Don't let rolling boulder beetles push (ardl)
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2020-10-22 Nicholas FeinbergDon't let rolling boulder beetles push (ardl)
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove igrd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mgrd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove grd() helper macro
2020-10-19 Aidan HolmRemove mitm() helper macro
2020-10-18 Nicholas FeinbergMake bats less anthrosolipsistic batty
2020-10-04 gammafunkRe-implement boulder beetles
2020-08-09 Alex JurkiewiczRe-add cloud rings for Asmodeus and Bai Suzhen
2020-08-09 Alex JurkiewiczAdd Ring of X monster enchantments
2020-08-09 Alex JurkiewiczRemove Ring of Thunder/Flames spells
2020-08-04 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove Wand of Clouds charge-evokers-condenser-vane
2020-07-19 Aidan HolmDon't force screen update in viewwindow
2020-07-15 Edgar A. Bering IVCharming item 🔔: Spectral ego
2020-07-10 Edgar A. Bering IVConsolidate corpse handling files
2020-07-10 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove chunks and all OBJ_FOOD
2020-05-27 gammafunkDon't have allies avoid player line of fire
2020-05-08 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove wands of scattershot autotarget-tremorstone
2020-05-02 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove a testing comment (gammafunk)
2020-04-28 Edgar A. Bering IVAdjust monster behavior for working with ranged allies
2020-04-23 Aidan HolmRemove is_blood_potion()
2020-04-21 Alex JurkiewiczFix compilation with TAG_MAJOR_VERSION 35
2020-04-03 Edgar A. Bering IVPrevent torpor snails from slowing conjurations (12190)
2020-03-29 Aidan HolmRemove add_stop parameter from feature_description_at()
2020-03-26 advilDon't let a reaching weapon override M_PREFER_RANGED
2020-02-06 gammafunkFix monster AI for damaging walls (howmanybefore)
2020-02-05 gammafunkFrozen Ramparts, a level 3 Ice spell
2020-02-05 gammafunkIcicle covered walls
2020-01-03 Edgar A. Bering IVPrevent allies from swapping with foxfire (12153)
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes (Fixed version)
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert commits which broke the tile builds
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Revert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes""
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRevert "Remove a bunch of redundant #includes"
2019-12-19 Seve MonahanRemove a bunch of redundant #includes
2019-12-02 Edgar A. Bering IVPositional magic 🐍: New dungeon feature type toxic bog
2019-12-02 Edgar A. Bering IVPositional magic 🔥: New spell Foxfire
2019-11-26 advilClarify "master archer" code
2019-11-20 advilA few more monster movement optimizations
2019-11-20 advilVarious refactoring to make expensive calls less likely
2019-11-20 advilRemove clinging
2019-11-06 Edgar A. Bering IVCheck appropriate tracers in monster wand usage (ManMan)
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 6: simplify ballistomycetes
2019-10-02 gammafunkFedhas rework part 2: Wall of Briars ability
2019-06-04 advilDon't let monster digging allow out-of-los casting...
2019-04-22 advilEliminate some spurious messaging on wizmode level...
2019-04-19 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't crash when a monster attempts to use Random Effects
2019-04-19 Edgar A. Bering IVTeach monsters to use scattershot, cloud, and iceblast...
2019-03-04 NormalPerson7Change `enum activity_interrupt_type` to `enum class...
2019-01-26 Edgar A. Bering IVMake Jiyva slime neutralising like Fedhas' (11792)
2019-01-07 gammafunkDoor handling logic for translucent doors
2018-11-29 Edgar BeringFurther adjustments to confused monster actions
2018-11-28 Edgar A. Bering IVNerf player-to-monster confusion
2018-11-25 stenellaRest the Ancestor
2018-10-14 Edgar A. Bering IVIdentify monster equipment on sight
2018-10-10 advilImprove gozag distraction flavor vs. mechanics
2018-09-25 advilMerge branch 'webtiles-password-reset' of https://githu...
2018-09-20 advilAdd messaging when servitors skip a turn
2018-07-09 advilHandle sealed runed doors properly (11508)
2018-07-05 gammafunkMerge pull request #796 from ebering/lrd-tree-bug-pr
2018-06-25 Chris CampbellDon't make ancient zymes sicken friendlies (#10769)
2018-06-13 gammafunkMerge pull request #788 from NormalPerson7/fix-temple...
2018-06-04 Chris CampbellMerge pull request #722 from dplusplus/fix_help
2018-05-23 gammafunkMerge pull request #758 from ebering/banished-cleanup
2018-05-15 advilRevert "Revert "Handle just seen monsters better, espec...
2018-05-15 advilRevert "Handle just seen monsters better, especially...
2018-05-14 advilHandle just seen monsters better, especially fast ones...
2018-04-30 Chris CampbellDon't give monsters a movement penalty when escaping...
2017-12-22 gammafunkRefactor constriction code (amalloy, PR#678)
2017-12-22 gammafunkA Level 5 Necromancy/Earth Spell: Borgnjor's Vile Clutc...
2017-11-19 gammafunkWand Charge Merging III: Wands are destroyed when out...
2017-11-19 gammafunkWand Charge Merging I: Remove wand charge identification
2017-11-17 PabloMansanetRefactor and fix Whirlwind Pin
2017-11-17 PabloMansanetAdd WJC Whirlwind pin effect
2017-11-17 PabloMansanetRework WJC Wall Jump
2017-04-14 Alan MalloyConvert functions in mon-abil from pointers to refs
2017-04-11 Alan MalloyMake monster_die take a monster& instead of a monster*
2017-04-09 advilRework the mutation api and add lua bindings
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellDon't let spatial maelstroms consume malign gateways
2017-03-03 Chris CampbellRefactor handling of endless sea/lava/salt
2017-03-02 advilRemove Djinn code
2017-03-02 advilRemove lava orcs
2017-02-26 Nicholas FeinbergChange the maximum LOS to 8
2017-02-21 Alex JurkiewiczBreak up enum.h
2017-02-19 PabloMansanetNew god: the Ieoh Jian Council
2017-02-05 Nicholas FeinbergCleanup webs for dead monsters
2017-02-04 Nicholas FeinbergTemporary webs & web cleanup
2017-01-19 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #431 from alexjurkiewicz/better...
2017-01-14 Nicholas FeinbergTurn Bai Suizhen's thunder into an ench (10730)
2017-01-13 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #418 from alexjurkiewicz/smoke-and...
2017-01-05 Chris CampbellRemove some obsolete monster formicid handling
2017-01-05 Chris CampbellDon't let monsters zap wands while confused (#10876)
2016-12-30 Chris CampbellRemove an unused member of the bolt struct
2016-12-30 Chris CampbellRework the wand of random effects
2016-12-30 Chris CampbellRemove rods
2016-12-30 Chris CampbellAdd the wand of scattershot
2016-12-30 Chris CampbellAdd the wand of clouds
2016-12-30 Neil MooreMake _count_adjacent_slime_walls non-static.
2016-12-30 Neil MooreMove mons_is_slime check into actor_slime_wall_immune.
2016-12-30 Neil MooreUse existing Jiyva passives in a few more places.
2016-12-27 Alan MalloyRename targetters to targeters (MarvinPA)
2016-12-27 Alan MalloyFinish renaming itemprop to item-prop (|amethyst)