14 hours ago Nikolai LavskyFix a crash when cloning an almost dead monster (geekosaur) master
3 days ago Aidan HolmFix monster list position when re-running arena
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove cprintf calls that do nothing
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove explicit cursor positioning
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove support for yesno outside the messge window
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove unused player name error messages
3 days ago Aidan HolmRemove useless textcolour calls
3 days ago Alex JurkiewiczDefault show_more to false in debug builds
3 days ago Nikolai LavskyFix HP of summons created via the Phantom Mirror spell
3 days ago advilFix some issues with singing sword revealed in arena...
4 days ago Aidan HolmDon't prewrap level builder logs
4 days ago Aidan HolmReplace line_reader use with cancellable_get_line
4 days ago Aidan HolmAdd per-text-widget fonts
4 days ago Aidan HolmRemove probably-no-longer-needed kludge
4 days ago Aidan HolmFix layout error for empty ellipsizable text widget
4 days ago Aidan HolmAllow querying current scissor without UI layout
4 days ago Aidan HolmFix menu items being unnecessarily ellipsized
4 days ago Aidan HolmFix tooltips freezing local tiles window
4 days ago Aidan HolmAdd remaining tilesdl font getters
4 days ago Aidan HolmTidy up tilesdl font members
5 days ago Aidan HolmFix UI cutoffs not being cleared properly (vt, 12061)
7 days ago Nikolai LavskyUpgrade Wyrmbane's tile according to its enchantment
9 days ago theJollySin#1125 spellbooks are no longer 'r'ead
9 days ago Umer ShaikhChange gauntlet teleportation message (bugfix)
10 days ago advilRemove throttling notification
11 days ago Aidan HolmFix webtiles rendering using outdated map_knowledge...
11 days ago advilLimit repeats via 0 somewhat for online play
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix bad comma
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix headsup crashloop with >4 monster types (nikopol...
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmAdd all autoexcludes simultaneously
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFactor out describe_monsters_condensed() helper function
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmRemove unused headers
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix magic mapping water colour in sewer
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix border between mapped and unmapped water tiles
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmAlways clear tile flavour when destroying walls (kitche...
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix rest_delay = -1 option
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmSimplify wave overlay packing code
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmCache map knowledge for later rendering
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmProperly cache global state for later rendering
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmRemove dead inscription hints code
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix bad FAQ menu entry wrapping
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmMake menu colours more consistent
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix deck menu being easily closable
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix extra newlines in local tiles tooltip
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmMore font rendering refactoring
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmImprove local tiles tooltip appearance
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix trailing empty lines on help screens
2019-09-09 Aidan HolmFix player being off-centre on local tiles
2019-09-08 kitchen-aceDon't show draconian head with full helms
2019-09-08 kitchen-aceGive draconians their own horns tile
2019-09-08 Alex JurkiewiczDocument timed_effects / timed_effect_type link
2019-09-08 wjchenEnsure stash update on being shafted (minqmay)
2019-09-08 dplusplusfix mutations/vamp-attrs toggle
2019-09-08 kitchen-aceShow scarves on player in tiles (11977)
2019-09-06 KateUpdate mailmap
2019-09-06 KateUpdate CREDITS.txt
2019-08-28 Nikolai LavskyAdd missing feature tiles to the stash search menu
2019-08-27 advilEnable incremental pregen as a default for new games...
2019-08-25 Alan MalloyRevert "Add attack-no-move bindings for Colemak" (...
2019-08-21 runrinAdd attack-no-move bindings for Colemak
2019-08-20 advilFix another misc compiler warning
2019-08-20 advilFix a gcc warning
2019-08-20 advilDon't update brentry for portal mimics
2019-08-20 advilPut seed in crashlogs
2019-08-20 advilRemove a debugging check that is tripping for dith...
2019-08-20 advilHandle portals differently in dungeon overview (12048)
2019-08-19 advilSimplify pregen options
2019-08-19 advilFurther domino call refactoring
2019-08-19 advilDefault disable incremental pregen for testing
2019-08-19 advilSeparate unique vault tracking for abyss from everythin...
2019-08-19 advilRemove some mutation validation ASSERTs (11807)
2019-08-19 advilIsolate trove portal generation from levelgen rng
2019-08-19 advilHandle certain random attack specs differently
2019-08-19 advilDon't pregenerate bazaars (for now at least)
2019-08-19 advilFix a sequence point issue in rng::subgenerator
2019-08-19 advilIsolate shoals tide from levelgen rng
2019-08-19 advilReset brentry for portals correctly in tests/wizmode
2019-08-19 advilUpdate seed explorer for incremental pregeneration
2019-08-19 advilGenerate portal levels at the same time as their source
2019-08-19 advilAdd pan to level generation order
2019-08-19 advilIsolate shop rolls from levelgen
2019-08-19 advilUse fallback randarts for minmay_shop_chei
2019-08-19 advilMake ds, wn, and dswn starts more deterministic by...
2019-08-19 advilUpdate seed menu for incremental pregen
2019-08-19 advilRemove almost all instances of you.unrands
2019-08-19 advilImprove the rng subgenerator API
2019-08-19 advilUpdate the bounded random implementation
2019-08-19 advilChange PCG initialization to something more standard
2019-08-19 advilCosmetic refactoring of the rng interface
2019-08-19 advilAdd an option to disable incremental pregen, use it...
2019-08-19 advilInitial implementation for incremental pregeneration
2019-08-18 Aidan HolmSpeed up level traversal by 33%
2019-08-18 Aidan HolmRevert "Speed up level traversal by 33%"
2019-08-18 Aidan HolmSpeed up level traversal by 33%
2019-08-18 Aidan HolmFix newline at end of message log
2019-08-17 Aidan HolmFix excess padding on webtiles book spell list
2019-08-17 wjchenAllow traveling and annotating current level from ^O
2019-08-17 wjchenAllow using G_ to select altar for travel
2019-08-17 wjchenAdd _god_from_initial() to
2019-08-17 wjchenAllow predefined keyword for search_stashes()