Add two new Ru sacrifices: resistance and eye
[crawl.git] / .travis.yml
2015-04-15 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'skillmenu'
2015-03-30 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'master' into species_data
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsone more time
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsfix travis script
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrshow about i stop trying to pretend i can write shell...
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsuse bash here too
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrsmove this into a script
2015-03-29 Jesse Luehrstry to make this a bit less flaky
2015-03-13 Neil MooreThere is no tourney in the land of CI.
2014-11-23 Jesse LuehrsMerge branch 'master' into randliches
2014-11-22 Neil MooreDon't send Travis email notifications for most passing...
2014-11-20 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'sdl2'
2014-11-18 Neil MooreRemove a stray colon from travis announcements.
2014-11-15 Nicholas FeinbergPossibly fix travis notificiations
2014-11-15 Neil MooreShorten the Travis IRC notification.
2014-11-10 Jesse Luehrstry restoring the BUILD_ALL targets
2014-11-08 Steve MelenchukUse a more up-to-date ppa for SDL2 for travis.
2014-11-07 Jesse Luehrsadd a ppa that should hopefully include sdl2 packages
2014-11-06 Steve MelenchukTry to use GCC 4.8 for Travis.
2014-11-06 Jesse Luehrshrm, shouldn't this be the default?
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrstry a different way to display crash reports on error
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrsdisable the submodule builds for now
2014-11-05 Jesse Luehrscut down the number of builds a bit
2014-11-04 Jesse Luehrsdon't skip_join, it requires annoying configuration
2014-11-04 Jesse Luehrsdon't fail if there are no files
2014-08-27 reaverbMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrsdisplay morgues and crash files from tests after testing
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrsadd some more travis configurations for dep testing
2014-08-17 Jesse Luehrstravis configuration