Further Swamp end vaults adjustments
[crawl.git] / crawl-ref / source / dat / des / branches / swamp.des
2014-09-18 theTowerFurther Swamp end vaults adjustments
2014-09-18 theTowerVault batch.
2014-08-08 Neil MooreMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-07-31 Nicholas FeinbergMake Crawl a little uglier (upgrade ugly things)
2014-07-10 reaverbMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-07-06 Shmuale MarkReplace potions of paralysis with potions of cancellation.
2014-07-01 reaverbRemove Big fish from vaults
2014-06-28 reaverbMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-06-18 Nicholas FeinbergReplace randomly-generate teleport traps with 1-shot...
2014-06-17 Shmuale MarkRemove pulsating lumps.
2014-06-17 Shmuale MarkRemove brown oozes.
2014-06-11 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'mon-pickup'
2014-06-05 gammafunkSome vaults from Cheibrodos (#8638)
2014-05-26 Shmuale MarkRemoval of old food types in vaults.
2014-05-15 Steve MelenchukMake mini_float the default; add a no_exits tag instead.
2014-05-14 ontoclasmMerge branch 'spellicons'
2014-05-14 Shmuale MarkRemove plague shamblers.
2014-05-08 Shmuale MarkAdd some more shallow water to grunt_lady_of_the_lake.
2014-05-08 Shmuale MarkRemove a spriggan defender from a swamp vault.
2014-05-08 gammafunkSome vaults from Cheibrodos
2014-04-23 Shmuale MarkRemove thorn lotuses.
2014-04-09 gammafunkRemove vapour monsters
2014-03-30 Shmuale MarkRemove mangroves from vaults.
2014-03-28 tenofswordsLair / branch end vault balance edits
2014-03-23 tenofswordsFlood Swamp's layouts with more decorative vaults
2014-03-22 tenofswordsFinish off forest.des movements with heavy edits
2014-03-18 Steve MelenchukDisperse nicolae's forest vaults (#8067).
2014-03-10 Steve MelenchukExtraify a minivault (tenofswords).
2014-03-10 whealsSome vaults (#7970).
2014-03-01 tenofswordsFive swamp vaults (Cheibrodos, #8048)
2014-02-27 Shmuale MarkRemove rotting devils.
2014-02-25 whealsRemove agate snails.
2014-02-24 Chris CampbellRemove giant amoebae
2014-02-24 whealsRemove spiny worms.
2014-02-14 DracoOmegaMerge branch 'master' into summon_spells
2014-02-12 tenofswordsExperimental, incomplete new Swamp layout
2014-02-03 tenofswordsFix compilation, five vaults (Cheibrodos, #8009).
2014-02-02 tenofswordsBuff the two plain no-Lernaean Swamp:$ vaults with...
2014-01-18 tenofswordsMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:crawl/crawl
2014-01-18 Adam BorowskiA whitespace fix and parentheses removal.
2014-01-17 tenofswordsSmall decorative vault batch.
2013-12-18 Adam BorowskiBastardize double swords.
2013-12-18 Adam BorowskiTriple swords are dead, long live claymores!
2013-12-07 Jason VanSmall vault batch
2013-11-08 Chris OelmuellerRename "dragon" to "fire dragon"
2013-11-07 Jason VanSwamp end edits
2013-11-07 Brendan HickeyRevert badly merged vaults.
2013-11-07 Jason VanSwamp end edits
2013-11-01 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into dwants
2013-10-29 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'banish'
2013-10-23 Steve MelenchukFix typo in a vault (nicolae, #7569).
2013-10-01 pubbyMerge branch 'master' into dwants
2013-09-30 Adam BorowskiGet rid of traps in a number of vaults.
2013-09-19 Steve Melenchuknicolae's "handful of vaults" (#7478).
2013-05-30 Brendan HickeyMerge branch 'master' into gargoyle_merge
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into lava_orcs
2013-05-29 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into djinn djinn
2013-05-27 lainMerge branch 'master' into newskalds
2013-05-26 DracoOmegaRotting hulk -> Plague shambler
2013-05-22 Steve MelenchukA batch of nicolae vaults (#7044).
2013-04-30 st_Purge many vault redefined monsters.
2013-03-31 David Lawrence RamseyMerge branch 'master' into jester
2013-03-30 Steve MelenchukRemove a swamp ending.
2013-02-24 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2013-02-15 Steve MelenchukRemove undead electric eels from vaults so game starts...
2013-02-13 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'bad_forms'
2013-02-07 Steve MelenchukTwo Swamp endings (one modified from #6517); tweaks...
2013-02-05 Steve MelenchukVault batch from Lightli (#6524).
2013-02-05 Steve MelenchukVaults from nicolae (#6603).
2013-02-04 Steve MelenchukA handful of additional vaults.
2013-02-04 clouded@users.sour... Add a few vaults for Swamp/Shoals and clean up some...
2013-01-20 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'vehumet'
2013-01-09 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into mon-pick
2012-11-08 Jason VanEdits for HangedMan's vaults.
2012-11-06 Michael GagnoA Swamp vault. (HangedMan)
2012-09-13 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'master' into vehumet
2012-07-11 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'unicode-tiles'
2012-07-07 Michael GagnoRemove the smoke from swamp_vile, replace the rotting...
2012-07-05 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'lightning_rod'
2012-07-05 Michael GagnoImprove placement of Swamp:5 vaults.
2012-07-04 Michael GagnoMerge branch 'swamp'
2012-07-04 Michael GagnoAdjust Swamp ending vault weights.
2012-07-04 Michael GagnoDo not trap the Lernaean Hydra behind a wall.
2012-07-04 Michael GagnoRename bog mummies to bog bodies.
2012-07-04 Michael GagnoTweak some Swamp vaults.
2012-07-03 Michael GagnoPlace mangroves instead of trees in Swamp vaults.
2012-07-03 Michael GagnoRename swamp trees to mangroves.
2012-06-11 Raphael LangellaMerge branch 'master' into vehumet
2012-04-28 Adam BorowskiUse Branch:$ for branch end vaults.
2012-03-31 Chris CampbellMerge branch 'boulder_beetles'
2012-03-26 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into portal_branches
2012-03-26 Chris CampbellRemove hairy devils
2012-03-22 Michael GagnoVault updates. (HangedMan)
2012-02-20 Adam BorowskiMerge branch 'master' into portal_branches
2012-02-11 Michael GagnoLess deep water in swamp_vile. (HangedMan)
2012-02-05 Michael GagnoEleven vaults. (HangedMan)
2012-01-14 Adam BorowskiA vital fix to equalize dividers in swamp.des
2012-01-14 Michael GagnoAdjust Swamp ending vault weights.
2012-01-14 Michael GagnoDemonic swamp ending. (HangedMan)
2011-10-25 Robert BurnhamMerge branch 'master' into unified_combat_control