Update SDL contrib to 1.2.15 plus an OS X fix (#9069).
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2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrsalways install gdb, to get better crash logs
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrsactually use the function i wrote
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrstry a different way to display crash reports on error
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrsand another
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrsanother missing dep
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrsfix dependency installation
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrsstill need alsa even for BUILD_ALL
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrssigh
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrshandle errors properly in travis build runner
2014-08-27 reaverbMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrsneed to fetch submodules for BUILD_ALL builds
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrsadd some more travis configurations for dep testing
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrssigh
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrsrun tests that don't require debug mode in normal builds
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrsactually, we can run wizmode tests on dgl builds
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrsdisable tests that require wizmode in dgl builds
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrstravis configuration