93 min ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove the concept of a channeling item master
93 min ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove some unused parameters
95 min ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove the Evoke Fog Icon
2 hours ago Edgar A. Bering IVTurn +Fog into *Fog
36 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't call sleeping monsters frenzy immune
36 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergGenerate Gauntlet monsters awake
43 hours ago Edgar A. Bering IVRevise Wucad Mu
43 hours ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove staves of energy
2 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVDon't repeat the item name in the item describe popup...
4 days ago gammafunkDon't give pan lords rings of fog
4 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove Ring of Thunder from player save compat code
4 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVAdjust cloud ring mon_info descriptions
4 days ago Alex JurkiewiczFix some typos
4 days ago Alex JurkiewiczRe-add cloud rings for Asmodeus and Bai Suzhen
4 days ago Alex JurkiewiczAdd cloud rings to (some) random Pandemonium Lords
4 days ago Alex JurkiewiczAdd Ring of X monster enchantments
4 days ago Alex JurkiewiczRemove Ring of Thunder/Flames spells
4 days ago Alex JurkiewiczAdd surround_actor_with_cloud
4 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVNerf condenser vane charges
4 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVThaw orbs of destruction
4 days ago GoratrixDon't repeat acquirement identification message (dinky)
4 days ago gammafunkActually fix lair.des (steves)
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergEnd the endless hopping (Goratrix)
5 days ago GoratrixDon't crumble acquirement scrolls (12336)
5 days ago Alan MalloyUnbreak lair des from 22768bd
5 days ago GoratrixMove book of Hexes from E to H alphashop (#1514)
5 days ago Alan MalloyDon't generate two Lair entrances (/u/ezmonkey, /u...
6 days ago NaruniDoor reachability fine tuning
7 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVFix an unmarshalling bug (12337)
7 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVMove the ai_action namespace to its own header
7 days ago ImplojinUpdate monster creation documentation
7 days ago advilFix seed explorer handling of multiple portals
8 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate the changelog
8 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVGive the full buffet of misc evokers to Wanderers
8 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove Wand of Clouds charge-evokers-condenser-vane
8 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVNew Misc Item: Condenser Vane
8 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVMake Phantom Mirrors and Boxes of Beasts XP Charged
8 days ago Ryan McNeiveAdd Grinder taunt "Make like a tree!"
10 days ago whealsFix draconian acid breath.
10 days ago advilAdd github issue tracker links in a few key places
10 days ago advilItem menu improvements (fixes 12331)
11 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDisable the zot clock in sprints (hayenne)
11 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMake Zot messages more explicit
11 days ago advilSpeed up autofire somewhat
11 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't trigger *Rage on riposte
11 days ago Nicholas FeinbergSimplify the Scarf of Shadows
11 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove a rat dprf
12 days ago advilFix a smallterm crash and refactor slightly
12 days ago Nicholas FeinbergTurn +Rats into *Rats
12 days ago Nicholas FeinbergTriple contamination decay
13 days ago advilDon't repeat dump_order fields
13 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVActually increase the Zot bank to 15k
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergFix multizots
13 days ago advilEnsure valid cursor position after drawing hp/mp bar
2020-07-30 Nicholas FeinbergBump the clock bank back to 15k
2020-07-30 Nicholas FeinbergInvoke the malevolent chronology of Zot pull/1493 zot_branch_bank 1493/head
2020-07-30 Nicholas FeinbergRemove unused statuses
2020-07-30 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate the changelog
2020-07-29 advilRe-quiet turn 0 book reading (joshgelbard)
2020-07-29 advilDon't let force mores trigger during char setup
2020-07-29 advilDon't unconditionally draw noise/equip bar
2020-07-29 advilDon't crash on quiver drawing during game setup
2020-07-28 advilPrevent eternal Heaven, again (u/Anno474)
2020-07-28 advilComment the catch2 test a bit better
2020-07-28 advilLogic fixes for _ms_waste_of_time, function renames...
2020-07-28 advilAdd some documentation for ai_action::goodness
2020-07-28 advilMore systematically check `foe` in monster casting
2020-07-28 advilReplace summon swarm with shadow creatures in fedhas...
2020-07-28 advilImprove validation of spflag::monster
2020-07-28 advilAdd a lua test that exercises monster spells
2020-07-28 advilAdd a catch2 test to cross-check removed spells
2020-07-28 advilRefactor _ms_waste_of_time
2020-07-28 Edgar A. Bering IVReduce the slots melded by beastly appendage (mdonais)
2020-07-28 advilDon't place clouds for in-transit lemures
2020-07-28 Nicholas FeinbergClarify Rampage description
2020-07-28 Nicholas FeinbergBan Lear's Palentonga (Midn8)
2020-07-28 advilSimplify vehumet + library interaction (11636 etc)
2020-07-27 gammafunkDe-closet the central area of an encompass vault
2020-07-26 advilRetune qazlal animations
2020-07-26 S. MarkTweak Gozag powers description.
2020-07-26 advilRevert "Revert "Fix Qazlal Upheaval rendering to every...
2020-07-26 Aidan HolmRevert "Fix Qazlal Upheaval rendering to every tile...
2020-07-26 Aidan HolmFix wide UI popups on webtiles after push/pop (#12194)
2020-07-26 Aidan HolmFix double comma in monster speak (#12297)
2020-07-26 Edgar A. Bering IVTie the tracer range for rampaging to current vision
2020-07-26 Edgar A. Bering IVFix an assert in the rampage code
2020-07-26 gammafunkMake the Cloud Mage fly (CanOfWorms)
2020-07-26 Aidan HolmReimplement the map view as a widget
2020-07-26 Aidan HolmFix excessive redraw in prompt_invent_item
2020-07-26 Aidan HolmFix Qazlal Upheaval rendering to every tile twice.
2020-07-25 advilFix the build
2020-07-25 advilDon't put D:1 plants to sleep (purplemustard)
2020-07-25 KateFix grunt_forest_large_clearings being filled with...
2020-07-25 KateDon't try to place rations as Zig loot
2020-07-25 KateRemove some references to rations and butchery
2020-07-25 KateUpdate some help files
2020-07-25 Edgar A. Bering IVTweak some lua documentation
2020-07-25 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't visit stashes of size 1 (Ge0ff)
2020-07-25 Edgar A. Bering IVMove some autopick logic to the correct place
2020-07-25 Edgar A. Bering IVTweak Palentonga charge confirmation prompts