Revert "Track who destroys an item; incur Nemelex penance for deck destruction."
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2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiRevert "Track who destroys an item; incur Nemelex penan...
2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiRevert "Handle destroyed spellbooks the same as destroy...
2013-06-15 Adam BorowskiRevert "Unify handling of spellbook destruction for...
2013-06-10 Pekka LampilaAdd MSG_OK when canceling for various prompts
2013-06-09 Neil MooreNew mcros ASSERT_IN_BOUNDS{,_OR_ORIGIN}().
2013-06-08 Adam BorowskiASSERT_RANGEs other than >= <.
2013-06-06 Pekka LampilaAlways study all manuals in the inventory
2013-06-05 Chris CampbellDon't give Ash piety for picking up runes
2013-06-05 Neil MooreDistinguish randarts more carefully (#7160)
2013-06-03 Taylor HedbergFix inverted acidic corrosion probability
2013-06-01 Adam Borowskis/ZAP_HEAL_WOUNDS/ZAP_MAJOR_HEALING/
2013-05-30 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'master' into gargoyle_merge
2013-05-30 Neil MooreMerge branch 'forest_redux' into master
2013-05-30 Neil MooreMerge branch 'lava_djinn' into master
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'lava_orcs' into lava_djinn lava_djinn
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into lava_orcs
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into djinn djinn
2013-05-27 Steve MelenchukMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fores...
2013-05-27 Neil MooreSeparate books and manuals in the autopickup menu.
2013-05-27 Neil MooreAutopickup bread with "other food", make fruit separate.
2013-05-27 Neil MooreSplit meats and veggies in the autopickup menu.
2013-05-27 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'master' into forest_redux
2013-05-27 DracoOmegaAllow misc acquirement to properly give elemental evokers
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaImplement elemental evoker recharge via xp gain
2013-05-23 Steve MelenchukUnify handling of spellbook destruction for god purposes.
2013-05-23 David Lawrence RamseyHandle destroyed spellbooks the same as destroyed decks.
2013-05-23 Steve MelenchukTrack who destroys an item; incur Nemelex penance for...
2013-05-20 Chris CampbellFix dancing weapon corrosion messages
2013-04-29 Brendan HickeyRefactor ASSERT(a && b) -> ASSERT(a); ASSERT(b);
2013-04-28 Adam BorowskiDjinn: gone fishin'.
2013-04-26 Adam BorowskiPurge an used but never implemented function.
2013-04-26 Adam BorowskiSave orig_monnum as monster_type rather than monster_ty...
2013-04-26 Adam BorowskiInclude debug.h earlier.
2013-04-26 Adam BorowskiFix a name conflict with std::ignore.
2013-04-26 Pekka LampilaShow wielded unidentified decks right in WebTiles
2013-04-26 Pekka LampilaCopy needs_autopickup prop in get_item_info
2013-04-13 Samuel BronsonDon't auto-ID rods on pickup since they might be cursed.
2013-04-12 Samuel BronsonAuto-ID spellbooks, manuals, and (for some reason)...
2013-04-11 Adam BorowskiFix trapping nets being considered sacrificable.
2013-03-27 Adam BorowskiTreat spoilery items from uniques the same way as ...
2013-03-27 Adam BorowskiSimplify.
2013-03-27 Adam BorowskiDon't use autoinscriptions for {god gift}.
2013-03-25 Florian DieboldFix manuals always showing up as Fighting on the Webtil...
2013-03-21 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'mon-pick'
2013-03-20 Pekka LampilaMake decks from get_item_info pass bad_deck
2013-03-11 David Lawrence RamseyAdd formatting fix.
2013-03-05 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'meatsprint'
2013-02-24 Adam BorowskiDon't show item corrosion messages out of LOS.
2013-02-24 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2013-02-13 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'bad_forms'
2013-02-13 Adam BorowskiRename a couple more zaps I missed to their spell count...
2013-02-11 blackcustardFix very strange occurances when adjusting items.
2013-02-03 Adam BorowskiRename zap enums to those of their spells.
2013-01-20 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'vehumet'
2013-01-18 Florian DieboldFix a crash with detected items in tiles.
2013-01-18 Adam BorowskiHide bitmaskness of options.autopickups
2013-01-10 Adam BorowskiFormatting nazi to the rescue!
2013-01-09 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2013-01-07 Adam BorowskiRework and unify passive acid code, give it (and active...
2013-01-04 Adam BorowskiAllow self-targetting polymorph.
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyRemove unused abyssal rune message
2012-12-31 Brendan HickeyStair and Rune Modifications
2012-12-30 Adam BorowskiFix monsters ignoring worn item tiles.
2012-12-27 Adam BorowskiUnify menu_colour_item_prefix and filtering_item_prefix.
2012-12-23 ellipticClean up rod descriptions a bit.
2012-12-14 David Lawrence RamseyAdd formatting fixes.
2012-12-13 ellipticGive wands of random effects disintegration instead...
2012-11-27 Adam BorowskiDon't make a milestone if for any reason you pick up...
2012-11-23 Florian DieboldSplit MOUSE_MODE_MORE into versions for prompts, to...
2012-11-22 Adam BorowskiFix prompts asking for 'I' in Turkish locales.
2012-11-20 Florian DieboldMerge branch 'json'
2012-11-18 Chris HoneyFix items dropped by certain uniques not being autoinsc...
2012-11-16 Adam BorowskiRemove a crapload of array references from a single...
2012-11-07 Chris CampbellReplace levitation with flight and remove controlled...
2012-11-04 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2012-10-31 Adam BorowskiMake a few functions gone or static.
2012-10-24 Adam BorowskiDrop a lot of unnecessary braces.
2012-10-23 Jay3.1415Remove unnecessary includes from header files.
2012-10-21 Adam BorowskiMake some of big global data arrays const.
2012-10-21 Adam BorowskiDrop pointless empty book definitions.
2012-10-16 Adam BorowskiRename struct glyph to cglyph_t.
2012-10-03 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'master' into vehumet
2012-09-22 ontoclasmMake normal jewellery dark, randarts bright
2012-09-15 Adam BorowskiAllow redefining an item's tile in vaults.
2012-09-13 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'master' into vehumet
2012-09-11 Raphael LangellaPrint a message upon picking up the Abyssal rune to...
2012-09-08 frogbothererAndroid port.
2012-09-05 Michael GagnoMerge branch 'master' into new_vaults_layout
2012-09-05 ontoclasmMerge branch 'master' of
2012-09-04 Raphael LangellaDon't teleport the player upon picking up the abyssal...
2012-09-03 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'glasnost'
2012-09-03 Raphael LangellaOnly list sacrificeable items before the prompt.
2012-09-03 Neil MooreFormatting fixes, and make a function static.
2012-09-03 Brendan HickeyMore Abyss exits after rune collection.
2012-08-30 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into glasnost
2012-08-28 Neil MooreFix _autopickup_subtype() edge cases.
2012-08-26 Neil MooreUse correct autopickup subtypes.
2012-08-26 Raphael LangellaUse std namespace.
2012-08-24 Neil MooreFix number and spelling of "can be sacrificed" message.
2012-08-22 Adam BorowskiRemove fruit_found_mask.