42 min ago CanOfWormsMore tweaks to tgw_lugonu_bribe master
12 hours ago CanOfWormsUpdate tgw_lugonu_bribe
6 days ago advilBetter newgame messaging when a game already exists
6 days ago advilAdd version number to seed selection menu
6 days ago Chris CampbellDon't highlight summoners that are out of LOS
7 days ago Chris CampbellDon't highlight the summoner of rakshasa illusions
7 days ago advilFix meatsprint (11834)
7 days ago advilDon't save seed pref for sprint, tutorial
7 days ago advilDisable seed .pref saving for DGL builds (11928 / kitch...
7 days ago advilSave seed number in startup prefs on game end
7 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVTiles for summoner highlighting
7 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVSimplify and rename a variable (aidanh)
8 days ago Martin AignerHighlight summoners when the cursor is over a summon...
8 days ago advilRun dactions on entering any level, fixing gozag+pregen...
10 days ago Nikolai LavskyPrevent allied Shambling Mangroves from constricting...
10 days ago Umer ShaikhCorrect a comment
10 days ago Umer ShaikhCorrect a comment
10 days ago Joshua GelbardFix splash noises when dropping item into water
10 days ago NormalPerson7Fix cut-off ability cost description (11893)
10 days ago Josh GelbardStart new wanderers with weapon in slot 'a' (#1006)
10 days ago Josh BradenUse & instead of equal for holiness check (11909) ...
11 days ago advilImprovements to the seed selection ui
12 days ago advilMake search_astar more stable across platforms
12 days ago gammafunkNew transporter and Golubria tiles (CanOfWorms)
12 days ago advilAdd a debugging rng call
12 days ago advilConvert some floating point math to better fixed point...
13 days ago advilFix build try 2
13 days ago advilmaybe fix the build
13 days ago advilUn-revert a Makefile fix
13 days ago Alan MalloyDon't return NaN from prompt_for_float
13 days ago advilRevert "Build for SSE2 on all systems, including 32bit...
13 days ago advilRevert "Add a build option to not use SSE"
13 days ago advilFix cross-platform lua number->int conversion the hard way
2019-03-07 advilAdd a warning for setting `game_seed` online
2019-03-07 advilunbrace
2019-03-07 gammafunkUpdates to the debian package guide
2019-03-06 advilDon't change game chapter on a level excursion from...
2019-03-06 DoesntyLet player ghosts be shafted (#1003)
2019-03-06 advilDon't crash when there are game types from the future
2019-03-06 advilDon't let explore options impact connectivity checks
2019-03-05 Alan MalloyDon't feel safe while emergency-flying (/u/StairDancer)
2019-03-05 Alex JurkiewiczTAG_MAJOR_VERSION improvements (#955)
2019-03-05 advilSave game seed properly
2019-03-05 advilAdd a paste option to the seed ui for local tiles
2019-03-04 advilAllow debug.reset_rng to take a string for 128 bit...
2019-03-04 advilAdd an extra digit to the seed choice input box (Siegurt)
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum confirm_butcher_type` to an enum class
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Change `enum activity_interrupt_payload_type` to `enum...
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum confirm_level_type` to `enum class easy_c...
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Rename confirm-level-type.h to easy-confirm-type.h
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum tide_direction` to `enum class tide_dir`
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum confirm_prompt_type` to an enum class
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum cleansing_flame_source_type` to an enum...
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum branch_flag_type` to `enum class brflag`
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum area_centre_type` to an enum class
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum ac_type` to an enum class
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum ev_ignore_bit` to `enum class ev_ignore`
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Change `enum activity_interrupt_type` to `enum class...
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum menu_type` to an enum class
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum branch_iterator_type` to an enum class
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum branch_noise_level` to `enum class branch...
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum passage_type` to an enum class
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Convert `enum shadow_step_block_reason` to an enum...
2019-03-03 NormalPerson7Let barachim use grand finale at range 8 (11917)
2019-03-01 advilQuiet some gcc warnings
2019-02-28 gammafunkUpdate changelogs for 0.23.1
2019-02-28 NormalPerson7Fix dancing weapon description on hover (11887)
2019-02-28 gammafunkAdd Debian changelog entries for past releases
2019-02-28 gammafunkAdd the changelog for 0.22.1
2019-02-27 gammafunkCorrect a comment
2019-02-27 gammafunkLower the chance for Boris to respawn
2019-02-27 advilChange error reporting for post-place hook failures
2019-02-26 Josh BradenRemove incorrect fake_mutations from vampire (11870)
2019-02-26 advilImprove behavior of local tiles Text, especially on...
2019-02-25 Alex JurkiewiczExpose MR and Stealth to Lua
2019-02-25 Umer ShaikhClean up god gifts' interaction with delays (11825)
2019-02-25 advilAdd a build option to not use SSE
2019-02-24 gammafunkRemove the trunk reminder for the 0.23 tournament
2019-02-22 Chris CampbellFix character creation highlighting in console
2019-02-22 Chris CampbellUpdate a file path in git docs
2019-02-19 advilQuiet a gcc warning
2019-02-19 advilFix PlaceInfo fixup more (11890)
2019-02-19 NormalPerson7Fix Ozocubu's Refrigeration (11885)
2019-02-19 advilSet the branch depth correctly in 107517c6e49a
2019-02-19 advilPrevent a PlaceInfo miscalculation and fix the resultin...
2019-02-18 advilBuild for SSE2 on all systems, including 32bit targets
2019-02-17 gammafunkTidy up a monster class method
2019-02-17 gammafunkDon't let vampirism drain temporary monsters (blorx1)
2019-02-15 advilDon't try to describe off-level orc gifts (11881)
2019-02-15 advilshorten test again
2019-02-15 advilFix a math error in a test
2019-02-14 advilUncomment an accidentally commented vault call
2019-02-14 advilFix Beogh crash for polymorphed followers (11880 /...
2019-02-14 advilFix a couple of des cache random tag bugs
2019-02-14 advilImprove a very old fixup
2019-02-13 NormalPerson7Fix yellow draconians' rAcid mutation not being applied...
2019-02-13 advilChange behavior of multiple DEPTH: lines, fixing some...
2019-02-12 Alan MalloyHandle temporarily-changed terrain when asserting level...
2019-02-12 advilsemicolon + checkwhite
2019-02-12 advilRestructure PlaceInfo fixup to handle gauntlet upgrades