2014-07-09 Chris CampbellFix sticky flame duration depending on the HD of the...
2014-07-09 Nicholas FeinbergExtinguish cursed clubs
2014-07-09 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor plus-squashing code
2014-07-09 Nicholas FeinbergRemove darts (from a comment)
2014-07-08 Neil MooreAllow toggling monster speech diagnostics in &^Q
2014-07-08 ontoclasmAbjuration spell icons
2014-07-08 Neil MooreAllow specifying spells:melee in monster specs.
2014-07-08 Steve MelenchukRemove a name-colliding randart name.
2014-07-08 Chris CampbellFix hellfire burst being a different colour to hellfire zap
2014-07-08 Chris CampbellDon't consider the finger necklace's ring slot for...
2014-07-08 Chris CampbellLet Felids be fully bound under Ashenzari when all...
2014-07-08 Chris CampbellRemove Haunt from the Grand Grimoire
2014-07-08 Chris CampbellReduce the startup time of Malign Gateway
2014-07-08 Neil MooreDon't crash fsim when the player constricts (PleasingFu...
2014-07-08 Nicholas FeinbergChangelog through 0.15-a0-1939-gf284a85
2014-07-08 Neil MooreRemove race from vaultmaking docs (#8747)
2014-07-08 Neil MooreAlways show spell letter assignment (#8707)
2014-07-08 reaverbRemove Lava Worms
2014-07-07 Neil MooreAdjust a comment (PleasingFungus)
2014-07-07 Neil MooreFix noted-get flag (PleasingFungus, doh)
2014-07-07 Neil MooreFix item_pickup triggers and rune/orb milestones.
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergImprove lost soul messaging a little more
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergBrace
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergFix messaging for lost souls
2014-07-07 Shmuale MarkClarify message when hitting a slowed monster with...
2014-07-07 Shmuale MarkClean up some weirdnesses with monster berserk/haste...
2014-07-07 Shmuale MarkRemove an unused MB and ENCH.
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergAdd a missing linebreak
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergImprove altar-worship messages.
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergBrace :(
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergMake a rotten animate dead message slightly less bad
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergPrompt when reading ?blink if it won't allow control
2014-07-07 Nicholas FeinbergClean up ?blink
2014-07-07 Nicholas Feinberg27
2014-07-07 Neil MooreRefactor gather_features a bit.
2014-07-06 Shmuale MarkRename antimagic() -> debuff_player().
2014-07-06 Shmuale MarkReplace potions of paralysis with potions of cancellation.
2014-07-06 Shmuale MarkMake scroll of vulnerability only apply -MR.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreHandle traps in db_lint.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreFix "Created a gas, marking it undiscovered."
2014-07-06 Neil MooreModify webtiles socket timeouts, simplify.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreRemove a duplicate spell message entry for drakes.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreHandle floor renames in db_lint.
2014-07-06 Shmuale MarkPre-id strong poison, hide it.
2014-07-06 Shmuale MarkRemove potions of strong poison.
2014-07-06 Nicholas FeinbergFix (?) blood potion stack merging
2014-07-06 Neil MooreDon't call one corpse "several objects" (wheals)
2014-07-06 Neil MooreRemove ISFLAG_DROPPED_BY_ALLY.
2014-07-06 Nicholas FeinbergRe-fix ?ew not marking items uncursed (8653)
2014-07-06 Neil MooreSimplify by using coord_def::origin.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreConvert escape hatches in old labyrinths.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreDon't try to swap to unwieldable large rocks, either.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreMark large rocks as useless for non-large sandblasters...
2014-07-06 Nicholas FeinbergMake Dazzling Spray scale more strongly with HD
2014-07-06 Neil MooreRemove unused parameters from umbra() and backlit().
2014-07-06 Neil MooreReformat.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreSimplify.
2014-07-06 Neil MooreCheck genus in deporkalation.
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergShift gargoyle monsters slightly deeper in D
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergTweak Pikel dialogue
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergDespoilerify evilmike_haunted_forest
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergTweak placid magic messages
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergComment
2014-07-05 Neil MooreUnspoil the spider room in evilmike_haunted_forest...
2014-07-05 Neil MooreSupport cursed/damaged items in monspecs (PleasingFungus)
2014-07-05 Neil MooreTrack eating in action counts.
2014-07-05 ontoclasmCond. shield icon
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergConstify
2014-07-05 Neil MoorePrevent DEAD_MONSTER messages for offlevel companions
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergConstify
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor item pickup code
2014-07-05 Nicholas FeinbergBrace
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergRefactor gozag wrath out of move_item_to_player()
2014-07-04 Shmuale MarkRemove some unused code accidentally restored.
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "Give Forlorn mutation additional anti-faith...
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergRevert "don't eat off the floor (aef094f7fd7. 9c21a484839)"
2014-07-04 Neil MooreRefactor bernoulli a bit.
2014-07-04 Neil MooreDon't disappear companions from Pan on load (크롤러, Pleas...
2014-07-04 Neil MooreRefactor a conditional (PleasingFungus)
2014-07-04 Shmuale MarkCombine key names, symbolise.
2014-07-04 Shmuale MarkSymbolise.
2014-07-04 Shmuale MarkDe-rune Jory's tower.
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergMove some more rot code into
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergRemove x
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a reference to monster napping
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergExport blood-rot time
2014-07-04 Nicholas FeinbergSimplify blood potion initialization
2014-07-04 Neil MooreSort blood timers in-place (PleasingFungus)
2014-07-03 Chris CampbellAdd potions of restore abilities to arenasprint (minmay)
2014-07-03 reaverbFix whitespace
2014-07-03 Shmuale MarkUpdate Lua mutation checks for wizname changes.
2014-07-03 Shmuale MarkFold mutation_def::wizname into ::short_desc.
2014-07-03 Nicholas FeinbergImprove a shop message
2014-07-03 Nicholas FeinbergExport rot 'timer' to a define
2014-07-03 Nicholas FeinbergFix a few pan lord descriptions
2014-07-03 Nicholas FeinbergHint at pan lords knowing spells (Patashu)
2014-07-03 Nicholas FeinbergDon't prompt when removing =faith under Xom (minmay)
2014-07-02 Neil MooreRemove some stray vault entries (Grunt)
2014-07-02 Neil MooreMake srp_altar and tele_altar more symmetrical.
2014-07-02 Neil MooreAdd a lemuel_tele_altar variant.