Remove the Talos armour unrand
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2016-04-26 Chris CampbellRemove the Talos armour unrand
2016-04-15 Chris CampbellDon't make enchant weapon/armour scrolls remove curses
2016-04-13 Nicholas FeinbergMove count_action out of
2016-03-25 Nicholas FeinbergRemove an unused do_uncurse_item param (|amethyst)
2016-03-07 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #233 from qoala/clean_up_merfolk_swi...
2016-03-01 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #235 from alexjurkiewicz/panlord...
2016-02-16 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'passives'
2016-02-10 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #216 from alexjurkiewicz/ash-curse...
2016-02-09 Alex JurkiewiczReplace curse scrolls with curse item ability. pull/216 216/head
2016-01-14 Shmuale MarkMake the item description menu a formatted_scroller.
2016-01-11 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #201 from jmbjr/js-nemelex-cardlevel
2015-12-20 Neil MooreUse more specific item union names.
2015-12-20 Neil MooreRename is_item_*.
2015-12-17 Alan MalloyClean up stasis_blocks_effect now that it's only for Fo
2015-12-12 Corin Buchanan-HowlandTransform the amulet of stasis into the amulet of refle...
2015-12-05 Pekka LampilaMake unided scroll of amnesia show message before the...
2015-12-05 Pekka LampilaReplace many more() calls with default force_more_messa...
2015-12-03 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'js-pak-vaults' of
2015-12-03 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'master' into evoker-god-rebase
2015-12-02 Shmuale MarkCppcheck: remove dead code.
2015-12-01 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'master' into evoker-god-rebase
2015-12-01 Chris CampbellRemove most sources of Zin Recite interruption
2015-12-01 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #184 from alexjurkiewicz/panlord...
2015-11-29 Neil MooreBegin data-ifying passive divine abilities [WIP]
2015-11-27 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'master' into evoker-god-rebase
2015-11-26 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #170 from alexjurkiewicz/ds-er-mut
2015-11-26 olowinThe armour of Talos.
2015-11-24 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #173 from alexjurkiewicz/chequers...
2015-11-24 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #171 from alexjurkiewicz/doggie...
2015-11-22 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #176 from alexjurkiewicz/silent...
2015-11-22 Alex JurkiewiczMake amulets of stasis silent. pull/176 176/head
2015-11-22 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #175 from amalloy/identify-necronomi...
2015-11-22 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #178 from alexjurkiewicz/safe-shatter
2015-11-22 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #172 from DJgamer98/patch-1
2015-11-15 Shmuale MarkAxe a whole bunch of old-style function comments.
2015-11-06 Shmuale MarkMerge pull request #154 from oblivionis/patch-1
2015-10-31 Edgar A. Bering IVProperly check shield-compat in can_wear_armour()
2015-09-12 Brendan HickeyMerge pull request #106 from alexjurkiewicz/makh-demon...
2015-09-12 Brendan HickeyMerge pull request #70 from coledot/smarter_monster_clo...
2015-09-12 Brendan HickeyMerge pull request #107 from alexjurkiewicz/readme...
2015-09-09 Corin Buchanan-HowlandFix one more case of a god hating a brand.
2015-09-08 Shmuale MarkWarn for Tukima's on a holy weapon for Yred (edgefigaro).
2015-08-29 gammafunkMerge pull request #104 from BodrickLight/master
2015-08-29 BodrickDon't interrupt recitals if reading was aborted pull/104 104/head
2015-08-28 ontoclasmMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-28 gammafunkSimplify potion-related checks and improve messaging
2015-08-28 BodrickDon't interrupt recitations if quaff was aborted
2015-08-28 BodrickMove prequaff checks from to
2015-08-23 Corin Buchanan-HowlandAdd speed to the list of brands gods can hate when...
2015-08-23 Corin Buchanan-HowlandWarn player before casting a Tukima's that offends...
2015-07-01 gammafunkMerge pull request #71 from amalloy/freeze-time
2015-06-30 Neil MooreSimplify player construction and copying.
2015-06-24 Shmuale MarkRemove level_flags.
2015-06-10 Chris CampbellMake carrying the Orb prevent controlled blinks from...
2015-06-10 Chris CampbellRemove the control teleport duration and -cTele level...
2015-06-09 Chris CampbellRemove now-unused code for identification states
2015-06-04 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'job_data'
2015-05-29 Brendan HickeyMerge pull request #31 from noxdominus/patch-1
2015-05-13 Alan MalloyRemove zotdef code.
2015-05-05 ellipticMerge branch 'squarelos-0.17'
2015-04-30 Shmuale MarkLet spell miscasts cause the dust to glow a weird colour.
2015-04-28 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'stat_drain'
2015-04-26 Neil MooreMerge pull request #4 from pull/4/head
2015-04-26 Neil MooreMerge pull request #10 from noxdominus/patch-1
2015-04-25 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'master' into domino2
2015-04-25 reaverbDon't reassemble scrolls of random uselessness
2015-04-22 Shmuale MarkMerge levitation and flight.
2015-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergDon't waste time while cancelling blurread (9650)
2015-04-15 Chris CampbellTurn stat zero statuses into real durations
2015-04-15 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'skillmenu'
2015-04-15 Nicholas FeinbergWarn with blurryvis if enemies are near (9560)
2015-04-14 Nicholas FeinbergPrompt for -ctele ?blink before blur (amalloy)
2015-03-30 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'species_data'
2015-03-30 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'master' into species_data
2015-03-29 Neil MooreFix compilation.
2015-03-24 Shmuale MarkRemove some unnecessary functions.
2015-03-24 Shmuale MarkRemove you_tran_can_wear.
2015-03-24 Shmuale MarkRemove the item_def version of you_tran_can_wear.
2015-03-24 Shmuale MarkMake you_can_wear use can_wear_armour.
2015-03-24 Shmuale MarkRemove mutation-checking functionality from you_tran_ca...
2015-03-22 reaverbRemove Sure Blade
2015-03-13 ellipticFix throwing a wielded item taking much less time.
2015-03-11 Shmuale MarkMove starting mutations to data.
2015-03-11 Shmuale MarkRemove player genuses.
2015-03-04 Neil MooreDon't crash when trying to put on non-jewellery.
2015-03-04 Edgar A. Bering IVRemoving the macabre finger with a ring on it is no...
2015-03-04 Edgar A. Bering IVThe macabre finger can dig in your pockets even when...
2015-03-03 Chris CampbellDon't allow reading magic mapping for no effect in...
2015-03-03 Chris CampbellFix messaging when branding unidentified weapons (...
2015-02-20 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'gozag_wrath'
2015-02-18 Chris CampbellFix an incorrect blink prompt
2015-02-15 Chris CampbellMake Gozag's potion-blocking wrath effect more likely...
2015-02-15 Chris CampbellRemove goldification and gold taxes from Gozag wrath
2015-02-12 Nicholas FeinbergDon't prompt on reading un-id'd ?blink under stasis...
2015-02-09 Neil MooreFix tile builds.
2015-02-09 Shmuale MarkCleanup butchery(), some delay code.
2015-01-22 Nicholas FeinbergWarn when unwielding a weapon stat-zeroes (minmay)
2015-01-19 Nicholas FeinbergDon't allow drinking known badpotions
2015-01-18 Nicholas FeinbergDestroy the tome of Destruction.
2015-01-14 Nicholas Feinbergartefact_*_wpn_* -> artefact_*_*