2 days ago Aidan HolmFix formatted_scroller::line_down() returning wrong... master
3 days ago Aidan HolmMove MEL_TITLE sectioning to MEL_END_OF_SECTION
3 days ago Aidan HolmFix tiles message region resize behaviour
3 days ago advilUpdate mailmap and credits
4 days ago Jean MartelFix wizmode mutation resistance bug (#623)
5 days ago Aidan HolmFix tiles UI not being redrawn on expose
5 days ago nlavskyFix message displayed when Gh tries to quaff potion...
5 days ago advilUse device pixels for clipping, not logical pixels
6 days ago Aidan HolmFix resize+keypress crash on local tiles pull/620 620/head
6 days ago Aidan HolmFix leaking a freetype context per loaded font
6 days ago Aidan HolmRemove dead code, update docs for tile_layout_priority
6 days ago Aidan HolmEnsure TabbedRegion is given enough height to render...
6 days ago Aidan HolmRemove useless visual separator
6 days ago Aidan HolmStop drawing current menu page after a MEL_TITLE entry
6 days ago Aidan HolmFix menu rendering when window size is reduced
6 days ago Aidan HolmClean unused code, add assertion
6 days ago Aidan HolmFix a few tiles rendering glitches
6 days ago Aidan HolmImprove layout+spacing of tiles main dungeon view
6 days ago Aidan HolmFix tiles minimap viewport indicator leaving the sidebar
6 days ago Aidan HolmFix sidebar monster/inv background flicker on resize
6 days ago Aidan HolmAdd GL render clipping support for local tiles
6 days ago Neil MooreStaticalise a few functions.
6 days ago Neil MooreAvoid a warning from gcc.
6 days ago Neil MooreFix an _add_insert_commands varargs overrun (aidanh...
6 days ago Neil MooreTake an argument by const reference.
6 days ago Neil MooreDon't have a member with the same name as its type.
6 days ago advilVarious cleanups, including enum classing the game...
6 days ago advilDelete an obsolete comment that I missed
6 days ago advilFurther tweak restart behavior and options (Zibokwe)
7 days ago gammafunkFix usage of a prompt function that expects a format...
7 days ago advilAdd an option to allow having a name set to not bypass...
7 days ago advilOver-elaborately enable restart_after_game by default
8 days ago advilMake the manual bonus match the help (11139) and simplify
8 days ago ellipticPrevent random switching of gnoll titles when their...
8 days ago ellipticFix title weirdnesses when two skills are tied.
8 days ago advilPrevent cursor from disappearing on right arrow in...
9 days ago advilWipe out text input prefill more thoroughly (11258)
9 days ago Corin Buchanan... Fix a typo (amalloy)
9 days ago Corin Buchanan... Try to improve a clumsy Ru message.
9 days ago Corin Buchanan... Spell out that all Ru's powers scale with piety in...
10 days ago ellipticAdjust Gnoll apts: spell schools to +6, Invocations...
10 days ago advilFix boosted HP/Str coloring for berserk cooldown in...
10 days ago advilClarify berserk messaging (0011256)
11 days ago advilMore constraints on partial species name in options...
11 days ago gammafunkReduce average number of levels needed for unique Pan...
11 days ago Alan MalloyMake Pan=>Abyss portals random again (Siegurt)
12 days ago advilUse case-insensitive comparison for species selection...
12 days ago advilRevert an accidental change in 3b2a47dc5e4a (wheals)
12 days ago advilImprove error messaging for incompatible combos on...
13 days ago advilFix a (presumed) precision mistake in ad-hoc fixed...
2017-10-08 advilBetter handle mindelay skills > 27
2017-10-08 advilMake cigotuvi's and ozocobu's act symmetrically
2017-10-06 advilMake some code very slightly less brittle
2017-10-05 advilFix gnoll / trog interaction (gammafunk)
2017-10-05 Neil MooreChangelog for 0.21 trunk.
2017-10-04 Neil MooreDescribe entry layout in species-data.h
2017-10-04 Neil MooreUnbrace
2017-10-04 advilActually save a header file
2017-10-04 advilDisable traps & stabbing in a slightly different way
2017-10-04 advilcheckwhite
2017-10-04 advilActually disable traps+stabbing for gnolls
2017-10-04 advilFix prompt_for_quantity on webtiles
2017-10-03 advilReturn kill-to-begin to its previous state
2017-10-02 John Make sure unistd.h is included for Cygwin...
2017-10-02 VelrosGhoul HP regeneration near submerged enemies
2017-10-02 Rolf KFixes for coding style.
2017-10-02 Rolf KChange scarf message to something more funny.
2017-10-02 Rolf KFix indentation some more.
2017-10-02 Rolf KFix indentation.
2017-10-02 Rolf KMake Xom do different things to cloaks and scarves...
2017-10-01 advilClean up some fulldebug spam for gnolls
2017-10-01 gammafunkRe-allow Trog worship for Gnolls
2017-10-01 ellipticFix transferred non-gnolls being told that they quaffed...
2017-10-01 ellipticAllow gnolls to sacrifice arcana, but don't give them...
2017-10-01 ellipticScale you.total_experience and you.exp_available by 10.
2017-10-01 ellipticDon't claim to have quaffed !exp after saving and reloa...
2017-09-30 ellipticMore gnoll skill code tweaks.
2017-09-30 ellipticDon't train Stabbing and Traps on gnolls.
2017-09-30 advilReally for real disable all training target UI for...
2017-09-30 ellipticMake gnoll skills rise evenly.
2017-09-30 Neil MooreAvoid a gcc warning.
2017-09-29 advilIn skill menu, let = always work, fix crosstrain skills...
2017-09-29 advilRemove some doubles, and fix a wrong assumption about...
2017-09-29 advilHandle ash boosts better in item desc (|amethyst),...
2017-09-29 advilFix skill target behavior for heroism (11240)
2017-09-29 advilFor real disable training target UI for gnolls
2017-09-29 advilOnly calculate ash bonus for ash characters
2017-09-29 gammafunkImprove shield offsets for the minotaur monster tile
2017-09-29 gammafunkFix training restrictions in skill menus and messages...
2017-09-29 gammafunkDon't enable all trainable skills for non-Gnolls in...
2017-09-28 gammafunkUnbrace
2017-09-28 gammafunkDeclare a function as static
2017-09-28 advilDon't crash when describing staves
2017-09-28 advilAttempt to quiet some gcc warnings
2017-09-28 advilDon't show 100% training rate info in describe for...
2017-09-28 advilUpdate help file for training targets
2017-09-28 advilDisable training targets for new^3gnolls
2017-09-28 advilAdd a command to set skill targets from an item description
2017-09-28 advilGeneralize webtiles text input code and use it for...
2017-09-28 advilFix a fairly nasty bug leading to blank webtiles sometimes