2 hours ago Chris CampbellImprove some berserk checks master
2 hours ago Alex JurkiewiczGozag: don't offer useless haste/berserk in petition
29 hours ago Chris CampbellFix Passwall uselessness message (#11185)
29 hours ago Chris CampbellMark !degeneration as useless for gnolls (#11186)
3 days ago Benoit GiannangeliSeveral arrival vaults
4 days ago Alan MalloyGlobally replace s == "" with s.empty()
4 days ago Alan MalloyFactor out some repeated map-building logic
4 days ago Alan MalloyUse an rvalue reference to avoid some pointless copies
4 days ago Alan MalloyFix a misplaced semicolon
4 days ago Jared MillerToggle setting for modifier prefix keys / and *
5 days ago John BoyleFix some spell highlighting
5 days ago John BoyleMake Dith hate ALL fire spells (bepbepimjep, #10969)
6 days ago Neil MooreRemove several decor vaults.
6 days ago gammafunkAdjustments to a float vault
6 days ago gammafunkClean up water placement in a float vault
6 days ago nikheizenTwo float vaults
6 days ago gammafunkAdjust tags and syntax in some arrival vaults
6 days ago gammafunkTouch up a vault and simplify its glyph usage
6 days ago nikheizenFour simple arrival vaults
7 days ago Alan MalloyBring INSTALL instuctions in sync with themselves
8 days ago Alan MalloyImprove notes for finding unrand items (aolowin)
9 days ago Alan MalloyFix whitespace
9 days ago Alan MalloyUse hex literals for octorings, since we use it as...
9 days ago John BoyleAdjust spell memorisation warn priority (damerell,...
9 days ago Neil MooreFix a comment (doh)
9 days ago Neil MooreDon't merge shop and non-shop ammo in stash search...
9 days ago Alan MalloySimplify some expressions in
11 days ago gammafunkDocument and reindent a shallow water travel condition
11 days ago cut1lessLet shallow water be like floors for water species
11 days ago Neil MooreUpdate monster swift and corroded icons (Ultraviolent4...
11 days ago Neil MooreImprove that mailmap entry by rewriting the email addre...
11 days ago Neil MooreAdd an old email address for alexjurkiewicz.
12 days ago Neil MooreIgnore the Mac terminal profile in checkwhite.
12 days ago Neil MooreDon't infinite-loop when exploring hits a runed door...
13 days ago gammafunkMove a vault from Depths to late Dungeon (mikee)
13 days ago Chris CampbellMerge pull request #584 from shmup/master
13 days ago Chris CampbellAdjust potions of mutation
13 days ago Chris CampbellFix Vehumet enhancing the range of evoked spells (...
2017-08-05 Chris CampbellAdjust a wrath message
2017-08-05 Chris CampbellAdjust Revivification spell description
2017-08-05 advilAdd a command to temporarily suppress wiz/debug mode...
2017-08-05 Jared MillerUse consistent wording on cards pull/584 584/head
2017-08-04 gammafunkFix glyph usage in a vault (alexjurkiewicz, minmay)
2017-08-04 gammafunkRemove an unused variable
2017-08-04 gammafunkWebTiles support for monster corrosion and swiftness...
2017-08-04 Alex JurkiewiczImprove tile_flags alignment
2017-08-04 Alex JurkiewiczAdd a tiles icon for monster swift status
2017-08-04 Alex JurkiewiczAdd a tiles icon for monster corrosion
2017-08-04 Corin Buchanan... Remove a mistaken copy-paste (|amethyst)
2017-08-03 gammafunkFix autoexplore not starting properly under some condit...
2017-08-02 gammafunkTweak the layout of a abyssal rune vault
2017-08-01 gammafunkFix transporter placement in an abyssal rune vault...
2017-07-30 advilFix conditions under which shop contents are included...
2017-07-30 advilcheckwhite / unbrace
2017-07-29 gammafunkImprove visibility into a Trog-themed transporter vault...
2017-07-26 gammafunkUpdate the lightning rod description
2017-07-26 gammafunkDon't reset lightning rod power charge as long as uses...
2017-07-26 gammafunkDon't reset lightning rod charge power when recharging...
2017-07-26 gammafunkUse key variables to look up lightnind rod properties
2017-07-25 gammafunkSave compat for the lightning rod recharging change
2017-07-25 gammafunkGive lightning rods a power bonus only for continuous...
2017-07-25 gammafunkAllow lightning rods to get XP recharge when partially...
2017-07-24 gammafunkAdd a travel color option to reduce console map ambigui...
2017-07-21 gammafunkAllow travel to work through explored transporters
2017-07-21 gammafunkAdd a transporter destination retrieval function
2017-07-19 Chloe KudryavtsevFix various typos in jewellery hints (fixes #571)
2017-07-19 gammafunkMerge pull request #578 from Floodkiller/gnoll_remove_w...
2017-07-19 FloodkillerSquelch Chei 'lowering attributes' after piety loss... pull/578 578/head
2017-07-17 gammafunkMerge pull request #574 from Floodkiller/gnoll_remove_w...
2017-07-17 FloodkillerDon't warn for stat zero from changing items on Gnolls... pull/574 574/head
2017-07-17 Corin Buchanan... Fix broken check for removing +Invis items while invis.
2017-07-17 gammafunkDon't crash by attempting to heal stat loss on Gnolls
2017-07-17 gammafunkProperly set Gnoll stats and remove stat drain when...
2017-07-16 gammafunkRemove indent from stat gain notification code
2017-07-16 gammafunkSlightly refactor a stat gain function (|amethyst)
2017-07-16 FloodkillerRaise Gnoll statline from 5/5/5 to 7/7/7
2017-07-16 FloodkillerReplace Gnoll aptitude mechanic with locked stats
2017-07-15 Corin Buchanan... Make removing a cloak of invis instantly de-invis you...
2017-07-15 Corin Buchanan... Increase contam from unequipping an item that's grantin...
2017-07-15 Corin Buchanan... Allow poisonous vapours to target spaces that might...
2017-07-13 advilMake a constant bool explicit (and change its value)
2017-07-13 advilDon't crash on --builddb for tiles builds
2017-07-13 advilRename a local tiles enum to something more specific
2017-07-11 advilAn attempt to update the MSVC project header_simplification
2017-07-11 advilUse a different strategy for `flash_monster_colour`
2017-07-11 advilAnother batch of removing/relocating ifdefs from .h...
2017-07-11 advilRemove an old function definition
2017-07-11 advilRelocate an ifdef'd function from view.h to tiles-build...
2017-07-11 advilRemove an ifdef in message.h
2017-07-11 advilRemove some tiles-related ifdefs from state.h
2017-07-11 advilFactor tile-related #ifdefs out of AppHdr.h
2017-07-11 advilPull a tiles dependency out of player.h
2017-07-11 advilSingle-threaded db init (5354)
2017-07-11 advilDisable multithreaded db init for linux (5354, elliptic...
2017-07-10 advilDon't allow non-inventory items to be auto-assigned...
2017-07-06 kenranunderscoreStop diagonal running when encountering doors
2017-07-06 gammafunkAdd some tags to guarded unrand vaults
2017-07-06 gammafunkSome tweaks to a guarded unrand vault
2017-07-06 Alex JurkiewiczUpgrade mask of the dragon guarded vault
2017-07-06 gammafunkRework a digging themed transporter vault