6 hours ago Seve MonahanShow XL to reach relevant skill level on more items... master
20 hours ago advilFix a potential cursor rendering issue in glyph mode
20 hours ago advilHandle hidpi screens in webtiles glyph mode
24 hours ago Alex JurkiewiczCompress title PNGs a little bit better
30 hours ago Seve MonahanEnsure artefact jewellery is always auto-picked-up...
31 hours ago Alex JurkiewiczAdd guidelines for no_tele_into usage (#1118)
2 days ago Seve MonahanClarify Beastly Appendage Octopode mutation conflict...
2 days ago Seve MonahanMake Qazlal's noise conduct more clear (Mantis #12025)
2 days ago Seve MonahanFix misspelling in comment
4 days ago nlavskyUpdate scroll of brand weapon description (#1114)
5 days ago Aidan HolmFix spurious key events when adjusting map zoom
5 days ago Aidan HolmFix visual jump when toggling floor / inv items
5 days ago Alex JurkiewiczMark two unrand vaults no_tele_into
6 days ago Seve MonahanAdd escape hatch to mumra_spider_spiderweb (Mantis...
6 days ago Seve MonahanEnsure Bat Form warns about Stat Zero (Mantis #12006)
7 days ago Seve MonahanExtract new helper function "_player_is_gnoll()" in...
7 days ago Seve MonahanEnsure train targets turn off once reached with !experi...
7 days ago marksg07Revert "Allow running clua from map viewing mode (...
7 days ago olowinRemove blood from Gozag shop description
8 days ago Seve MonahanCorrect alphabetization in Makefile.obj
8 days ago advilFix a pronoun (12011)
8 days ago advilTrigger fineffs after blurrily reading a scroll (12016)
8 days ago advilFix arena logging (10060)
8 days ago marksg07Check for known map bounds in the clua travel library...
9 days ago marksg07Allow running clua from map viewing mode (#1103)
9 days ago advilArena error improvements
11 days ago Alex JurkiewiczUnify two loot lines (#1101)
11 days ago Alan MalloyAdd gmarks to CREDITS and mailmap after e77e6fb
11 days ago marksg07Add clua function to set waypoint (#1098)
11 days ago Nikolai LavskyRemove dump_book_spells option
11 days ago Alex JurkiewiczSimplify logic
11 days ago advilAdjust desolation fog machines
11 days ago advilHandle delay 0 values correctly in lm_trig.lua
11 days ago Alex Jurkiewiczalign braces
2019-07-05 Kyle RawlinsTravis modernization (#1095)
2019-07-05 advilFix join_strings args (amalloy)
2019-07-05 StephenFedora build deps rename SDL* to SDL2* (#1076)
2019-07-05 Alex JurkiewiczOld Vampire cleanup (#1096)
2019-07-04 gammafunkFix Death's Door HP at time of cast (Wise Wolf)
2019-07-04 advilTravis: Update mingw package names for xenial
2019-07-04 advilAnother travis dep...
2019-07-04 advilMore travis dependency updates, this time for BUILD_ALL
2019-07-04 advilTry xenial (travis)
2019-07-04 advilMore travis tweaking for local tiles
2019-07-04 advilRemove old 3rd party sdl build from travis
2019-07-03 advilAdd local tiles zoom to key reference
2019-07-03 advilLet X be zoomed differently from main map, default...
2019-07-03 advilStart local tiles on the current display
2019-07-03 advilImprove zooming behavior (mainly for local tiles)
2019-07-02 advilDon't let `X.` show completely inaccessible travel...
2019-07-01 Seve MonahanFix a text bug. (#11665)
2019-06-30 advilUse int32_t for a size check for string marshalling
2019-06-30 advilSave builder logs in save file for debug builds
2019-06-30 advilLet store classes save strings >32k
2019-06-27 Alex JurkiewiczMark some runed door vaults as no_tele_into (#1092)
2019-06-26 advilMore specific documentation about des stability and...
2019-06-26 gammafunkClean up a condition
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 5: Remove miscast protection
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 4: Add a Divine Exegesis ability
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 3: Remove Divine Energy
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 2: Grant some abilities earlier
2019-06-26 gammafunkSif Rework Part 1: Piety on kills
2019-06-25 advilTweak the beast_lair_carwin fix
2019-06-25 advilMore des cache stability fixes
2019-06-25 advilFix a des cache random tag issue
2019-06-25 advilSort tags_string() again
2019-06-24 advilFix lua sorting in f98416c20
2019-06-22 Alex JurkiewiczDon't ignore torment damage for Jiyva jelly spawns...
2019-06-21 dplusplusAdd stop for Merfolk fake-mutation description
2019-06-21 Alex JurkiewiczGuard against out of bounds array access
2019-06-20 advilBetter handling for single-char case swaps
2019-06-20 advilDon't let locale-specific casing affect ascii characters
2019-06-18 advilFix some obscure sequence points that can be builder...
2019-06-18 advilDon't use locale-sensitive string comparison for table...
2019-06-17 Chris CampbellUpdate CREDITS.txt
2019-06-17 Chris CampbellChange some uniques to use they/them pronouns
2019-06-17 Chris CampbellAdd handling for non-ancestor monsters with they/them...
2019-06-17 Chris CampbellRefactor Hepliaklqana ancester gender choice
2019-06-17 Quinten KonynAdd singular they pronouns for Hepliaklqana ancestors
2019-06-14 ufshaikhRemove possible placement of blowgun from vault (#1087)
2019-06-13 advilFaster starts_with implementation
2019-06-13 advilCache the top three vault tags as bools
2019-06-13 advilUse unordered_set for tags, instead of set
2019-06-13 advilFix signed/unsigned comparison (gammafunk)
2019-06-13 gammafunkUse an existing item list for a vault
2019-06-13 gammafunkFix missing item result delimiters in some vaults
2019-06-12 advilRemove a redundant call
2019-06-12 advilDisable pattern matching against levelgen output
2019-06-12 advilSimplify has_tag somewhat
2019-06-12 advilRemove debug code
2019-06-12 advilRewrite overflow vault selection code
2019-06-11 advilOptimize find_maps_for_tag somewhat
2019-06-11 Chris CampbellDon't allow Vehumet to extend lightning rod range ...
2019-06-10 dplusplusFix hint for item description
2019-06-10 NormalPerson7Fix incorrect information in Aura of Brilliance description
2019-06-10 Ashley RaineRemoved barehanded attack prompt while in treeform
2019-06-09 Aidan HolmFix dispersal trap not appearing in help/search
2019-06-08 Edgar BeringUpdate default runrest stops for tweaked shaft messagin...
2019-06-06 advilparens
2019-06-06 Edgar BeringMake the lajatang of Order's silver consistent