Revert "Track who destroys an item; incur Nemelex penance for deck destruction."
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2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiRevert "Track who destroys an item; incur Nemelex penan...
2013-06-11 Pekka LampilaRemove unused ENCH_TEMP_PACIF code
2013-06-04 Neil MooreDon't steal while pacified (#7112).
2013-05-30 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'master' into gargoyle_merge
2013-05-30 Neil MooreMerge branch 'forest_redux' into master
2013-05-30 Neil MooreMerge branch 'lava_djinn' into master
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'lava_orcs' into lava_djinn lava_djinn
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into lava_orcs
2013-05-29 Steve MelenchukMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fores...
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into djinn djinn
2013-05-28 David Lawrence RamseyClean up tentacle/tentacle segment handling somewhat.
2013-05-28 David Lawrence RamseyRemove duplicate code in monster::is_child_monster().
2013-05-27 Steve MelenchukMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fores...
2013-05-27 David Lawrence RamseyGive ancient champions their own genus.
2013-05-27 David Lawrence RamseyAdd missing bits for revenants' being skeletal.
2013-05-27 David Lawrence RamseyAdd missing bits for ancient champions' being skeletal.
2013-05-27 Steve MelenchukStrip Pan of duplication.
2013-05-27 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'master' into forest_redux
2013-05-27 Steve MelenchukNew unique: Pan, the lord of all satyrs.
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaRevamp shadows; move them deeper in the dungeon
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaNew monster spell: Dimension Anchor
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaRed devil adjustments
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaGive orange demons a new trick
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaNew status effect: Weak
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaAdjust monster pain mirror
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaRotting hulk -> Plague shambler
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaFix inconsistencies with water damage resistance
2013-05-23 Steve MelenchukTrack who destroys an item; incur Nemelex penance for...
2013-05-21 Pekka LampilaFix rare case of out of LOS item not being drawn
2013-05-19 Pete HurstConvert several instances of "and" "not" and "or" to...
2013-05-18 Adam BorowskiRename actor::mutate() to actor::malmutate().
2013-05-10 Chris CampbellDon't mark invisibility as useless while corona'd
2013-05-10 Brendan HickeyGrotesk Self-Petrification
2013-05-06 Steve MelenchukProperly attribute draining and sticky flame deaths.
2013-05-04 Chris CampbellFix indentation
2013-05-04 Chris CampbellMake invisible allies fully visible to the player ...
2013-04-26 Adam BorowskiFix a monster_type misbuild with clang-3.3.
2013-04-26 ellipticFix various breakages caused by body armour EVP rescaling.
2013-04-11 Pete HurstFix and clarify several cases of buggy boulder behaviour
2013-03-31 David Lawrence RamseyMerge branch 'master' into jester
2013-03-30 Raphael LangellaDisable energy randomization for allies following the...
2013-03-28 Adam BorowskiFix two issues with monster Ozocubu's Armour.
2013-03-26 David Lawrence RamseyProperly mark a variable as unused.
2013-03-26 DracoOmegaMake monsters with corpse-violating spells incompatible...
2013-03-26 DracoOmegaDon't leak item information when targetting monsters...
2013-03-25 Chris CampbellFix spriggan riders forgetting their names when their...
2013-03-21 Adam BorowskiMake simulacra cooler.
2013-03-21 Adam BorowskiMake skeletons lighter and skeletal.
2013-03-21 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'mon-pick'
2013-03-21 Adam BorowskiRemove the small/large zombie distinction.
2013-03-20 DracoOmegaReplace scrolls of unholy creation with (revised) scrol...
2013-03-14 DracoOmegaFix monsters gaining AC when taking off armour
2013-03-14 David Lawrence RamseyUpdate comment.
2013-03-14 David Lawrence RamseyFix whitespace.
2013-03-14 Pete HurstPrevent angels picking up ?unholy creation For weapons...
2013-03-12 Chris CampbellDon't give Lugonu piety for kills in the Abyss
2013-03-11 DracoOmegaDon't kill Yred-created zombies when you leave and...
2013-03-09 David Lawrence RamseyAdd spacing fixes.
2013-03-09 DracoOmegaFix another method of cloning Yred/Beogh companions
2013-03-05 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'meatsprint'
2013-03-03 David Lawrence RamseyAdd formatting fixes.
2013-03-03 DracoOmegaInterlevel recall for Yred and Beogh
2013-03-03 DracoOmegaFix various issues with Injury Bond
2013-03-03 DracoOmegaAdd Ironheart Preservers
2013-03-03 Chris CampbellRework the robe of Folly
2013-02-24 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2013-02-21 David Lawrence RamseyDon't make morningstars a signature weapon for Edmund...
2013-02-21 Chris HoneyBuff one-handed Maces and Flails.
2013-02-21 DracoOmegaRename kraken_damage_fineff to deferred_damage_fineff
2013-02-20 David Lawrence RamseyFix general checks for bush and oklob types to use...
2013-02-20 David Lawrence RamseyFix indentation.
2013-02-20 Adam BorowskiMake diamond obelisks fully indestructible.
2013-02-18 Steve MelenchukRevert wait command interrupt changes.
2013-02-18 Steve MelenchukFiner interrupt granularity for wait command (#4893).
2013-02-14 Adam BorowskiFix battlespheres crashing upon returning from an abyss...
2013-02-14 Steve MelenchukChop down wood golems.
2013-02-13 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'bad_forms'
2013-02-07 Steve MelenchukException: Geryon can pick up the horn of Geryon!
2013-02-07 David Lawrence RamseyFix Mantis 6609: Prevent monsters from picking up the...
2013-02-04 David Lawrence RamseyAdd formatting fixes.
2013-01-30 Adam BorowskiSeparate polymorph vs malmutate for monsters too.
2013-01-28 DracoOmegaDon't let see invis grant blindness immunity
2013-01-28 DracoOmegaAdd Fulminant Prism spell
2013-01-26 David Lawrence RamseyAbstract away checks for unknown gods, instead of check...
2013-01-26 David Lawrence RamseyComment fix.
2013-01-23 Adam BorowskiAxe an unused function.
2013-01-20 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'vehumet'
2013-01-13 Darshan ShaligramSave subvaults, tag vault monsters.
2013-01-10 Adam BorowskiGive monster placement debug messages their own class.
2013-01-09 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2013-01-06 Adam BorowskiHandle slight resistance to acid vs immunity.
2013-01-04 Adam BorowskiSplit Malmutate out of Polymorph.
2013-01-01 Chris CampbellDon't give Lugonu piety for banishing monsters deeper...
2012-12-29 Adam BorowskiHandle non-item sources of -TELE.
2012-12-28 Adam BorowskiClear confusion about notele() and no_tele(), remove...
2012-12-24 ellipticFix several things involving cold damage.
2012-12-17 DracoOmegaMake starcursed masses merge with a neighbour when...
2012-12-17 Neil MooreMake monsters want rCorr/preservation and running.
2012-12-17 Neil MooreMake resist corrosion work for monsters.
2012-12-17 Neil MooreAllow running ego to affect monsters.