41 min ago Nikolai LavskyFix stray commas in chardump notes for dungeon features master
7 hours ago Andrew YorkUpdate
8 hours ago nlavskyTweak staff of Olgreb description (#1334)
2 days ago gammafunkUpdate the changelog
2 days ago gammafunkFix grammar in a spell description (Goratrix)
2 days ago gammafunkUpdate the Frozen Ramparts description
2 days ago gammafunkReduce the range and damage of Frozen Ramparts
2 days ago gammafunkUse a spell range lookup instead of a constant
2 days ago KateMake Frozen Ramparts damage awaken monsters
2 days ago Umer ShaikhCheck holiness before casting dispel undead
3 days ago KateAdjust the staff of Olgreb
3 days ago KateRework staves of poison
3 days ago KateConsider magical staves and pain weapons to be wizardly...
3 days ago KateRework the phial of floods
3 days ago KateRemove staves of power
3 days ago KateRemove crystal balls of energy
3 days ago KateRemove lamps of fire
3 days ago KateRemove sacks of spiders
3 days ago KateRemove fans of gales
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove force_article parameter from thing_do_grammar()
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove add_stop parameter from thing_do_grammar()
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove add_stop parameter from feature_description()
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove add_stop parameter from feature_description_at()
3 days ago Aidan HolmExtract god_speaker() function
3 days ago gammafunkAdd an effect flash for Absolute Zero
3 days ago gammafunkAllow Absolute Zero to target tentacles
3 days ago gammafunkAdd range scaling for Absolute Zero
3 days ago gammafunkFix two bugs for Absolute Zero
3 days ago hellmonkAbsolute Zero, a replacement spell for Glaciate.
4 days ago Aidan HolmExtract known items menu to extract-known-items
4 days ago Aidan HolmAdd server chroot migration scripts
4 days ago Aidan HolmAdd missing mypy.ini (alexjurkiewicz)
5 days ago advilDon't make splash noises during level generation
6 days ago advilFix a piercing + omnireflection crash
6 days ago advilDon't let a reaching weapon override M_PREFER_RANGED
7 days ago gammafunkPrevent felid revival in isolated Gauntlet areas
7 days ago gammafunkProperly apply effect noise for Frozen Ramparts
9 days ago KateMake indestructible vault trees unaffected by tornado...
9 days ago gammafunkAdjust spawn locations of D:1 monsters
10 days ago gammafunkRework trap placement in a Volcano map (SFR)
10 days ago GoratrixAdd zombie hornet tile
10 days ago Aidan HolmUse single-line style for Python imports
10 days ago Aidan HolmFix lint / type errors for
11 days ago Aidan HolmAdd some test cases for cookie authentication
11 days ago Aidan HolmExtract cookie authentication logic to its own file
11 days ago Aidan HolmRefactor with a context manager
11 days ago Aidan HolmFix lint errors
11 days ago Aidan HolmAdd requirements.txt tools, formatting, and linting
11 days ago gammafunkSimplify and rebalance Frozen Ramparts
11 days ago Aidan HolmRemove open() call with both read and write modes
11 days ago Aidan HolmFix str/bytes issues
11 days ago Aidan HolmAdd type hints
11 days ago Aidan HolmConvert exception indexing to py3-compatible code
12 days ago KateMark scarves of rMsl useless with innate rMsl (#11157)
12 days ago gammafunkFix recasting after Divine Exegesis (AliasTheSpectator)
12 days ago GoratrixFix randart weapon names (12228)
12 days ago Byrel MitchellAdded room for tactics to vaults in simple.des
12 days ago RojjaCebollaAdd more kinds of divine favor
12 days ago klorpaBritish Spelling corrections
12 days ago gammafunkAdd a player ghost door_vault variant
12 days ago gammafunkSome tweaks to reverse_door_vault
12 days ago gammafunkRevamp not_door_vault_due
12 days ago gammafunkSome tweaks to not_door_vault_mu
12 days ago gammafunkRevamp door_vault
12 days ago gammafunkTweak placement of a ghost vault
13 days ago GoratrixAdd the new octopode loading image to webtiles
13 days ago klorpaTypoFixes
13 days ago GoratrixFix spelling in god descriptions
2020-03-18 advilRefactor init_user to be asynchronous
2020-03-18 advilFix a bytes/str issue (I think)
2020-03-18 Alex JurkiewiczDon't print to stderr
2020-03-18 Alex JurkiewiczRefactor
2020-03-18 Alex JurkiewiczAdd retry support to
2020-03-18 GoratrixSmall spelling and grammar fixes
2020-03-18 GoratrixCorrect transparency in shortened scarf tiles
2020-03-18 GoratrixShortened versions of scarf tiles (#12210)
2020-03-18 Edgar A. Bering IVCorrect spelling (ByrelMitchell)
2020-03-18 theJollySinAdded a few more strings for random item name generation
2020-03-18 theJollySinAlphabetizing some random item word lists
2020-03-18 advilAdd a workaround for the LoggerAdapter py35 bug
2020-03-17 Byrel MitchellFixes comment about Trog paralysis protection.
2020-03-17 advilAdd a comment about the LoggerAdapter chaining issue
2020-03-17 advilOverride a mypy error for backwards-compat code
2020-03-17 KateUpdate some webtiles stat colouring
2020-03-17 advilDo admin check with a decorator
2020-03-17 Aidan HolmSimplify admin announce code
2020-03-17 gammafunkA player ghost level for Ziggurats
2020-03-16 advilTweak the logging fix
2020-03-16 advilSuppress most access logging for tornado >= 3
2020-03-16 gammafunkProperly set the admin flag in the WebTiles client
2020-03-16 advilFix the ancient tornado compat code
2020-03-16 advilFix an import
2020-03-16 advilMove admin panel fully into client.html
2020-03-16 advilRemove some debug code
2020-03-16 advilcheckwhite new file
2020-03-16 advilAdd a rudimentary serverwide announce facility to webtiles
2020-03-16 advilFix another bytes/string issue in a callback
2020-03-15 advilA few cleanups to tornado compatibility code (aidanh)
2020-03-15 advilcheckwhite
2020-03-15 advilTornado 2.4 compatibility hacks