2016-04-26 Jesse Luehrsavoid "the Serpent of Hell the spectral Serpent of...
2016-04-26 Jesse Luehrsgive zombified serpents of hell multiple heads too
2016-04-26 Jesse Luehrsuse the base type for serpent of hell breaths
2016-04-25 Shmuale MarkFix typo.
2016-04-24 Nicholas FeinbergHalve pubby_orc_utopia's weight
2016-04-24 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog fixes
2016-04-24 Chris CampbellTypo fix
2016-04-24 Corin Buchanan... Update changelog
2016-04-23 Nicholas FeinbergDon't log deaths of vault-named allies (rchandra)
2016-04-22 Alan MalloyMake cmut ignore temp muts, instead of curing nothing...
2016-04-22 Chris CampbellDe-apostrophise a description
2016-04-22 Shmuale MarkRemove Hive.
2016-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergMention autofight in the quickstart
2016-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate quickstart.txt and arena.txt
2016-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergReflavor some book descriptions
2016-04-21 Chris CampbellFix spelling
2016-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergDe-spoilerify a vault (minmay)
2016-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergBook of Hinderance -> Misfortune (nicolae-)
2016-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an overly-gimmicky vault
2016-04-21 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.18-a0-1788-g92de1ac
2016-04-19 Shmuale MarkTry to fix do_commands
2016-04-19 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify (amalloy)
2016-04-19 Nicholas FeinbergRemove make_book_theme_randart() refs (amalloy)
2016-04-19 Nicholas FeinbergTweak randbook naming (amalloy)
2016-04-17 Corin Buchanan... Nerf rElec to the same level as other resists (crate)
2016-04-17 Corin Buchanan... Remove launcher ammo brands
2016-04-17 Corin Buchanan... Remove power cap on Lugonu Banish
2016-04-16 Nicholas FeinbergSlow Iron Giants down a bit
2016-04-16 Chris CampbellSpawn ballistos from Fedhas spore trails as neutral
2016-04-16 Chris CampbellUpdate lugonu_bribe
2016-04-16 Nicholas FeinbergRemove some equivocation from descriptions
2016-04-16 Chris CampbellImprove robe of Night description (PleasingFungus)
2016-04-15 Chris CampbellRemove some obsolete curse removal handling
2016-04-15 Chris CampbellDon't make enchant weapon/armour scrolls remove curses
2016-04-15 Nicholas FeinbergFix an arenasprint typo (10361)
2016-04-13 Alan MalloyImprove Ru overflow vault (zigs)
2016-04-13 Shmuale MarkMove cannibalism-hatred to data.
2016-04-13 Shmuale MarkRemove unused verbose parameters.
2016-04-13 Shmuale MarkMove god dislike descriptions into data.
2016-04-13 Shmuale MarkMove god like descriptions into data.
2016-04-13 Nicholas FeinbergFinish moving action type enums
2016-04-13 Nicholas FeinbergUse an enum for special block types
2016-04-13 Nicholas FeinbergDon't claim to evoke hammers (WorldFamousW)
2016-04-13 Nicholas FeinbergMove count_action out of
2016-04-13 Alan MalloyThey're ziggurats, not zigguarats (namelastname112)
2016-04-12 Shmuale MarkFix autofight if you remap keys (#5634).
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellItem desc tweaks (PleasingFungus)
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellReword item descriptions
2016-04-12 Nicholas FeinbergNew vault checkwhite.
2016-04-12 Nicholas FeinbergRewrite Pak gifting
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellRework Pakellas gifting
2016-04-12 Nicholas FeinbergPrompt on Yara's self-target (Piginabag)
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellDon't allow worshipping Pakellas with sacrifice artifice
2016-04-12 Nicholas FeinbergWind Blast cast message tweak (10358)
2016-04-12 Nicholas FeinbergNew Howler Monkey tile (CanOfWorms)
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellFix casting messages for some blinking monsters
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellUse a monster shape check in a few more places
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellDon't give alligators a hidden cooldown on casting...
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellAdjust wording for Abyss exit messages
2016-04-12 Chris CampbellAdjust some arenasprint monster sets
2016-04-12 Shmuale MarkDon't crash when making a log of tentacle aux attacks...
2016-04-11 Shmuale MarkCleanup code (|amethyst).
2016-04-11 olowinCount defensive actions.
2016-04-11 Shmuale MarkPrevent a crash if Kiku corpse drop created an orc...
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergLet ignite blood burn pre-bloodied tiles (10327)
2016-04-10 regret-indexVaults by kennysheep, Skrybe (#10326, #10332)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake mons vamp drain not heal from summons (10321)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergMonster vamp drain fixes (7587)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a now-unused mut field
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergImprove sacrifice descriptions further (10337)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergAutomatically generate sacrifice descriptions
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergFix a copy-paste error (wheals)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergFormatting tweak
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergFix a hiscores crash (10340)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake a note about another exploding ammo bug
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergRemove legacy unknown-ammo-type code (10347)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergImprove some rather useless debug messages
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify pool fixup
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a teleport closet (patheticliltramp)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergFix another reversed expose_to_elements (wheals)
2016-04-10 Nicholas FeinbergFix staff of fire armour-melting (MarvinPA)
2016-04-09 Nicholas FeinbergFormatting
2016-04-09 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #251 from rawlins/qazlal_fixes
2016-04-09 Nicholas FeinbergHack: de-decapitate detected hydras
2016-04-09 advilFix melting from staves, also a Ru buglet (zackoid) pull/251 251/head
2016-04-09 advilfix expose_to_element not being called properly (10293)
2016-04-09 Nicholas FeinbergDetect monsters: use genus, not glyph
2016-04-09 regret-indexAlter Salamander Stormcaller spells, tweak their D...
2016-04-08 regret-indexChange giant eyeball speed / gaze, grant random band...
2016-04-08 Neil MooreFix a bad comment copy-paste.
2016-04-07 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a few silly acquirement restrictions
2016-04-07 Nicholas FeinbergFix a rare acquirement crash
2016-04-07 regret-indexFix compiliation (travis)
2016-04-07 regret-indexUnrandomize lich spells
2016-04-06 Alan MalloyMention in local tiles that "A!" shows vampire status...
2016-04-06 Nicholas FeinbergImprove a rare message (Hurricos)
2016-04-06 Chris CampbellAllow passing out due to hunger under DDoor
2016-04-06 Chris CampbellDon't let fleeing monsters zap rods or wands
2016-04-06 Chris CampbellMerge MON_SPELL_DEMONIC into MON_SPELL_MAGICAL
2016-04-06 Chris CampbellImprove a check for humanoid monster shapes