6 hours ago Kyle RawlinsChange default terminal settings for mac build master
7 hours ago Pekka LampilaRegenerate build.h when git version changes.
10 hours ago gammafunkFix make install (heftig)
10 hours ago gammafunkA Zot trap themed transporter vault
11 hours ago Chris CampbellFix a vault typo
28 hours ago Kyle RawlinsAdd an official OS X terminal profile for dcss
29 hours ago DoesntyDon't let Kiku wrath inflict infinite miscasts (#533)
29 hours ago hawthornbunnyFix "Wear which item" typo
29 hours ago FurbehMake cooldowns for DDoor and Berserk accessible through...
34 hours ago gammafunkBalance and overflow altar vault
35 hours ago gammafunkFix an overflow vault crash (Sage1234)
42 hours ago gammafunkTweak advpng compression levels in a png compression...
42 hours ago gammafunkMerge pull request #539 from alexjurkiewicz/advpng
44 hours ago gammafunkSome tweaks to Cocytus end vaults
46 hours ago FloodkillerRemove flight requirements from Hell rune floors
2 days ago Andrew MintonComment fix.
2 days ago Andrew MintonRemove translucent transformations from the_grid_setup
2 days ago Andrew MintonAnother major the_grid revision
2 days ago Andrew MintonAdd no_monster_gen to minmay_the_grid_ultimate
2 days ago Andrew MintonRemove minmay_the_grid_triangle_9x9_line_8
2 days ago Andrew MintonFix translucent stone and green crystal in minmay_the_g...
4 days ago gammafunkFix a typo in an equip message (koboldina)
4 days ago gammafunkMove a float vault to its own DES file (Shimatora)
5 days ago Alex JurkiewiczReduce advpng compression webtiles sprite sheets pull/539 539/head
6 days ago gammafunkUpdates to the Debian changelog from 0.19 releases 0.21-a0
6 days ago gammafunkTwo wand-themed transporter vaults 0.20-b1
6 days ago gammafunkTwo overflow transporter vaults
6 days ago gammafunkSome transporter altar vaults for non-temple gods
6 days ago gammafunkTwo transporter float vaults
6 days ago gammafunkMake a minivault a float vault instead
6 days ago gammafunkRemove whitespace from a vault
7 days ago Kyle RawlinsFix Makhleb's major destruction (11063)
8 days ago DoesntDon't let apocalypse crab breath attacks ignore player...
8 days ago gammafunkChangelog through 0.20-a0-1124-g2e29d97
9 days ago Neil MooreImprove abyss_greek_temple wrt WJC.
9 days ago advilAdd a max for pain bond damage calculation
2017-05-10 gammafunkDisable gnolls in the stable release
2017-05-09 gammafunkDisable Wu Jian in stable
2017-05-09 gammafunkRefactor a disabled god check function
2017-05-09 gammafunkMake more room in an abyss altar vault
2017-05-09 advilDon't let shock serpent self-retaliate when confused...
2017-05-08 Neil MooreMiscellaneous mon-pick improvements.
2017-05-06 advilAdd a comment documenting an assert
2017-05-06 Chris CampbellRevert "Revert "Remove a vile lie about Whirlwind slowi...
2017-05-06 Corin Buchanan... Revert "Remove a vile lie about Whirlwind slowing."
2017-05-05 Corin Buchanan... Revert "Make altars cycle colors instead of randomly...
2017-05-05 Corin Buchanan... Make altars cycle colors instead of randomly shifting...
2017-05-05 Corin Buchanan... Remove a vile lie about Whirlwind slowing.
2017-05-05 Chris CampbellAdjust minmay_lair_oklob_tunnel (#11052)
2017-05-04 Glenn MatthewsAptitudes table displays -- instead of 0 for unusable...
2017-05-04 Neil MooreUnbrace
2017-05-04 Neil MooreFix cloud immunity brand in itemspec and debug acq...
2017-05-04 Neil MooreDescribe monster cloud immunity in xv and ?/m (MarvinPA)
2017-05-04 Neil MooreFix up cloud immunity scarf checks.
2017-05-04 Neil MooreCheckwhite
2017-05-04 Neil MooreSimplify
2017-05-04 Neil MooreDon't crash when encountering short-named autoexclusion...
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatRemove an unnecessary line break
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatVaccinate the Cloud Mage against clouds (|amethyst)
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatClear cloud autoexclusions when cloud-immune
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatDon't exclude damaging clouds if immune (mooon)
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatAdd the cloud immunity egos to scarves' repertoire
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatAdd a function for checking cloud immunity
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatRemove cold resistance from scarves
2017-05-04 Isaac SloatKnit more scarves
2017-05-04 FloodkillerPrevent Gnolls from sacrificing skill
2017-05-04 FloodkillerAdjust Gnoll exp table
2017-05-04 FloodkillerReplace more instances of Bultungin
2017-05-04 FloodkillerClean up skill_exp_needed
2017-05-02 Diego EssayaSDL Tiles: Don't disable screen saver
2017-05-01 advilPreserve messaging that happened during load
2017-05-01 advilDon't crash webtiles if a more is triggered too early
2017-04-30 Chris CampbellFill in gaps in chequers_guarded_unrand_mask_of_the_dra...
2017-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergAdd erandtke to the CREDITS
2017-04-30 Edward RandtkeFix movement prompt for swimmers (11000)
2017-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergAdd Russell Dunk to the CREDITS
2017-04-30 Russell DunkStomp: warn before damaging allies (11003)
2017-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergFix god wrath descriptions (11008)
2017-04-30 Neil MooreFix spelling (#11045).
2017-04-30 Neil MooreAvoid a two-argument fprintf (miserium)
2017-04-29 Chris CampbellBring back some Xom speech as rare welcome text
2017-04-29 Chris CampbellShorten Hepliaklqana's welcome line
2017-04-29 advilUse selectors instead of parent-scoped variables in...
2017-04-29 advilPrevent a bad fallthrough (|amethyst)
2017-04-29 advilSave compat for spit poison
2017-04-28 Chris CampbellMention Okawaru ammo gifts in the god description
2017-04-28 Chris CampbellMerge pull request #528 from alexjurkiewicz/oka-ammo...
2017-04-28 Kyle RawlinsEven more changelog editing
2017-04-28 gammafunkUpdate map knowledge when transporting monsters
2017-04-28 Kyle RawlinsAdd GSC change to changelog
2017-04-28 Kyle RawlinsSome light changelog editing
2017-04-28 gammafunkAdd a -dump-disconnect CLI to control mapstat disconnec...
2017-04-28 Neil MooreCheckwhite
2017-04-27 advilDon't delete event handlers in messages on layout/resize
2017-04-27 Neil MooreProvide a const version of actor::ensure_valid_actor.
2017-04-27 Alex JurkiewiczMention Oka ammo gifting when you reach 3* pull/528 528/head
2017-04-26 advilCalculate the number of WJC movement attacks correctly...
2017-04-26 advilHandle damage with genuinely no agent when injury mirro...
2017-04-26 Chris CampbellUpdate some cooldown status descriptions
2017-04-26 Chris CampbellFix Exhaustion not expiring (#11038)