8 hours ago advilEnsure that _getch_mul returns a non-empty keyseq ... master
8 hours ago advilRewrite text input suppression to use different hacks
24 hours ago advilClear m_glyphs when (re-)configuring fonts
3 days ago advilMake ability wall jump work under silence
4 days ago Aidan HolmFix uninitialized read when handling god speech
5 days ago Aidan HolmAdd some new title artwork (froggy)
5 days ago advilUpdate submodule
5 days ago advilImprove support for MSYS2
6 days ago advilRevert 399e2f71cb99 and do it a different way
6 days ago Gregory ChereshnevUpdate species.txt
6 days ago advilFix a DEAD MONSTER (u/cervance)
6 days ago Alan MalloySimplify printf specifiers for !agi and !brill
7 days ago advilOne more -- add a caveat about the font
7 days ago advilList recognized language codes in options_guide.txt
7 days ago Alan MalloyMention the 'language' option in options_guide.txt
7 days ago Alan MalloyImprove error message when rcfile specifies unknown...
7 days ago Aidan Holmfontwrapper-ft: cache glyph metrics outside the atlas
7 days ago Kyle RawlinsTweak build instructions for msys2
8 days ago Alan MalloyDon't clear unique annotations when you defeat an illus...
8 days ago Aidan HolmFix some unused func/var warnings on console
8 days ago Alan MalloyMake Duvessa and Dowan react the same to killing each...
8 days ago Aidan HolmRemove redundant spell tiles
8 days ago Aidan HolmAdd generic monster spell tile
8 days ago Aidan HolmAdd consistent background to monster spell tiles
8 days ago Aidan HolmDon't show removed spells in ?/s menu (rchandra, #11287)
8 days ago Aidan HolmFix floor features getting a black tile in ?/F
8 days ago Chris CampbellClean up some comment spacing
8 days ago Chris CampbellDon't place air elemental bands with spriggan air mages
8 days ago Chris CampbellDon't require the rest command to make barbs expire
8 days ago Chris CampbellAllow manually cancelling Formicid digging
9 days ago Aidan HolmFix local tiles resize during yesno and stat gain prompt
9 days ago Aidan HolmShorten Trog ability description to fit in one line
10 days ago gammafunkFix a crash when attempting to print constriction statu...
11 days ago Aidan HolmChoose correct tile for headless vines/starspawn tentacles
11 days ago Aidan HolmDon't vary tiles for fake monsters
11 days ago Aidan HolmFix glyph metric lookup for multibyte utf-8 chars
11 days ago Aidan HolmFix some iterations over multibyte utf-8
12 days ago wheals0.21 tournament reminder.
12 days ago gammafunkFinalize the changelog for 0.21
13 days ago gammafunkFix the smite targeting of Borgnjor's Vile Clutch ...
13 days ago gammafunkSlightly refactor some spell targeting code and update...
13 days ago gammafunkEnable Wu Jian in stable versions
13 days ago gammafunkEnable Gnolls in stable versions
2018-01-03 gammafunkHave all forms of monster movement break indirect const...
2018-01-03 gammafunkGive a static function a clearer name
2018-01-03 Chris CampbellRemove duplicate info from a description
2018-01-03 Chris CampbellImprove some WJC messaging/descriptions
2018-01-03 Chris CampbellCoding convention fixes
2018-01-03 Chris CampbellAllow (a)bility-walljump to be used when starving
2018-01-02 advilDo post-move things for ability walljump (MarvinPA)
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellMore completely remove Delayed Fireball
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellMake Yredelemnul's Enslave Soul smite-targeted
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellRemove another ability use of LOS_RADIUS
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellSwap the ranges of Makhleb's Minor/Major destruction...
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellDon't allow firing Draconian breaths out of LOS
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellFix Lugonu Banish working on out-of-LOS enemies
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellRemove Shatter from pan lord spell lists
2018-01-02 Chris CampbellAdjust messaging for emergency flight
2018-01-02 gammafunkCorrect weapon offsets for the wight monster tile ...
2018-01-02 gammafunkUpdated entropy weaver and tormentor tiles (roctavian...
2018-01-01 gammafunkA batch of updated monster tiles (roctavian, #11340)
2018-01-01 gammafunkA new Shining One altar tile (roctavian, #11340)
2018-01-01 gammafunkA batch of updated artefact weapon tiles (roctavian...
2018-01-01 gammafunkA batch of updated elven monster tiles (roctavian,...
2018-01-01 gammafunkSome tweaks to plant tiles (roctavian, #11340)
2018-01-01 gammafunkNew and updated zombie and skeleton monster tiles ...
2018-01-01 advilUpdate wall jump info in changelog, options guide,...
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmPostpone timed portal messages bofore level load (Yerma...
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmFix spell list column heading alignments
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmImprove rendering of menu entries with tall tiles
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmAdd centre parameter to renderer.draw_from_texture()
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmFix renderer.draw_from_texture() ignoring y_max
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmFix alignment of spellsets with hex-chances
2018-01-01 dplusplusfix explore_discoveries::cleaned_feature_description()
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmCorrectly ellipsize multibyte strings
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmFix word-wrapping pt 2: short strings
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmFix word-wrapping of text with embedded newlines
2018-01-01 Aidan HolmAdd formatted_string::chop_bytes()
2017-12-31 Chris CampbellMark some Ely abilities as unusable when confused
2017-12-31 Chris CampbellFix unidentified scarves being targetable by ?enchant...
2017-12-31 Aidan HolmFix crash in player doll editor (GuideCritic, #11333)
2017-12-31 gammafunkPreliminary debian changelog entries for 0.21 and 0.22 0.22-a0
2017-12-31 gammafunkMore changelog updates 0.21-b1
2017-12-31 gammafunkUpdate the changelog through 0.21-a0-642-g5d013b21
2017-12-30 Aidan HolmFix ghost doll cycling through parts
2017-12-30 Chris CampbellTweak Shatter some more
2017-12-30 hellmonkSimplify shatter damage formula.
2017-12-30 Chris CampbellSimplify LRD explosion damage and size
2017-12-29 advilAllow wall jump against closed doors via the ability
2017-12-29 advilAdd a targeter/ability for WJC wall jump
2017-12-29 Neil MooreUpdate new-member instructions slightly.
2017-12-29 Neil MooreChampagne and caviar for aidanh.
2017-12-29 advilUse random food tiles for rations
2017-12-27 Alan MalloyUpdate copyright from 2016 to 2018
2017-12-26 gammafunkFix messaging when the Borg's Vile Clutch enchantment...
2017-12-26 gammafunkLower the enchantment duration of Borgnjor's Vile Clutch
2017-12-24 Chris CampbellFurther ghost adjustments
2017-12-24 advilTweak min ghost speed to 10 after further discussion
2017-12-24 advilNormalize ghost min speed and prevent more ghost brands
2017-12-24 advilDon't generate ghosts in portal branches