115 min ago advilDon't show static targeters for `Z` master
4 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergGive meliai a weapon offset
4 hours ago GoratrixGive atropa and datura darts distinct color tiles
17 hours ago advilDon't include wands in quiver autofill/cycling
18 hours ago advilLet throwing ammo be quivered with a launcher
19 hours ago advilFix a build issue for cao
23 hours ago Nikolai LavskyColourize beam damage descriptions in WebTiles
25 hours ago advilShow inert evokers in `V` menu (Lici)
26 hours ago advilRemove a debug message
26 hours ago advilFix a bunch of inscription logic errors
26 hours ago advilFix cleave+reaching
28 hours ago advilGenerate a quickstart.txt
40 hours ago advilFix an autofight / throw interaction (vt)
40 hours ago advilImprove handling of =f inscriptions
41 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergBan missed net farming (Misc)
42 hours ago advilFix a potential crash while joining ru
44 hours ago advilDon't mark newgame spells as useless
46 hours ago advilFix !f inscription checks (vt)
2 days ago advilMore spell quivering fixes, this time for excursions
2 days ago advilDon't crash on a spell uselessness check when entering...
2 days ago advilHandle randomization correctly in absolute zero targeter
2 days ago advilLua api for targeted fire of spells, items, abilities
2 days ago advilSimplify and document the actions/quiver API somewhat
2 days ago advilName some special numbers in autofight (PleasingFungus)
2 days ago advilRefactor and consolidate melee attacks
2 days ago advilChange/improve some default quiver filling cases
2 days ago advilDocumentation, tutorial updates
2 days ago advilRefactor and improve some autofight checks
2 days ago advilChange the behavior of the CLUA_BINDINGS #define
2 days ago advilDon't show item letters for actions in quiver
2 days ago adviladd CMD_AUTOFIRE to `p`
2 days ago advilFix a tag upgrade issue
2 days ago advilLet staff of olgreb use the static targeter when needed
2 days ago advilFirst-pass implementation for quivering abilities
2 days ago advilUpdate some options text for quivering-related changes
2 days ago advilAllow quivering evokable unrands
2 days ago advilImplement target preselection for artefacts
2 days ago advilImplement quivering/firing misc evocables
2 days ago advilSome tweaks around quiver mp usage
2 days ago advilFix a bunch of shadow warnings
2 days ago advilFix some lingering grd instances, other issues
2 days ago advilTweak autofight_throw behavior and clarify comments
2 days ago advilImprove target selection for explosions/clouds
2 days ago advilImprove messaging for confused ammo firing
2 days ago advilRefactor a few casting checks
2 days ago advilFix temp on several uselessness checks
2 days ago advilAdd a simplified uselessness check for passwall
2 days ago advilImprove uselessness checks for corpse rot
2 days ago advilClean up some necromancy preconditions
2 days ago advilRemove some debug code
2 days ago advilSimplify launching?
2 days ago advilFix various issues with firing disabled spells
2 days ago advilDon't wipe out top_prompt in UIDirectionChooserView
2 days ago advilTweak static targeting for a bunch of self-targeted...
2 days ago advilAdd a (static) targeter for frozen ramparts
2 days ago advilImproved confused throwing from quiver
2 days ago advilAdd static targeters for most untargeted spells
2 days ago advilImprove handling of disabled actions when cycling fire
2 days ago advilRe-implement tossing
2 days ago advilRevamp fire interface to fully handle fire actions
2 days ago advilQuiet beam messages by default
2 days ago advilRemove "quiver unavailable"
2 days ago advilAdjust newquiver save compat behavior
2 days ago advilAdd a custom quiver display for sandblast
2 days ago advilFirst-pass menu for generalized quivering
2 days ago advilClean up evoke checks a bit
2 days ago advilImprovements to fire order and display
2 days ago advilImprove autotargeting for various quivered spells
2 days ago advilSkip digging for quiver
2 days ago advilTrigger untargeted actions directly on autofire
2 days ago advilSimplify default shift-tab behavior
2 days ago advilAllow quivering wands
2 days ago advilUpdate docs for quiver miscast severity option
2 days ago advilDon't quiver dangerous spells by default
2 days ago advilImplement quivering spells
2 days ago advilLet beam spells target test statues without Z
2 days ago advilDon't let browser eat shift-tab in webtiles
2 days ago advilRefactor and generalize quivering
2 days ago advilRename a quiver enum
2 days ago advilRudimentary API for programmatic targeting
2 days ago Nicholas FeinbergImprove net traps
2 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRework player spell accuracy display
2 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRename greater mummies to royal mummies (gressup)
2 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't show the zot clock in Abyss
3 days ago advilFix for hep games that get soft-locked in abyss
3 days ago Nicholas FeinbergAdd a killer klown kast message (zipskins)
3 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDescribe marshlight in monster (vt)
3 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't claim fireballs can miss (lici)
3 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove an unused function
5 days ago Nicholas FeinbergShow spell to-hit % in the targeter
5 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMake lighting affects beams more like attacks
6 days ago Nicholas FeinbergHalve distortion banish weight (hellmonk)
6 days ago advilRemove invocation removal
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergReplace tloc -Tele with -Move
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergIncrease marshlight cast frequency
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergSlow goliath frogs down a bit
8 days ago gammafunkFix spriggan druids not casting Awaken Forest (Lici)
8 days ago advilReword the demigod description (monkeytor)
9 days ago gammafunkFix some problems in a vault
9 days ago Nicholas FeinbergTurn monster explosions into fineffs