2020-11-25 Nicholas FeinbergImprove net traps
2020-11-25 Nicholas FeinbergRework player spell accuracy display
2020-11-25 Nicholas FeinbergRename greater mummies to royal mummies (gressup)
2020-11-25 Nicholas FeinbergDon't show the zot clock in Abyss
2020-11-24 advilFix for hep games that get soft-locked in abyss
2020-11-24 Nicholas FeinbergAdd a killer klown kast message (zipskins)
2020-11-24 Nicholas FeinbergDescribe marshlight in monster (vt)
2020-11-24 Nicholas FeinbergDon't claim fireballs can miss (lici)
2020-11-24 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an unused function
2020-11-21 Nicholas FeinbergShow spell to-hit % in the targeter
2020-11-21 Nicholas FeinbergMake lighting affects beams more like attacks
2020-11-21 Nicholas FeinbergHalve distortion banish weight (hellmonk)
2020-11-20 advilRemove invocation removal
2020-11-20 Nicholas FeinbergReplace tloc -Tele with -Move
2020-11-19 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease marshlight cast frequency
2020-11-19 Nicholas FeinbergSlow goliath frogs down a bit
2020-11-19 gammafunkFix spriggan druids not casting Awaken Forest (Lici)
2020-11-19 advilReword the demigod description (monkeytor)
2020-11-18 gammafunkFix some problems in a vault
2020-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergTurn monster explosions into fineffs
2020-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergConstify torment_player agent
2020-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergConstify petrify agent
2020-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergConstify banish agent
2020-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergConstify paralyse agent
2020-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergRemove unused params
2020-11-18 Nicholas FeinbergConstify drain_exp agent
2020-11-17 Nicholas FeinbergAdd rolling charge ability icon
2020-11-17 Nicholas FeinbergMake boulder beetles jumpier (yesno)
2020-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergPartially fix skill menu (dinky)
2020-11-16 Nicholas FeinbergRemove skill training restrictions (hellmonk)
2020-11-15 Kyle RawlinsTweaks to
2020-11-15 advilReorder a Makefile rule for backwards compatibility
2020-11-15 advilClean up plants in post-placement fills (Lightli)
2020-11-14 advillint
2020-11-14 advilImprovements to placement.lua
2020-11-14 advilMark des_cache_test as unrand
2020-11-14 advilFix a typo in chequers_temple_overflow_minitemple
2020-11-14 advilInitialize a variable
2020-11-14 advilAdd more doc comments to placement.lua
2020-11-14 advilLarge batch of connectivity / placement fixes
2020-11-14 advilTweaks to minmay_the_grid for occasional closets
2020-11-14 advilAdd a script for automated placement and connectivity...
2020-11-14 advilUpdate explorer.lua for temple pregen change
2020-11-14 advilSkip input on tiles loading screen in test mode
2020-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergSplit out mon-explode explode
2020-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergLet palentonga mutate to roll farther (dinky)
2020-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergRemove dead code
2020-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "Revert "Don't crash in the skills menu (advil)""
2020-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "Don't crash in the skills menu (advil)"
2020-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergStop forcing Swamp
2020-11-14 Nicholas FeinbergDon't crash in the skills menu (advil) xp_pool
2020-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergDescribe chain lightning damage in xv
2020-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergFix monster
2020-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergShow IOOD damage in xv
2020-11-12 Nicholas FeinbergDon't print hex %s in black on black
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergColourize beam damage descriptions
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergDisplay marshlight damage in xv
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergMake wall-border dig behaviour consistent (12380)
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergZappify natural spells
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergZappify more monster beams
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergDisplay waterstrike damage on xv
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergDeduplicate monster explosion methods
2020-11-11 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor monster explosions a bit
2020-11-10 CrawlCycledocs: Document artp_value_type
2020-11-10 CrawlCycledocs: Document invalidate_agrid (#1588)
2020-11-10 Kieron DunbarRename the "center_on_scroll" option as "centre_on_scro...
2020-11-10 Kieron DunbarChange the spelling of some words to Australian English.
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergMention zot clock in E (nikheizen)
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergPartially unify mons explosion logic
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergTurn more monster spells into zaps
2020-11-10 whealsFix the path for
2020-11-10 whealsRe-wrap to 80 columns
2020-11-10 Sebastian ŁużyńskiUpdate
2020-11-10 Sebastian ŁużyńskiUpdate
2020-11-10 Sebastian ŁużyńskiUpdate and rename quickstart.txt to
2020-11-10 Midn8Properly Punctuate small damage distortion
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake an obvious removal
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergMake !attraction ignore friends
2020-11-10 Nicholas FeinbergAccept that Swamp and Shoals can coexist (#1606)
2020-11-09 Nicholas FeinbergMake witches less prehensile (RandomCharacter)
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmIWYU part 3
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmEven more IWYU
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmMore IWYU and header dependency cycle breaking
2020-11-09 Aidan HolmRemove dead code (#12379)
2020-11-09 whealsZap Duvessa if Dowan gets zapped and vice-versa (Lightli)
2020-11-09 gammafunkRevamp a Shoals ghost vault
2020-11-09 gammafunkAdjust Trog-themed gifts in a ghost vault
2020-11-09 Nicholas FeinbergCheckwhite
2020-11-09 Nikolai LavskyShow monster spell damage on xv in WebTiles
2020-11-08 advilFix some missed .s
2020-11-08 advilMore transparency fixes
2020-11-08 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease Hydra Form duration (Lici)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergAllow rebranding weapons to spectral (hellmonk)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergReorder the Necronomicon (Lightli)
2020-11-07 advilIsolate poly set rng
2020-11-07 advillint
2020-11-07 advilIsolate monster rng
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergFix a dumb and pointless joke (advil)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergFix polymorphing band members (advil)
2020-11-07 Nicholas FeinbergAdd poly save compat for removed mons (advil)