 Florian Dieboldroctavian's spell projectiles (#5638).
2012-08-11 Florian Dieboldontoclasm's recoloured poison icon (#4527).
2012-08-11 Florian Dieboldroctavian's hell portal tiles (#5633).
2012-08-11 Steve Melenchukontoclasm's base scroll tiles (#5862).
2012-08-11 Steve Melenchukroctavian's teleport and Zot trap tiles (#6045).
2012-08-11 Steve Melenchukroctavian's detected altar and shop/portal tiles (...
2012-08-11 Steve Melenchukdd's new GUI tiles (#6054).
2012-08-11 Steve MelenchukAdd default config file parts to Makefile install target.
2012-08-11 Steve Melenchukwhite_noise's new entrance and edited stair tiles ...
2012-08-11 Jon KnappFixed an item ordering bug in the known menu.
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiMake note_skill_levels default to what it used to,...
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiList available translations.
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiMove note colouring to menu_colours as well, following...
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiEvict three stray menu colours to the defaults.
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiAdd stubs for removed config files, for compat reasons.
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiHardcode inclusion of default config file parts.
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiMake dashes look more dashing in new descs.
2012-08-10 Adam BorowskiDon't make the desc for perm bazaar suggest it's a...