18 hours ago Aidan HolmFix missing derived undead tile cases master
21 hours ago Aidan HolmAdd undead kraken tentacle tiles (Midn8, #11410)
45 hours ago Aidan HolmFix minimap being clipped (Malevolent, #11414)
2 days ago Nikolai LavskyUpdate dream sheep description
2 days ago Aidan HolmFix some weird magic-mapping tile choices
2 days ago Aidan HolmHandle shaft-self and hop in _check_ability_possible()
2 days ago Aidan HolmUse quadruped skeleton for bears and yaks
3 days ago advilDon't flush messages (potentially switching regions...
4 days ago Chris CampbellFix shopping lists always displaying "0 thing" (#11409)
5 days ago gammafunkPrevent monsters from picking up a loot item in a vault
5 days ago gammafunkTweak monsters and placement for a float vault (mikee)
7 days ago Chris CampbellReformat some lines
7 days ago Alan MalloyRemove erroneous error message in ability menu
7 days ago Chris CampbellAdjust some weapon randart names
9 days ago advilSimplify
9 days ago advilOnly send tiles exit reason in game_ended on crash...
10 days ago DoesntAdd auto_hide_spells option
11 days ago Alan MalloyClarify explanatory text for Tomb card (Yermak)
11 days ago Alan MalloySimplify code for changing pluses on mace of Variabilit...
11 days ago Alan MalloyAdd NormalPerson7 to CREDITS.txt
11 days ago NormalPerson7Randomise the placement of the rune in dis_grunt (...
11 days ago Aidan HolmRevert "Fix wind-blast not applying location effects...
11 days ago Aidan HolmFix wind-blast not applying location effects (advil...
12 days ago advilMake phrasing less awkward
12 days ago advilCleanups to game restarting and the main menu
12 days ago advilTell player if monster can never be recited to (m-aigne...
13 days ago Aidan HolmAdd note about tomb walls' early collapse (advil)
13 days ago Aidan HolmMake entombment more consistent (NormalPerson7, #11405)
13 days ago Andy RocheFix grammar of MUT_SLOW_METABOLISM.
2018-03-02 Aidan HolmFix ctrl-x refresh issue (gammafunk)
2018-02-28 whealsClarify Lugonu disto protection (Fingolfin).
2018-02-28 whealsIdentify the starting book (Dynast).
2018-02-28 advilDon't allow repeating shop actions with `
2018-02-28 advilMore consistently check for repeats in menu code
2018-02-27 Aidan HolmFix oversized infestation tile (NormalPerson7, #11404)
2018-02-22 Aidan HolmDon't do client-side direction key wrangling
2018-02-21 Alan MalloyPrevent generating some grammatically incorrect randart...
2018-02-21 Alan MalloyFix up a number of comments in randart naming code
2018-02-21 Alan MalloyMove one particularly silly weapon name to the jokes...
2018-02-21 Alan MalloyWe should at least spell our silly words correctly
2018-02-21 Aidan HolmFix memorise menu heading glitch
2018-02-21 Aidan HolmDe-dup memorise menu paging text for local tiles
2018-02-21 advilUnbrace / checkwhite
2018-02-21 advilDon't let an undocumented texture setting affect fonts
2018-02-20 Chris CampbellFix formatting on a help menu
2018-02-20 Chris CampbellMark PoG only temporarily useless when in Zot but witho...
2018-02-20 Chris CampbellImprove spell library display and messaging
2018-02-20 Chris CampbellDon't mark cloud spells as permanently useless under...
2018-02-20 Ian CaltabianoMark axes as a preferred weapon type for Ogres (#11391)
2018-02-20 Neil MooreRemove Trog spellbook autopickup special-case.
2018-02-20 Chris CampbellNote the effect of Invo skill in Nemelex description...
2018-02-20 advilRemove useless butchering, and improve butchery code
2018-02-20 advilUpdate sdl2 contrib (maybe fixing XINPUT errors on...
2018-02-19 whealsDon't request books for troves (#11395).
2018-02-19 Aidan HolmFix ability descriptions not visible on webtiles (droog...
2018-02-19 Aidan HolmColourise the ability menu
2018-02-19 Aidan HolmAdd _check_ability_dangerous()
2018-02-19 Aidan HolmMove ability checks to _check_ability_possible()
2018-02-18 MuffindrakeIron out typo in Zephyr's description
2018-02-18 whealsFix Tiles compile/warnings.
2018-02-18 whealsFix typo/reword.
2018-02-18 whealsAllow searching for spells in the memorise menu.
2018-02-18 whealsRemove references to starting books from background...
2018-02-18 whealsShow unmemorisable spells in the memorise menu.
2018-02-18 whealsRemove memorising spells from a book by clicking on it.
2018-02-18 whealsPrevent some harmless(?) JS errors.
2018-02-18 whealsRemove some other vestiges.
2018-02-18 whealsFix a webtiles bug with using the mouse on menu entries.
2018-02-18 whealsAllow hiding spells from the main screen of the memoris...
2018-02-18 whealsExterminate you.had_book too.
2018-02-18 DoesntDon't let Vehumet offer spells that are already in...
2018-02-18 DoesntExterminate seen_spells.
2018-02-18 DoesntReplace failed book acquirements with manual acquirements.
2018-02-18 DoesntMark books with only unlearnable spells as useless
2018-02-18 DoesntRemove book burning from the tutorial
2018-02-18 DoesntRemove Trog's Burn Spellbooks ability.
2018-02-18 DoesntMark books with no new spells as useless
2018-02-18 DoesntImplement spell library
2018-02-17 Corin Buchanan... Give monster minotaurs armor and javelins
2018-02-17 Chris CampbellMake some accuracy penalties consistent for aux unarmed
2018-02-17 Chris CampbellGeneralise starvation penalty checks
2018-02-17 Chris CampbellFix bloodless Vampires having their accuracy penalised
2018-02-17 Chris CampbellTurn res_wind into res_tornado
2018-02-17 Chris CampbellFix dream sheep genus using a removed monster
2018-02-17 Chris CampbellRemove dream sheep fires
2018-02-17 Aidan HolmFix stash menu redraw issues
2018-02-16 Aidan HolmFix some local tiles menu bugs (Etesian, #11389)
2018-02-16 Aidan HolmFix sending webtiles messages in wrong order
2018-02-16 Aidan HolmAdd on_single_selection() hook
2018-02-16 Aidan HolmFix titles persisting between menus
2018-02-15 Chris CampbellRevert monster minotaur speed and adjust other stats
2018-02-15 Aidan HolmFix use of incorrect tile variants
2018-02-15 Aidan HolmAllow lowercase letters from choose_stat_gain hook
2018-02-15 Aidan HolmFix pixel-perfect rect drawing
2018-02-15 Aidan HolmSeed domino generation with branch:depth
2018-02-15 Aidan HolmReplace you.game_seeds[] with you.game_seed
2018-02-15 Aidan HolmRemove useless use of std::map
2018-02-14 Alan MalloyAdd a wizard command to list keys with no assigned...
2018-02-14 Aidan HolmFix broken colour_bar rendering on local tiles
2018-02-14 Aidan HolmSimplify font atlas lookup LRU management