9 hours ago Edgar A. Bering IVDon't place traps under vault placed items and monsters... master
11 hours ago Alan MalloyMake it harder to accidentally waste ?amnesia (Jarrodb...
11 hours ago Alan MalloySimplify item weights
36 hours ago Alex JurkiewiczRemove vestigial duplicate wrath timer
38 hours ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove mentions to obsolete items from options_guide.txt
38 hours ago Chris CampbellAllow holy wrath weapons to be cursed
38 hours ago NormalPerson7Fix a default note_messages
38 hours ago NormalPerson7Fix a default force_more_message
2 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVReplace a missing word
3 days ago Alex JurkiewiczImprove shaft messaging
3 days ago DoesntFix Avatar Song displayed success rate
3 days ago Joshua GelbardAdd misc. evocables section to known items menu
3 days ago Joshua GelbardLet players disable autopickup from the drop menu
3 days ago Joshua GelbardFix '+' and '-' not being PGDN and PGUP as claimed
3 days ago Joshua GelbardAdd a menu shortcut to select last unequipped item
5 days ago Chris CampbellFix spacing in a quote
5 days ago Chris CampbellDon't generate randart rings with rCorr and *Corrode
6 days ago Josh BradenStop constriction when Bai Suzhen transforms into a...
6 days ago Josh BradenCheck and clear emergency flight if transforming into...
6 days ago Josh BradenDon't place a wall if a monster is in the way (11967)
6 days ago NormalPerson7Trigger ally conducts on casting Olgreb's Toxic Radiance
6 days ago NormalPerson7Add a warning for summoning/enslaving monsters under...
6 days ago Umer ShaikhMinor cleanup in stash search help screen
6 days ago Umer ShaikhAllow stash search deduplication to do its magic for...
6 days ago Umer ShaikhMake stash searching for a place abbreviation pull...
6 days ago Umer ShaikhAdd data about object matched to stash search result
6 days ago Umer ShaikhDetach matching features in stash search from items...
6 days ago Umer ShaikhMake StashTrack pay attention to traps
6 days ago Umer ShaikhMinor style cleanup
6 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVFix the build
6 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVAlways trigger net traps when a player steps on them
6 days ago advilBetter handle webtiles messaging on game_exit::abort
6 days ago advilClean up some exit reason handling (alexjurkiewicz)
7 days ago advilDon't send invalid json to spectators when a popup...
7 days ago Chris CampbellFix more capitalisation (NP7)
7 days ago Chris CampbellRe-brace
7 days ago Chris CampbellUse consistent capitalisation for DDoor messages
7 days ago Chris CampbellDon't change max HP during DDoor (#11933, #11976)
8 days ago Edgar BeringDisplay dart delay and base damage (Yermak)
8 days ago DoesntLet draconian scorchers and Azrael call down damnation...
8 days ago Edgar BeringUpdate javelin description (Yermak)
9 days ago advilClear mon_acting on _reset_game (11971)
9 days ago advilPrevent deep water teleport closets in swamp (9880)
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVAdd darts to item knowledge screen (gressup)
11 days ago advilAdd a few missing TAG_MAJOR checks
11 days ago advilRemove an obsolete ASSERT
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVAdd sdynet to CREDITS.txt
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVBoomerang item tiles (CanOfWorms)
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVThrowing Overhaul VI: Adjust brand weights
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVThrowing Overhaul V: Save Compatibility
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVRename Tomahawks Boomerangs
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVThrowing Overhaul IV: Returning and Penetration
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVRemove some unneeded TAG_MAJORs
11 days ago sdynetThrowing Overhaul III: Remove most tomahawk and javelin...
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVRename frenzy and blinding darts
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVNew dart tiles (CanOfWorms)
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVThrowing Overhaul II: Darts brand consolidation
11 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVThrowing Overhaul I: Remove blowguns, needles become...
13 days ago Chris CampbellUpdate CREDITS.txt
2019-05-08 ByrelMitchellRemove reference to Akashic Record in wizlab.des (Minti...
2019-05-07 Chris CampbellUpdate manual for wand and spell library changes
2019-05-07 Michael NowackUpdate wand information in manual (#1050)
2019-05-07 Chris CampbellRemove an unused monster flag
2019-05-07 Chris CampbellDon't let Pikel slaves drop corpses or items
2019-05-07 nlavskyRemove some traces of the tome of Destruction (#1053)
2019-05-07 advilFix sprint inheriting seed from persistent options
2019-05-03 Edgar BeringAdd a security warning to the comments (CanOfWorms)
2019-05-03 floralineLog IPs correctly when behind a reverse proxy
2019-05-01 Eino KeskitaloMerge pull request #1049 from syranez/patch-1
2019-05-01 Alex JurkiewiczImprove create_enum docs (#1052)
2019-04-30 advilReplace some lingering instances of piercer
2019-04-28 NormalPerson7Add bolt range behaviour to bolt spell descriptions
2019-04-28 Michael NowackThere are two tournaments per year. pull/1049 1049/head
2019-04-28 CanOfWormsActually remove evilmike_surprise_oklob
2019-04-28 CanOfWormsRemove a vault with an obsolete gimmick
2019-04-26 advilFix signed casts causing build-specific behavior in...
2019-04-25 advilRevert "Revert "Better separate level generation from...
2019-04-25 advilProperly delete visited marker when a level is deleted
2019-04-24 Alan MalloyRevert "Better separate level generation from level...
2019-04-22 advilBetter separate level generation from level loading...
2019-04-22 advilEliminate some spurious messaging on wizmode level...
2019-04-21 Joshua GelbardDon't assume some identified jewellery is boring
2019-04-21 Chris Rendle... Use high-res app icon on all platforms
2019-04-21 mgdelmonteAdd more monster info to Lua
2019-04-20 gammafunkAdd the polymoth tile as a player tile (laurel)
2019-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate CREDITS.txt
2019-04-19 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't crash when a monster attempts to use Random Effects
2019-04-19 olowinUpdate Gyre and Gimble
2019-04-19 kitchen-aceAdd second brand to description for Thermic Engine...
2019-04-19 Joshua GelbardFix a couple Engulf-related bugs
2019-04-19 Edgar A. Bering IVTeach monsters to use scattershot, cloud, and iceblast...
2019-04-18 Chris CampbellRemove some dead Cigotuvi's Embrace code
2019-04-18 Chris CampbellClean up more default force_more_messages
2019-04-18 kitchen-aceMinor changes to default force_more_messages (#1037)
2019-04-18 Chris CampbellFix a message colour entry
2019-04-18 nlavskyFix local tiles monster panel showing summoner halo...
2019-04-17 advilPrevent messages from impacting non-UI generators
2019-04-17 advilDon't use div_rand_round for noise values
2019-04-17 advilRemove some unused arguments
2019-04-15 ufshaikhShow traps in ctrl-x screen (#1035)