25 hours ago Alan MalloyRemove duplicate word in a comment master
46 hours ago Neil MooreAlways give Ijyb a wand.
46 hours ago Neil MooreCheckwhite.
47 hours ago Neil MooreAlways give armour to Duvessa and Ijyb (minmay)
47 hours ago Neil MooreDon't use closing single quote for apostrophes.
47 hours ago Neil MooreAnother pop music quote.
2 days ago gammafunkRemove item level transit code no_item_transit
4 days ago Chris CampbellReword some references to mana in god passive descripti...
4 days ago Chris CampbellFix Wu Jian messaging (|amethyst)
5 days ago Chris CampbellDon't place clouds through walls during Heaven on Earth
5 days ago Chris CampbellFurther simplify some Wu Jian handling
5 days ago Chris CampbellAdjust WJC distraction
5 days ago Chris CampbellUpdate Wu Jian ability descriptions
5 days ago Chris CampbellFix spacing and simplify
5 days ago Chris CampbellRemove the slowing effect from Whirlwind attacks
5 days ago Chris CampbellOnly allow WJC walljumping when a target would be attacked
6 days ago Isaac SloatForbid spawning in Bailey display cases
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMore Desolation vaults (nicolae, 10974)
8 days ago Alan Malloyarmour of the Dragon King -> scales of the Dragon King
8 days ago DoesntyAllow (un)wielding items while berserk (#490)
8 days ago Neil MooreFix WebTiles builds.
8 days ago Alan MalloyFix Makefile's handling of -s flag
8 days ago Chris CampbellDon't display stats when examining orbs of destruction
8 days ago Chris CampbellFix monsters being coloured grey under mesmerise/fear
8 days ago Alan MalloyImprove _mark_detected_creature
8 days ago Alan MalloyReplace a use of env.map_knowledge with query_map_knowledge
8 days ago Alan MalloyIntroduce new function query_map_knowledge
8 days ago Alan MalloyCreate new header map-cell.h
8 days ago Isaac SloatAdd description for Ratskin Cloak evokable ability
8 days ago Isaac SloatAdd description for Heaven on Earth clouds
8 days ago Isaac SloatAdd Hepliaklqana and Uskayaw welcome lines
8 days ago Isaac SloatUpdate Stomp description (10976)
8 days ago Kyle RawlinsAdd a note one documentation in Makefile itself
8 days ago Yer mivvaggahSpecify what "setting a prefix" means
9 days ago advilAdd another mesmerise check
9 days ago Neil MooreRecalc LOS, clinging, etc. when wizmode xm destroys...
9 days ago Alan MalloyRevert cbfb660f8 and 436dd8c64
9 days ago Chris CampbellDon't display stats when examining orbs of destruction
9 days ago Chris CampbellFix monsters being coloured grey under mesmerise/fear
9 days ago advilBlock mesmerisation through solid features (10962)
10 days ago advilRemove some obsolete checks for smite-targeting past...
11 days ago advilMake `get_spell_letter` use `you.spell_letter_table`
11 days ago advilFix a return (local tiles mouse bug)
11 days ago advilCheck map bounds for local tiles right-click (10600)
11 days ago Neil MooreCorrect some database comment placements (Alarkh)
11 days ago Neil MooreFix a warning (yrmvgh)
11 days ago Neil MooreCorrect a few more keys in db_lint and gather_features.
11 days ago Neil MooreFix missing Xom cloud trail speech.
11 days ago Neil MooreRemove/rename some obsolete descriptions and db entries.
11 days ago Neil MooreFix up db_lint and util/gather_*.
11 days ago Neil MooreFix dragon scales when TAG_MAJOR_VERSION > 34.
12 days ago Neil MooreCheckwhite (doh)
12 days ago Neil MooreUse more scoped enums and enum bitfields.
12 days ago Neil MooreUpdate copyright date in licence.txt
12 days ago Neil MooreUpdate metadata.
12 days ago Neil MooreDon't crash when ratskin cloak has no room to summon.
12 days ago Isaac SloatSpeed up monster Sprinting
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergBarachians -> Barachim
13 days ago Neil MooreRe-align mutation conflict table.
13 days ago Neil MooreMake no regen mutation conflict with fast regen (MrMonch).
2017-03-09 Isaac SloatFix WJC overview screen (10955)
2017-03-09 Nicholas FeinbergFix a Zin recite comment (10944)
2017-03-09 advilUpdate los when clouds spread
2017-03-09 Isaac SloatAdd a color for extreme draining
2017-03-09 advilConsider opacity of old clouds when recalculating los
2017-03-09 Isaac SloatAdd Donald lines for Hep/Usk/WJC
2017-03-09 Isaac SloatSteal away ARTP_FOG
2017-03-09 Isaac SloatRefactor Ratskin Cloak code
2017-03-08 Neil MooreNever switch to webtiles CRT mode in cursorxy()
2017-03-08 Neil MooreCheckwhite.
2017-03-08 Neil MooreFix use_fake_cursor = false webtiles targeting (#7201...
2017-03-08 FloodkillerFix more hardcoded 27s. (#489)
2017-03-08 advilReword WJC powers screen so it doesn't overflow on...
2017-03-07 Corin Buchanan... Update Ru sacrifice piety gain (minmay)
2017-03-07 Isaac SloatMinor cleaning of Wu Jian description (10964)
2017-03-07 advilRevert add loudness to loudness
2017-03-07 advilAdd loudness to the ring of loudness
2017-03-07 Neil MooreGive better message when trying to worship Fedhas/Yred...
2017-03-07 Neil MooreAdd qw persist file to .gitignore.
2017-03-06 FloodkillerClean up detect_items() (#488)
2017-03-06 Isaac SloatPre-identify manuals
2017-03-06 advilDisallow leaping fungi
2017-03-05 Isaac SloatRandomize doesnt_xom_only_xom
2017-03-05 advilLet fake_pty (for tests) compile on OS X
2017-03-05 Chris CampbellGive wading in shallow water a fixed movement speed...
2017-03-05 advilCheck for map bounds when coloring mesmerise ranges...
2017-03-05 advilMake targeter/mesmerise code & rendering consistent...
2017-03-04 Chris CampbellAllow shopping and praying while immobile/netted/mesmerised
2017-03-04 advilCheck for mesmerizers after passwall
2017-03-04 advilCancel passwall on forced movement from mesmerize ...
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellDon't let spatial maelstroms consume malign gateways
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellRefactor handling of endless sea/lava/salt
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellRemove an unused parameter
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellRemove some obsolete handling for walking through lava
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellSimplify contamination explosions slightly
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellRelocate advil in mailmap
2017-03-03 Alan MalloyFix red sonja sprint temple (escu)
2017-03-03 Nicholas FeinbergPrevent eternal Heaven
2017-03-03 Yer mivvaggahMake Pikel less awkward (#484)
2017-03-03 Nicholas FeinbergDestroy destroy_spellbook (Doesnty)