2 days ago Aidan HolmFix menu item rendering bug master
2 days ago stenellaFix typo/color layering bug in tutorial
3 days ago advilValidate file pointer when loading help parts
4 days ago gammafunkRemove a vault that breaks autoexplore (minmay)
4 days ago advilPotential fix for Mojave black screen issues
4 days ago Aidan HolmLimit extra Ru ability info to followers (amalloy)
5 days ago gammafunkRefactor LOS attack spell code
5 days ago gammafunkCentralize conducts for some player damage spells
5 days ago gammafunkFix and simplify god conduct code
5 days ago gammafunkDon't prompt for the Arc Blade spell effect
5 days ago gammafunkBetter sanctuary removal for melee/ranged attacks
5 days ago Alan MalloyDon't crash when looking up Ru sacrifices (JumpingArm)
6 days ago NormalPerson7Add a prompt for attacking living things while under...
6 days ago Alan MalloyRemove unused code for jump attacking into a sanctuary
7 days ago NormalPerson7Don't corrode or appear to damage rAcid+++ enemies...
8 days ago NormalPerson7Improve spacing in a return statement
8 days ago NormalPerson7Give trolls the correct gourmand message, cleanup code
9 days ago stenellaLeave Dual-Wielders Alone
9 days ago stenellaChange LRD flavour text for doors
9 days ago StenellaProperly notify non-users of Gourmand (11692)
9 days ago stenellaCheck for stat_zero slow before telling player they...
10 days ago whealsDon't print god warnings about a spell you can't memori...
10 days ago whealsAllow seeing the memorise menu while confused (#11517).
11 days ago gammafunkA new Ijyb splash screen from ploomutoo
12 days ago advilAdd aliveness checks to some monster equipment functions
13 days ago gammafunkSome decorative tweaks to a Bazaar vault
13 days ago stenellaConsole support
13 days ago stenellaMSVC2017 Compatability and relocation of project files
2018-10-30 gammafunkDon't apply negative energy effects to monsters for...
2018-10-30 gammafunkFix a crash for LOS attack spells (MeekVeins, amalloy)
2018-10-29 SkrybeAddress a TODO in layout_concentric_octagons
2018-10-29 SkrybeAddress a TODO in layout_cave_pools
2018-10-28 gammafunkLower the average number of charges for some wand types
2018-10-28 Edgar A. Bering IVPrevent unwielding by transforming
2018-10-27 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate ploomutoo in CREDITS.txt
2018-10-27 gammafunkRework the Arc Blade (minmay)
2018-10-27 gammafunkFixes, refactoring, and message cleanups for static...
2018-10-27 gammafunkRemove an unnecessary scope block
2018-10-27 gammafunkRefactor melee attack prompts for some unrands
2018-10-27 gammafunkApply god ally conducts for Static Discharge, Irradiate...
2018-10-27 gammafunkProperly apply god ally conducts for LOS damage spells
2018-10-27 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd Stenella to CREDITS
2018-10-27 stenellaSimplify HP calculations (11728)
2018-10-26 StenellaMSVC 2017 Compatibility (#878)
2018-10-25 NormalPerson7Start Wn with a spell memorised if they have only one...
2018-10-25 NormalPerson7Announce the starting items and spells for wanderers...
2018-10-25 Alan MalloyRevert "Fix transformation HP scaling with HP+ artefact...
2018-10-24 advilTry again to avoid recursive crashes when loading level...
2018-10-24 DoesntSpelling
2018-10-24 advilImprove (?) filtered_vector_select
2018-10-24 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate CREDITS.txt
2018-10-23 NormalPerson7Fix transformation HP scaling with HP+ artefacts (11728)
2018-10-23 Alan MalloyRemove some now-unneeded sarcophagus labelling from...
2018-10-23 Alan MalloyTurn some pointers into refs, resolving a TODO
2018-10-23 Alan MalloyFix a Tomb vault that was impassable (NormalPerson7...
2018-10-23 advilTry to avoid recursive crashes when loading level/save...
2018-10-23 advilunbrace
2018-10-23 NormalPerson7Make the immune_to_hex function available to clua
2018-10-23 NormalPerson7Include info about intrinsic immunity in monster spell...
2018-10-23 NormalPerson7Display (immune) in monster description when a player...
2018-10-22 gammafunkRefactor and update comments.
2018-10-22 gammafunkSome edits and cleanups for a Bazaar vault
2018-10-21 kenranunderscoreAdd a lighthouse-themed bazaar vault
2018-10-21 MandersonDispater Resprite
2018-10-21 MandersonReplace Tiles: H. Ghost, S. Wraith, Cob, Eid
2018-10-21 kenranunderscoreFix some old bazaar vaults
2018-10-20 kenranunderscoreSmall Lua refactoring for bazaars
2018-10-20 Alex JurkiewiczImprove bear berserk
2018-10-20 jmbjrAllow setting attitude of cloned monsters (damerell...
2018-10-20 gammafunkSome pre-Lair vaults that place manuals from minmay
2018-10-20 advilVarious code cleanups for ghost_demon brands
2018-10-20 advilShow pan lord brand information
2018-10-20 advilShow pan lord spells in xv unconditionally
2018-10-19 advilMake -x
2018-10-19 Kyle RawlinsUpdate MSVC instructions to reflect current reality
2018-10-18 gammafunkRemove an unused variable
2018-10-18 Aaron GoldenCorrectly tag branch ends in Hell vaults
2018-10-18 Edgar A. Bering IVTweak nagdon_arrival_double_spiral
2018-10-18 Edgar A. Bering IVReturn disablers to disabler_island
2018-10-18 Andrew MintonAdd the "transparent" tag to more vaults, eliminate...
2018-10-18 gammafunkNew tiles for the Sceptre of Torment (CanOfWorms)
2018-10-18 gammafunkFix crashes for melee attacks without a weapon
2018-10-18 gammafunkFix attack prompts for some unrand weapons
2018-10-17 gammafunkMark test statues as harmless monsters and clean up...
2018-10-17 gammafunkDon't give a prompt for the Singing Sword's spell effect
2018-10-17 gammafunkFix a crash when death curses torment (geekosaur)
2018-10-17 gammafunkRework the Sceptre of Torment
2018-10-16 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove Misfortune from some vaults
2018-10-16 Edgar A. Bering IVRevise the robe of Misfortune (gammafunk)
2018-10-16 Edgar A. Bering IVAdd Harm as an artefact property
2018-10-16 Edgar A. Bering IVA farewell to arms (Yermak)
2018-10-16 advilOne too many validity checks
2018-10-15 advilAdd some finiteness checks to rays
2018-10-15 advilDefault `wall_jump_move` to false
2018-10-15 Alex JurkiewiczUpgrade orb run spawns
2018-10-15 advilFix monster equipment wand id (Yermak)
2018-10-15 advilDon't use popup for end() errors in mapstat/objstat
2018-10-15 gammafunkDon't break player constriction through certain abiliti...
2018-10-14 Edgar A. Bering IVIdentify monster equipment on sight
2018-10-14 Nikolai LavskyRemove references to loud noises breaking mesmerisation...