10 hours ago Chris CampbellUpdate Monk manual entry master
11 hours ago Chris CampbellRevert "Remove Monks' starting weapon choice"
23 hours ago gammafunkSome transporter vaults
23 hours ago gammafunkRework vaults previously using lua teleporters to use...
24 hours ago gammafunkImplement transporters
24 hours ago gammafunkClean up secret moon lore
24 hours ago gammafunkMake some functions static and document
41 hours ago Neil MooreFix grammar in a vault comment.
42 hours ago advilDon't keep x,y coords in travel prompt when target...
43 hours ago Chris CampbellFix a Slime vault being able to place stairs next to...
2 days ago Chris CampbellSimplify Damnation crossbow's damage
3 days ago advilPrevent doors from being permanently unsealable
3 days ago advilRefactor get_push_space to fix some zin bugs
3 days ago advilcheckwhite
3 days ago Nicholas FeinbergNo infinite Fedhas piety from worms (11026)
4 days ago gammafunkDescriptions and tiles for one-way stairs in Tomb ...
4 days ago advilStandardize tentacle cleanup
4 days ago Chris CampbellMerge pull request #516 from jimperio/master
4 days ago Chris CampbellMerge pull request #523 from yrmvgh/patch-17
4 days ago Chris CampbellPluralise some gnolls pull/523 523/head
4 days ago Yer mivvaggahcorrect "mock" vault to mock gnoll, not bultungin
4 days ago Yer mivvaggahcorrect comments that mention Bultungin
4 days ago advilAdd a validity check to _apply_to_monsters (|amethyst)
5 days ago gammafunkMove a vault deeper and fix a typo in a vault name
6 days ago advilScale cell widths/heights by devicePixelRatio (wheals)
6 days ago advilCheck exclusions for wall jump at landing spot, not...
6 days ago advilRemove linearity breakpoint for raw fail rate
6 days ago advilReplace spell success breakpoints with a polynomial
7 days ago gammafunkChangelog through 0.20-a0-1020-g7b9e4fe
7 days ago Chris CampbellList the default for simple_targeting in the options...
7 days ago FloodkillerUpdate Haste spell description.
9 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMake a funny name slightly less so (11016)
9 days ago Jomel ImperioFix Dvorak keyboard binding pull/516 516/head
9 days ago Chris CampbellFix holy wrath weapons being cursable when temp-branded...
10 days ago gammafunkFix doll tiles for the Zephyr bow unrand (geekosaur)
10 days ago Isaac SloatRemove SInv from Gn
10 days ago Isaac SloatRename Bultungin to Gnoll
10 days ago Alan MalloyConvert functions in mon-abil from pointers to refs
10 days ago gammafunkSave compatability for the change of stone stairs into...
10 days ago gammafunkTurn stairs in Tomb into fixed-destination escape hatch...
10 days ago gammafunkImplement escape hatches with fixed destinations
11 days ago advilClean up some unnecessary default arguments (Floodkiller)
11 days ago Corin Buchanan... Rename Krishna to Zephyr
11 days ago Corin Buchanan... Re-rename ring of Avoidance to ring of Phasing
12 days ago gammafunkRevert "bow of Krishna "Sharnga" -> longbow "The First...
12 days ago Isaac SloatUpdate Agnes's description (MarvinPA)
12 days ago Alex Jurkiewiczbow of Krishna "Sharnga" -> longbow "The First Bow"
12 days ago Alex Jurkiewiczring of Shaolin -> ring of Avoidance
12 days ago Alex JurkiewiczRemove "imported" from lajatang description
12 days ago Yer mivvaggahUpdate docs for advil's mutation changes (#514)
13 days ago Chris CampbellDon't make the captain's cutlass chop hydra heads
13 days ago advilDrop an assert
13 days ago advilFix crash on ignite poison
2017-04-11 advilFix the build
2017-04-11 advilFix a false assumption
2017-04-11 advilImprove wall jump message when a monster is in the way
2017-04-11 advilDon't let plants cause wall jump messaging (Yermak)
2017-04-11 Alan MalloyUse monster& when it's known non-null (|amethyst)
2017-04-11 Alan MalloyMake monster_die take a monster& instead of a monster*
2017-04-10 Neil MooreTurn terrain_property_t into an enum_bitfield.
2017-04-10 Chris CampbellRename Heaven on Earth to Heavenly Storm
2017-04-10 Chris CampbellRemove the cancel Song of Slaying ability
2017-04-10 Chris CampbellImprove Heaven on Earth description
2017-04-10 Chris CampbellAdjust Confusing Touch display
2017-04-10 Chris CampbellMake monster confuse brand from chaos weapons behave...
2017-04-10 Chris CampbellFix Confusing Touch being able to affect multiple targe...
2017-04-10 advilTweak WJC wall jump messaging
2017-04-09 advilImprove mutation tests and lua bindings
2017-04-09 advilFix a deletion case, add some docstrings
2017-04-09 advilGeneralize Ds testing to all species
2017-04-09 advilFix innate/non-innate mutation interactions
2017-04-09 advilAdd a demonspawn random mutation test
2017-04-09 advilAdd a (c++) validate function for mutations, including...
2017-04-09 advilRework the mutation api and add lua bindings
2017-04-09 gammafunkRework a Lair ending vault (Cheibrodos, #10874)
2017-04-09 gammafunkNerf a Dungeon vault (Cheibrodos, #10891)
2017-04-09 gammafunkA batch of vaults from Cheibrodos (#10813)
2017-04-09 gammafunkFix monster placement in a vault
2017-04-08 Corin Buchanan... Make autumn katana a bit less exotic (minmay)
2017-04-08 advilFix distance ordering for collapsed searches
2017-04-07 Isaac SloatUpdate Monk description
2017-04-07 Chris CampbellRemove some flavour overkill
2017-04-07 Chris CampbellFix item detection interactions with Ashenzari and...
2017-04-07 Isaac SloatFix compilation (alexjurkiewicz)
2017-04-07 Isaac SloatUpdate Bultungin descriptions
2017-04-07 Isaac SloatUse get_los_radius() for item detection
2017-04-07 Isaac SloatDocument Bultungin's custom XP table
2017-04-07 Isaac SloatAlphabetize species-data.h
2017-04-07 Isaac SloatGive Bultungins fangs
2017-04-07 FloodkillerAdd a new species: Bultungin
2017-04-06 Andrew MintonRevise and expand the_grid
2017-04-06 Corin Buchanan... Remove draconian ghost breath
2017-04-05 Neil MooreAvoid a teleport closet in makhleb_altar_promises_db...
2017-04-04 Corin Buchanan... Remove the ability to cancel evoked invis prematurely.
2017-04-04 Chris CampbellDon't flash the screen when out-of-LOS monsters cast...
2017-04-04 Chris CampbellFix a monster list info leak when scrying
2017-04-04 Chris CampbellUnbrace
2017-04-04 Chris CampbellFix Ashenzari passive monster detection range
2017-04-04 Alan MalloyAdd a getter for los_radius
2017-04-04 Alan MalloyAdd some parens around a macro argument